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Evil, splendid and extremely beautiful…

The flower of great Dao that grew out from the spot between Pan Xi’s eyebrows was purely black, seeming to devour the whole universe yet containing everything in it. It was filled with absolute evil and destructive power. Because of the extreme darkness of the flower, in the eyes of people on the scene, every single petal of the flower had been giving a strong charm that was generated from extreme evilness.

The earth of Pan Xi world quaked intensively. Countless giant channels appeared in the ground, exposing numerous earth meridians. These had been hiding so deep underground that even the phoenix-kind and dragon-kind, who had swept across the whole Pan Xi world, hadn’t managed to reach them. Those earth meridians surged out from the ground one after another, transforming into visible, dragon-like enormous streams, being swallowed by the flower of great Dao.

A hurricane was started in the sky, which seemed to be even tangible while it swooshed into the flower of great Dao along with a rumbling roar.

Natural powers of the whole Pan Xi world had been gathering towards the flower of great Dao. Pre-world and after-world natural power with all natures were greedily devoured by the flower of great Dao, transforming into the purest dark power.

The three suns and three moons of Pan Xi world were shaking in the sky, seeming to fall down, while all the stars in the sky let out a buzzing noise that sounded like a wail. Tremendous streams of light descended from the suns, moons and stars ceaselessly, flushing into the flower of great Dao, just like great rivers falling from the sky. These light streams were the original power of all stars in Pan Xi world. If this original star power was drained, all stars in Pan Xi world would wither away.

The immense and purely dark flower of great Dao began rotating slowly while giving out an indescribable feeling. The petals stretched, every single petal representing a part of the natural law of Pan Xi world. When all parts gathered together, the foundation of the existence of Pan Xi world would be formed.

"Trace to the beginnings, regenerate the earth, water, fire and the wind, turn after-world powers into pre-world Chaos, then replay the prehistorical era." The mysterious man floated in Ji Hao’s spiritual space and said blandly, "This is a big plan. It seems that the planner of all this indeed has some abilities and a great goal.

"Although Pan Xi has already fallen and her remaining body can only release less than one percent of her real power, the power generated by the flower of great Dao through reversing the time and replaying the prehistorical era won’t be great enough to recreate Pan Xi world. But, it will be strong enough to blow the whole world up." The mysterious man snorted coldly and continued, "How many human leaders and elite human beings are in Pan Xi world right now?"

Ji Hao opened his mouth and couldn’t say anything for quite a while, but had streams of cold sweat flowing down from his head.

Who could tell exactly how many human leaders and elite human beings are in Pan Xi world right now? All people who had the time and the ability to go to Pan Xi world were now in there, including those who didn’t join the life-and-death game.

After all, Pan Xi world was a complete, independent world. Even though it had already been swept across by the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind, there was still a great chance to find top-grade treasures in that world. Who would be willing to let the opportunity go?

Therefore, by now, the number of human leaders and elite human beings gathered in Pan Xi world was at least ten times greater than the number of people who had joined the life-and-death game. Once Pan Xi world exploded…

In the life-and-death game, even if the ten whole millions elites all fell in Pan Xi world, that would be a severe frustration to the humankind, yet, it couldn’t be counted as a serious damage. However, if Pan Xi world exploded now and killed all human leaders and elite human beings who were there, the power of the humankind would be largely weakened. Even the foundation of the humankind would be shaken, and consequently, the humankind might never be able to rise again.

"No need to worry." The mysterious man abruptly laughed and said.

"Carefully feel the power of Dao coming from the Pan Xi divine mirror. This is a great opportunity." said the mysterious man while chuckling, "Turning the after-world into pre-world and replaying the prehistorical era… Frankly, this is just like transforming the great Dao of nature into an enormous millstone, crushing and completely destroying all after-world things in Pan Xi world, then using these destroyed things as materials to recreate another world, a prehistorical world."

"Simply, just break everything and start again." The voice of the mysterious man became especially weird. "A gigantic millstone of the great Dao of nature, crushing everything in the world…Every single part of great Dao of nature is an essential component of this millstone, such as the great Dao of sun and great Dao of dark."

"But the great Dao of sun is already taken away!" Ji Hao yelled while popping up his eyes.

"Therefore, this millstone has lost its balance." The mysterious man laughed and said, "For ordinary villagers, the worst consequence the imbalance of a millstone is nothing more than unluckily breaking their limbs. But once this enormous millstone of a world loses its balance…Hehe, hehe!"

Ji Hao had no idea where did the mysterious man learn to laugh like this, but he only felt cold hearing him, his entire body was so cold.

The flower of great Dao had been spinning swiftly while devouring immeasurably great amount of natural powers.

The Pan Xi divine mirror was connected with Pan Xi world. Inexhaustible great natural powers that could turn after-world to pre-world, recreate a world surged out from the Pan Xi divine mirror, ceaselessly merging into Ji Hao’s primordial spirit.

Forty-nine streams of Yu Yu’s Dao of Qi had been hovering speedily around while an unspeakable feeling of comprehension gradually spread out from his heart.

Intercepting, intercepting an opportunity. The number of fifty represented the whole world, yet only forty-nine truly existed while the sole ‘one’ disappeared. Ji Hao thought of the words said by Yu Yu in his tutorial. As the flower of great Dao spun ceaselessly, the fiftieth stream of Yu Yu’s Dao of Qi slowly appeared beside Ji Hao’s primordial spirit, then quickly expanded.

Yu Yu and his two brothers were all powerful cultivators. His two brothers all conformed to the great Dao of nature. Therefore, each of their disciples only had forty-nine streams of Dao of Qi when they condensed their seeds of Dao. Only Yu Yu believed that one could intercept an opportunity from nature and forcibly turn impossible into possible. For this reason, all his elite disciples had to attain the fiftieth stream of Dao of Qi and fill up the number of fifty, if they wanted to condense their seeds of Dao.

At the moment, the fiftieth stream of Dao of Qi was suddenly shaped up. Instantly, the other forty-nine streams of Dao of Qi began expanding like air balloons.

The Pan Xi divine mirror constantly sent giant amounts of natural powers into Ji Hao’s body. The round-shaped cauldron inside his lower abdomen absorbed those natural powers, transformed them into the purest sun power, then sent it into the fifty clear, golden streams of Dao of Qi.

The great Dao of sun, which was sealed deeply inside Ji Hao’s primordial spirit by the mysterious man, was suddenly activated. Countless golden spell symbols surged out in streams, imprinting on the fifty streams of Yu Yu’s Dao of Qi. They also got imprinted on Ji Hao’s primordial spirit one after another.

Ji Hao’s primordial spirit began melting and shrinking, merging with the fifty streams of Dao of Qi.

"Look, this is reaping as you have sown!" The mysterious man laughed with a deep voice and said, "Make a world destroy itself with a magic formation? What a shame! Without the great Dao of sun, which was the most important part of the great Dao of nature, you are just seeking death."

In Pan Xi world, the enormous flower of great Dao suddenly withered, and the inexhaustible dark power slightly quaked, then disappeared without leaving a trace.

Back in Liang Zhu City, which was located in the north, countless miles away from Pu Ban City, a black stream of light dazzled straight into the sky.

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