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Ji Hao stayed in Pu Ban City while forcibly restraining his anger from bursting. After preparing for a few days, a great ceremony was started in dawn. This ceremony was held especially for Pan Xi world people.

Pan Xi world was being devoured by Pan Gu world, and Pan Xi world people would become defendants of the humankind. This wasn't easy enough to be decided by a simply verbal stipulation. Dependent clans growing stronger and suppressing their suzerain, such things happened all the time in large clans in Pan Gu world. Complicated contentions for powers and profits had always been existing among human beings, not to mention these newcomers from Pan Xi world. Pan Xi world would soon be destroyed, because of which, Pan Xi world people now seemed to be obediently seeking refuge with the humankind as they had no other choice. But who could guarantee that they would stay obedient in the future?

An enormous five-colored altar stood in Pu Ban City. This altar was built with earth that came from the Midland and the four Wastelands, mixed with fine powders ground from top-grade jades. By now, the altar had been glowing with a faint five colored light while releasing a strong sense of power.

As the representative of people who had made a great contribution in the life-and-death game, and one of the first batch which returned from Pan Xi world, Ji Hao now served as the protocol officer of this ceremony. He guided Elder Destiny and a whole hundred ancestor souls, who were the strongest among all, and came before the altar with solemn faces.

Emperor Shun stood on the altar, surrounded by the dim five-colored light.

On the altar, a fire was blazing ragingly, and high up in the air, dense clouds had been rolling. Ji Hao raised his head and glanced at Emperor Shun who stood on top of the altar. Somehow, Ji Hao sensed a formidable and incredibly strong natural power from the body of Emperor Shun. At this very moment, Emperor Shun was the spokesperson of this world.

Tens of thousands of master Maguspriests that came from all large clans surrounded the altar, and had been dancing and singing, paying tribute to the world itself. Countless battle flags floated in the sky, slightly fluttering in the dawn breeze.

Elder Destiny followed closely after Ji Hao, solemnly observing those master Maguspriests, who had already fallen into a fanatical state. Elder Destiny had an especially sharp spiritual sensitivity. Even though his power had been suppressed by Pan Gu world and decreased by over fifty percent, he could still sense some indescribable, magical spiritual power descending on these master Maguspriests

Prehistorical, strong, original and chaotic, this magical spiritual power was like the world itself, existing eternally, and being incomparably powerful. As an elder who possessed the highest position in Pan Xi world and someone who could manipulate the power of destiny and look into the future, Elder Destiny had sensed the original power of Pan Xi world countless times. Nevertheless, comparing the original power of Pan Xi world with the magical spiritual power descending to those master Maguspriests was just like comparing a brook with a vast ocean. The difference was way too huge to be accepted by Elder Destiny.

Pan Gu world was such a powerful world!

Elder Destiny sighed slightly. Afterward, under Ji Hao’s guidance, he and the hundred ancestor souls behind him respectfully and cautiously performed every step of the ceremony.

The ceremony lasted till noon. Not to mention the other complicated rituals in this ceremony, a million beasts and a large number of dark-kind and non-humankind slaves were slaughtered merely as offerings to Gods, ghosts and all mysterious beings in this world.

At last, Elder Destiny and the group of ancestor souls kneeled under the altar, cut open the spots between their eyebrows with black jade dagger and let the blood flow on their faces while swearing to pledge loyalty to the humankind generation after generation.

The bright sky of noon dimmed down suddenly, and stars began sparkling with a splendid light. Soon, the sun rose again and lightened the sky back up.

The blood that flew out from the spots between the eyebrows of Elder Destiny and the group of ancestor souls rose into the sky and condensed into tiny spell symbols while flying up. It reached to an extremely high altitude, such that one could barely see with physical eyes, transforming into dazzling spheres of light and dissipating in the air.

A strong sense of power descended from the sky, after which, the bodies of Elder Destiny, all ancestor souls and holy spirits paused simultaneously. Next, visible transparent chains condensed and drilled into their heads, after which, the power vibrations released from their bodies changed.

"The chain of fortune." The mysterious man silently showed up in Ji Hao’s spiritual space, clicked his tongue and said in praise, "Some powerful being has given a direction to this ceremony. The power of the great Dao of Pan Gu world has truly been activated through this ceremony. From now on, the fate of these Pan Xi world people is connected with the fate of the humankind, and their fortune also belongs to the humankind now. Generation after generation, they can never free themselves from the humankind."

"What do you mean by that?" asked Ji Hao with curiosity.

"Generation after generation, they will be slaves of the humankind, and there is no turning back." said the mysterious man blandly, "That is the chain of fortune, created under the will of Pan Gu world itself. These Pan Xi world people have now all become slaves of the humankind. Unless someone is powerful enough to destroy the great Dao of nature of Pan Gu world, they can never, ever betray the humankind."

Destroy the great Dao of nature of Pan Gu world? Ji Hao curved his mouth corners downwards. If this were so easy, those non-humankind would surely have figured out a way to deal with the humankind instead of falling into the current situation.

Instantly, the power vibration released from Elder Destiny and the group of ancestor souls rose largely. It seemed like after their fortune connected with the fortune of the humankind, the suppression given to him by Pan Gu world had been weakened greatly, which allowed them to release more of their powers.

The ceremony ended in a satisfactory way. Thus, all Pan Xi world people had become appendages of the humankind.

By now, all human leaders in Pu Ban City were crazily busy in fighting over the ownerships of Pan Xi world people and transporting them to Pan Gu world.

The Midland and the four wastelands were vast, with countless uncivilized regions waiting for exploitation. But the number of human beings was limited. Therefore, countless resources were still hiding in those wild areas and hadn’t been put to use.

The appearance of Pan Xi world people would largely raise the labor and number of warriors of all clans, which would allow those clans to open up more territories and improve their powers.

All human leaders bustled while Emperor Shun fell into endless tasks as well. When everybody was so busy, Ji Hao took Elder Destiny, a group of ancestor souls, holy spirits and a batch of elite Pan Xi world warriors, who were all willing to follow the lead of Elder Destiny, and returned to Yao Mountain territory.

About ten-thousand miles away from border of Yao Mountain territory, a huge fiery cloud rose into the sky. On that cloud, Ji Xia had been laughing resonantly, welcoming Ji Hao and his friends with a large group of elite Yao Mountain warriors. From a long distance away, Ji Xia spread his arms. Ji Hao laughed out loud as well while rushing towards Ji Xia with big steps. They gave each other a huge hug, then slapped heavily on each other’s back.

"Abba, I’m back." said Ji Hao while seriously looking at Ji Xia, "Not even a hair of mine is harmed. I’ve also made a great contributions. I think our Yao Mountain territory will expand very soon."

"As long as you’re back!" Ji Xia looked closely at Ji Hao, then laughed proudly, "As long as you’re back!"

Pausing briefly, Ji Xia continued as his face twitched, "Some stupid things messed around with us. A whole hundred Jia Clan Divine Magi, indeed a strong force…I soaked them all in the water dungeon."

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