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In the great underground hall, over ten Di Family elders angrily encircled Dishi Cha.

"We need an explanation! Why did you skip us and deploy a hundred elite battle kings to sneak into the central area of the enemy territory?"

"Making our family pay a great price for a personal purpose, someone has to take the responsibility of this reckless act."

"No one can go beyond our family! Not one, not even you! Not even you!"

A group of elders angrily yelled at Dishi Cha. All elite family members sent out to join the life-and-death game had fallen. This already made these Di Family elders extremely sad. Nevertheless, Dishi Cha had actually skipped them and sneakily deployed a whole hundred battle kings, who were considered as strategic reserves of the family, to launch a surprise attack on Ji Hao’s Yao Mountain City for his personal purpose.

If he had succeeded, that would be fine. Killing a powerful human being who now possessed a high status in the human society would be beneficial for the reputation of Di Family. If everything went as he planned, these Di Family elders would have delightfully accepted this honor. Nevertheless, Dishi Cha messed up, and a hundred top-grade battle kings were captured alive. The loss of high-end military force of the family was harmful, but what made these elders even angrier was that the family was humiliated. The reputation and glory of the family were affected.

The group of elders surrounded Dishi Cha and shouted at him, asking him to give an explanation. They also warned him that he had to take all responsibilities for this.

"I thought it would take you a couple of days to find this out." said Dishi Cha calmly while looking at those elders surrounding him. He even gave a relaxed smile. "I didn’t think that you are actually better-informed than I thought you were, that you knew they were captured alive so soon."

"Our powers are beyond your imagination." said a Di Family elder while looking at Dishi Cha with a serious and proud look, "We even have taken emergency measures already. Elder Di Luolang should be arriving at Yao Mountain City by now."

The other elder also showed a serious look, yet his eyes had been shining with an excited light as he said, "Elder Di Luolang will bring those loyal warriors of our family back safely. But all loss will be taken by you."

"Because of your incapability, just like your son, Di sha, our family has already lost too much. But this time, we are going to lose even more. You…" Another elder vented his anger on Dishi Cha.

Dishi Cha gripped the neck of this elder and easily carried him up. As Dishi Cha slightly clenched his fingers, this Di Family elder’s whole body began twitching. The face of this elder turned purple because of the oxygen deficit, while the erect eye between his eyebrows suddenly popped out. That blood-red, glowing eyeball nearly flew out from his eye socket.

The other Di Family elders were all startled, each leaping back for a few steps away from Dishi Cha. A group of Di Family guards with golden armors and long spears instantly rushed up and extended those golden spears, which were more decorations than weapons, nearly poking Dishi Cha’s body.

"You have forgotten one thing." said Dishi Cha slowly while gripping the throat of that Elder, who was struggling desperately, "You are all insignificant void-stage beings. The powers you have only equal to those weak human Divine Magi. But I, I have passed the trial of sun and moon. Now, I am a powerful man at the stage of sun and moon. I have merged my bloodline with the natural law of darkness and curse, which are represented by the great Blood Moon. As long as the natural law of Blood Moon exists, I will never die." Dishi Cha’s erect eye opened while he was speaking, but no eyeball could be seen in that erect eye socket. Instead, only a dense and deep sphere of darkness had been spinning slowly in it.

"I… can erase the entire Di Family, all by myself…" said Dishi Cha while staring at the group of frightened family elders with a majestic look. "But violence cannot solve any problem. We are noble Yu Clan people, we are elegant, respectable, extraordinary… We are just like Gods, and have our own way of doing things." Dishi Cha flicked his finger. Following his move, that family elder who had his throat locked by Dishi Cha’s fingers howled out while being sent flying away by a strong force nearly a hundred meters away. His head bumped against a column and blood splashed out.

"Therefore, I didn’t take the power of our family with violence." said Dishi Cha while shrugging relaxedly, "Instead, I had plans, I did it in a roundabout way. With my wisdom, I will attain a great achievement that no one can ever go beyond, and I will decently gain a tremendous glory. Great Emperors will focus their attentions on me, and I will have power and high status."

"A hundred elite battle kings of our family, indeed, a hundred top-grade battle kings... To the Di Family that I was born and raised in, they are a core force of the family, a strong backbone of the family." said Dishi Cha scornfully while looking at those elders, who now dared not to talk, "Such a shallow point of view, so shortsighted... For a borderline family which is away from the true power and is responsible for guarding these barbaric worlds, this is the best you can do."

"Di Cha…don't push it too far." growled an elder in rage, "Are you despising the whole family?"

"No, I am despising all families in Pan Gu world." Dishi Cha gave a faint smile and mumbled, "You…I truly don’t want to waste too much time to talk with you. You stayed in this barbaric world ever since you were born, and have already forgotten how strong our kind is. You have never seen the real power, real glory. You even never truly showered under the glow of the three suns and nine moons."

"Do you know what people in Holy Realm call people like you? ‘Bumpkins’, a group of bumpkins who never truly felt the glow of the three suns and nine moons." continued Dishi Cha in a scornful tone, "I don’t expect you to understand my behavior…just like you can’t understand the reason why I chose to sacrifice the hundred stupid Jia Clan battle kings. But why should I explain it to you?"

A black wave of power spread out from Dishi Cha’s body. The black power was bone-piercing cold, and forced all present Di Family elders to step back ceaselessly, making their looks change suddenly. Those golden spears in the hands of those Di Family guards were stained by the dark power. They all shattered and corroded within a second, and soon turned into black ashes, dissipating in the air along the wind.

Dishi Cha slowly walked to the divine magic formation of annihilation and said blandly, "You are all here, then I shall let you witness the splendid result of the combination of true power and wisdom."

"But since you will witness this with your own eyes, you will only have one choice after this…You can either follow my lead, or simply die. Just like these lowly Xiu Clan slaves."

Dishi Cha chuckled, then incanted a spell with a low voice while flicking the fingers of both of his hands. Instantly, a black beam of light suddenly dazzled into the divine formation.

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