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Finally, Ji Hao stood back on the land of Pu Ban City. The dense natural power was just like the warm rice soup cooked by his Amma, wrapping him up intimately with an unspeakable warmth.

A huge sun was glowing brightly high up in the sky, releasing the golden, warm sunlight, pouring on Ji Hao’s body. Abruptly, a golden layer of mist enveloped him, the golden-liquid-like dense mist releasing a great heat. Ji Hao’s body swayed slightly because the great Dao of sun of Pan Xi world, which was sealed inside his body by the mysterious man with an unknown method, had now been activated.

It might be an attraction, or infection, or permeation of power from low to high density, but for whatever reason, Ji Hao now sensed something special from the sunlight. It was a strong, pure and original intent of sun which had been quickly drilling into his body, swiftly intruding into the great Dao of sun of Pan Xi world sealed inside his body. The sun power contained in his body was now purifying at a high rate, becoming purer and denser. Somehow, some magical changes began happening in his body.

Sweat poured down from his head in large streams, excreting some impurities that came from Pan Xi world outside his body. Because of the great heat released by the golden mist, these impurities were immediately evaporated by the essence sun fire.

Ji Hao was benefited, as he had gained a largely deeper understanding of the great Dao of sun. By now, he felt like he could easily reach the sun in the sky and could attain inexhaustible power from it anytime.

However, Elder Destiny and the hundreds of ancestor souls, who were the first batch of Pan Xi world people entering into Pan Gu world with Ji Hao, knitted their eyebrows together.

The natural power was dense, even many times denser than the natural powers in Pan Xi world. However, an invisible natural pressure had not only descended heavily on their bodies but also restrained their soul powers.

Back in Pan Xi world, an ancestor soul could monitor any slight move made by anything within the area with a radius of a million miles. But in Pan Gu world, this area was shrunk largely, such that they could now sense the rough condition of the surrounding area with a radius of a hundred miles at max with his or her soul power fully activated. If this ancestor soul wanted to clearly sense anything happening around him, the area would have to be reduced to around ten miles in radius.

Most of Pan Xi world ancestor souls and holy spirits were better at magic-casting than physical cultivation. Therefore, as the natural pressure given by Pan Gu world descended, some relatively weaker ancestor souls and holy spirits even began trembling, and couldn’t even walk normally.

Ji Hao soon discovered these changes that happened to these ancestor souls and holy spirits. It seemed that it would be impossible for these Pan Xi world people to do any close combat here in Pan Gu world. However, each of them was as powerful as a cannon, and still could release strong powers in here.

"Huoxiu Mu, attack me with ten percent of your power!" said Ji Hao while waving his hand toward a fire-kind ancestor soul. Huoxiu Mu was a loyal follower of Elder Destiny, that was the reason why he became one the first batch of newcomers from Pan Xi world to Pan Gu world. Hearing Ji Hao, Huoxiu Mu raised his right hand without any hesitation, turned his palm around towards the sky and raised a human-head-sized fire ball, blazing on his palm along with a loud swooshing noise.

Surrounding fire power began gathering towards this fireball speedily. Soon, the faintly red fireball became glowing-red, then turned crimson, purple-red and eventually became ink-dark. The black color of the fire meant that the fire had been compressed to an extreme degree. Among all ancestor souls, Huoxiu Mu was one of the strongest ones, and his fire has already contained a trace of the destructive natural power of Pan Xi world.

"Earl Yao, be careful!" Huoxiu Mu warned Ji Hao then pointed his finger forward. Along with a nearly a hundred meters long stream of fiery light, the human-head-sized black fireball roared towards Ji Hao.

A golden beam of light flashed across Ji Hao’s body as he swished up into the sky, transformed into golden light while rising ceaselessly up. The black fireball followed closely behind him, striking straight towards Ji Hao.

Ji Hao abruptly stopped in the air around ten-thousand meters high above the ground. He spread his hands and let the Gold Crow cloak release a dazzling golden light, fending against the back fireball.

A thunderous bang could then be heard as the black fireball exploded in the air and generated visible waves of black flame, spreading swiftly towards all directions. It burned layers of clouds out and dyed the air for a million miles in radius black, delivering a strong sense of destruction. A great heat swept across the entire area. From the direction of Pu Ban City, bright streams of light rose into the sky. Those were a group of people under the lead of Hao Tao and that magical animal called Xie Zhi, dashing over swiftly. From a long distance, Hao Tao burst with a resonant growl, "Who did that? Hm? Why is this flame so strange? It doesn’t seem normal at all!"

After all, Hao Tao was a senior minister under Emperor Shun’s command, and in charge of all kinds of penalties. He was born with great sensitively, that as his nose slightly twitched, he had discovered the strangeness of the fire released by Huoxiu Mu. In Pan Gu world, no fire like this had ever been discovered.

Ji Hao stretched his body. Just now, Huoxiu Mu’s fireball exploded, which vibrated his body violently and made his bone joints ache. He slightly twisted his body and instantly let out a series of bone creaking noise. Hearing Hao Tao’s growls, Ji Hao hurriedly laughed out loud and responded.

"Minister Hao Tao, it’s me, Ji Hao… I’m back. I brought back a batch of Pan Xi world people, and I’m trying to find out how much power they now have, as they are suppressed by the power of great Dao of our world."

Hao Tao paused and showed a faint smile on that dark, square face of his. He told his people to stop, then said from a distance away, "Ah, you brought people back from that side? It’s good for you to measure their current powers, but do not disturb the people living in Pu Ban city."

"Sure!" Ji Hao responded, showed his teeth while rubbing his chest, from where he sensed a great pain.

Back in Pan Xi world, Ji Hao could never withstand that attack launched by Huoxiu Mu just now, even though Huoxiu Lin had only used ten percent of his power. This single attack might have struck Ji Hao directly into ash. But in Pan Gu world, because of the suppression given by Pan Gu world, a full-attack launched by Huoxiu Mu now equaled an attack launched by an eight to nine star Divine Magus. Therefore, Ji Hao could barely endure ten percent of his power. In comparison to human warriors, Huoxiu Lin was strong and powerful, but definitely not at the top-grade.

In this case, the ten-thousand ancestor souls who had come under Ji Tao’s command meant ten-thousand Divine-Magus-level powerful beings had been added to Yao Mountain territory, and this was certainly wonderful.

In the future, if they served Yao Mountain territory well, Ji Hao could figure out a way to counteract the suppression given by Pan Gu world. For example, they could simply become Yu Yu’s disciples. Even as elementary disciples, after they took a few lectures given by Yu Yu and attained an understanding of the great Dao of nature of Pan Gu world, the suppression they suffered from this world would naturally decrease.

From a long distance away, Hao Tao abruptly gave another shout.

"Earl Yao, not long ago, your Abba, Ji Xia sent us a message. He said that a hundred Jia Clan Divine Magi surprisingly attacked Yao Mountain City, but were captured alive by the great defensive formation of your city. By now, they have been kept in the dungeon of Yao Mountain City. You should go back and take a look as soon as you can after you are finished here."

Ji Hao was shocked a little bit. Pondering for a short while, the anger instantly rose from his heart.

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