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Liang Zhu City, the capital of Yu Clan… in a beautiful place surrounded by a rapidly flowing river and lush plants…

Metal towers reached directly into the sky while a million-mile in radius swirly cloud floated above the city. Numerous enormous chains descended from the swirly cloud along with a loud noise. Countless packed precious resources were piled orderly aside, being slowly pulled up into the sky by those chains.

Bang! Rumble…Bang! Rumble…

A muffled series of noise resounded through the entire sky, following which, many teleporting magic formations lit up in a corner of Liang Zhu city on a large metal platform. Next, large groups of Jia Clan warriors in broken armors staggered out from those teleporting magic formations, rushed onto the platform while gasping quickly and desperately for air, then fell straight down to the ground. The power vibration released from these warriors was now weak and turbid.

From the few teleporting magic formations in the edge areas, large numbers of dark-kind slave warriors and non-humankind slaves rushed out while wailing and moaning in pain; most of them had their limbs broken. Many of these slaves and slave warriors had arrows stuck in their bodies, some even had broken swords or blades left inside their bodies.

Along with another series of rumbling noise, a dazzling beam of light flashed across a five-hundred miles radius tremendous teleporting magic formation. After that, a two-hundred-mile square flying metal city bumped out from the magic formation. Once the city flew out from the magic formation, a few defensive divine towers standing on the city wall exploded, blowing large groups of Jia Clan warriors away and causing a shrill wave of screams and howls. Those slave warriors and slaves around the few towers were torn into pieces.

Dong! A thirty-mile long section of the city wall of the flying city collapsed. The purely metal city wall smashed straight down on the ground. A group of wounded dark-kind slave warriors didn’t manage to dodge timely, and were crushed by this section of city wall.

In the distance, a large castle stood on a mountaintop. At the highest spot of this castle, inside an extremely luxury mansion, Dishi Cha was standing silently behind a sash, quietly watching all this.

"A moving and tragic…failure!" While fiddling with a fist-sized ruby, Dishi Cha smiled faintly and said. He then blandly waved his hand towards some other people and continued, "This is a private army that belongs to Jia Lou Family from the Mirage Moon. This is indeed harmful."

Chi You, whose entire body was wrapped in a faint blood-red mist, stood behind Dishi Cha and responded with a cold voice, "If they hadn’t been wasting their military strength on these kinds of things without a limitation, human beings in Pu Ban City would have been wiped out for good, long ago."

Dishi Cha threw up the piece of ruby holding in his hand. This perfectly round-shaped piece of ruby began airily hovering around him. While seeing through the flawless, large crystal window, Dishi Cha said with that bland tone, "Human beings in Pu Ban city? This Pan Gu world is not as simple as you think. Pan Gu, the creator of this world has fallen. But still, some powerful beings who are hard to deal with are alive."

Turning around, Dishi Cha glanced at Chi You and continued coldly, "Your position is not high enough. Therefore, you have no right to reach many core secrets. But, following my lead with all your heart is the wisest decision you have ever made in your life. See, you have now swallowed ninety percent of Pan Xi’s spirit blood. With enough time, you will become another Pan Xi."

A dim beam of light flashed across Dishi Cha’s eyeballs as he grinned, showed his teeth and said, "You will be my sharpest weapon, and I, will make a great achievement."

Chi You narrowed his eyes, looked at Dishi Cha, quickly sweeping across the back of Dishi Cha’s neck with that sharp, blade-like pair of eyes.

A Xiu Clan elderly man, who had white hair and long beard that reached even to the ground, tremblingly walked into the room, slightly coughed then said with an extra gentle voice, "Lord, the great divine magic formation of annihilation is ready. Only with an order of yours, Pan Xi world will be annihilated."

Dishi Cha gave a frosty smile and grasped the round-shaped piece of ruby that was swishing across before his face. Then, he turned around, grinned and said to the Xiu Clan elderly man, "Lead the way. There has to be an end for this life-and-death game."

Deep under this mansion and inside a, miles in square, large hall, a tridimensional great magic formation floated in the air. Numerous black crystals that had countless complicated spell symbols carved on the surfaces had been hovering around a small black altar like stars.

These tens of thousands of black crystals were flying at different speed, and with different, complicated trajectories. However, they always remained a certain distance from each other, and would never deviate, not even a little bit.

Tens of Xiu Clan magic formation masters with long black robes were surrounding the great formation that hadn’t been releasing any power vibration. The faces of these magic formation masters showed tiredness and proud smiles that usually occurred after success.

Nearly a hundred Jia Clan warriors stood around the magic formation, coldly and expressionlessly looking at those Xiu Clan masters, just like a group of stone statues.

Dishi Cha and the Xiu Clan elderly man walked into the hall. Taking a few circles around the magic formation, Dishi Cha then took out a black jade board and pointed it forwards. A black light screen was released instantly. Meanwhile, countless black beams of light dazzled out from the jade board, swiftly scanning through every black crystal.

Next, a deep, hoarse voice, that was filled with the boundless intent of killing, slowly came out from the jade board, "Good, this great divine magic formation of annihilation is constructed well. Di Cha, remember, keep the secret to yourself before you are powerful enough to control everything."

Dishi Cha politely and seriously nodded towards the black jade board, then waved his hand.

The hundred Jia Clan warriors standing around the magic formation silently pulled out their swords and rushed swiftly towards those Xiu Clan masters, leaving shreds of afterimages in the air. Mercilessly, these Jia Clan warriors pierced their swords into the hearts of those Xiu Clan masters.

The Xiu Clan elderly man stood behind Dishi Cha was badly shocked. Hurriedly, he reached his hand into his sleeve, seeming to grab something out. But Chi You, who was behind him, gave a vicious laugh while gripping his head and crushing it.

Boom! Tens of defensive talismans that belonged to this Xiu Clan elderly man blasted out simultaneously. Meanwhile, his head was crushed in Chi You’s hand.

"You spent a whole year on this simple divine magic formation of annihilation, you indeed deserve to die." said Dishi Cha blandly while glancing at these Xiu Clan magic formation masters who died without knowing why. "You have refused to follow my lead anyway…In this case, you should just be dead." continued Dishi Cha coldly.

Turning around, Dishi Cha narrowed his eyes, looked at this divine magic formation of annihilation and laughed in satisfaction.

"This is my ultimate purpose. Chi You, do you know that sometimes, wisdom is more powerful than weapons."

"This life-and-death game will never have a fixed result." Dishi Cha held his hands behind his body and said smilingly when looking at the magic formation, "If we had won the game, then under my wise lead, the Chi Ban Mountain defensive line, that was the most important defensive line of the humankind, would have been attained through the game."

"But if we lost the game, that would be just as great. A million elite warriors of the twelve emperors in power were killed. This is just great news to me, and this fact is highly beneficial for me to control the entire Yu Dynasty."

"Besides, the armies sent out by the twelve emperors had lost the game. They lost the honor of our Yu Clan, along with vast territories and a mass of resources."

"However, under my leadership, we will strike back and severely harm the humankind. That credit will belong to me, and only me." The grin on Dishi Cha’s face grew bigger and bigger.

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