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A bonfire was blazing in a valley.

Si Wen Ming, Ji Hao and his friends sat around the bonfire, leisurely drinking and chatting. Over the bonfire were a few fleshy lambs grilling, and from time to time, some of them would slice large pieces of grilled lamb, then begin chewing happily.

Things had come to a close, and they could finally relax and rest.

As far as the life-and-death game was concerned, the humankind had won. The non-humankind had made an almost perfect plan, played all kinds of tricks and even controlled the power of great Dao of Pan Xi world. But because of the unexpected factor in the form of Ji Hao, or the mysterious man hiding in Ji Hao’s spiritual space to be more precise, the humankind had actually won this game, although with some difficulties.

Si Wen Ming had achieved the most outstanding military exploits. As Emperor Shun promised, he had now become one of the three who had the qualification to compete for the throne of the human emperor. More importantly, Emperor Shun had given the decisive word that Pan Xi would also be taken over by Si Wen Ming. Although Pan Xi was currently uncontrollable, and was an extremely dangerous being, the potential benefits she could deliver were way too many. Except for the Pan Xi divine mirror, which was now possessed by Ji Hao, the biggest gain from this journey in Pan Xi world was Pan Xi herself.

Of course, something unexpected had happened as well. Gong Sun Yuan had also gained a chance to compete for the throne of the human emperor. Back in Pan Xi world, Gong Sun Yuan led the three-thousand You Xiong Family warriors and covered the retreat for Pan Xi world people who had followed his lead. By doing that, he had killed a considerable number of non-humankind beings. Therefore, he had indeed accumulated some credits. For sure, his contribution could not compare with the one made by Si Wen Ming. But in comparison with the others who had barely earned any solid credits, he was quite outstanding as well.

The last person who attained a chance to compete for the throne of the human emperor was Zhu Rong Tianming.

Zhu Rong Tianming had earned zero credit himself, but he had Priest Corpse, Bo Qiujia and many of their brothers and sisters and disciples to help him. These cultivators each had their special abilities, and had killed many non-humankind beings in Pan Xi world. Therefore, in total, Zhu Rong Tianming indeed had some credits to show to those human leaders.

No matter what change would happen in the future, according to the decision made by the group of human leaders before the game started, at this stage, Si Wen Ming, Gong Sun Yuan and Zhu Rong Tianming were the three people who had the qualification to compete for the throne of the human emperor. Other future possibilities certainly existed, for example, people like Gong Gong might forcibly step into this competition. But at least based on the current situation and the rules set by the group of human leaders, Si Wen Ming, Gong Sun Yuan and Zhu Rong Tianming had already attained an advantage for this completion officially.

"Gong Gong… hm!" Thinking of Gong Gong, who tried to mess around but ended up being driven away by Emperor Shun, Ji Hao sneered.

"Emperor Shun can truly tolerate him." Ji Hao said while pouring a half bowl of wine into the bonfire and looking at Si Wen Ming.

"Forget it, he didn’t gain any extra advantage this time. Gong Gong Wuyou had barely made any contribution in Pan Xi world. Therefore, even if he wants to make many unreasonable demands, he doesn’t have a reason to back it."

Man Man poured Ji Hao a bowl of wine, which he picked up, took a sip and continued, "Just wait and see. Gong Gong Wuyou is a pure-blood God descendant. He doesn’t even have the right to compete for the position of human emperor. He took so many people to join the game because he wanted to support Gong Sun Yuan, and to earn more credits for him."

"But this time, Prince Gong Sun Yuan has broken with him. This means Gong Gong Wuyou will certainly choose another person for him to use. Let’s just wait and see… There will be a great show for us to watch." said Ji Hao with his eyes squeezed, and in a bland tone, "I bet, Gong Gong will come back out soon and refuse to accept the decision made by the group of human leaders, including himself before the game started. He will then forcibly step into this completion for the throne."

Si Wen Ming, Huaxu Lie and the others looked at Ji Hao in surprise. Afterward, they carefully thought about Gong Gong’s usual style, and couldn’t help but laugh bitterly. What Ji Hao said wasn’t ‘very likely’ to happen. Instead, it would certainly happen.

"This…What is all this? Gong Gong is too imperious." sighed Lie Mountain Kang while holding his bowl of wine, "It’s said that Gong Gong had been concentrating on his own cultivation in the past hundred years. But now, he has begun to show up in public again. We will indeed have some great shows to watch."

In the next two months, Ji Hao and all his friends were truly busy in Pan Xi world.

By winning this game, the humankind had not only won what was promised by the non-humankind, but also won the whole Pan Xi world. Everyone was busy, trying the best to collect all kinds of rare resources of Pan Xi world. After all, Pan Xi world was a complete, independent world, and contained great amounts of natural treasures. Some nature-crafted divine weapons were still hiding deeply in earth meridians and hadn’t been discovered by local people.

The dragon-kind and phoenix-kind both had their own special treasure-seeking-skills, and among master Magi of the Magi Palace, many were rather good at treasure-hunting as well.

Because the whole Pan Xi world would eventually be devoured by Pan Gu world, these people now had no concern for the natural environment here. All kinds of powerful magic were cast to search treasures of Pan Xi world, just like a group of fishermen deciding to drain a pond to get all the fishes in it.

Within merely two months, the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind had found tens of thousands of treasures at and above the level of nature-crafted holy weapons. All treasures produced naturally by Pan Xi world ever since this world was created were nearly all ransacked.

People had also been trying their best to collect resources such as minerals, magic crystals, rare types of plants and animals. All local Pan Xi world people were put to use, working for the humankind as hard as they could. The amount of resources exploited in the past two months even equaled the total amount of resources consumed by local Pan Xi world people in the past ten-thousand years.

Meanwhile, under an indescribable tactic agreement, the ownership of Elder Destiny and many ancestor souls and holy spirits under his command had been distributed as well.

There was not too much to say regarding Elder Destiny. Elder Destiny was able to look into the future in Pan Xi world. He knew almost everything and was capable of almost everything. But after entering into Pan Gu world, he would be suppressed by the power of great Dao of Pan Gu world, and couldn’t be as capable as he was back in Pan Xi world. However, his power of prediction would always be great. Therefore, Elder Destiny had become a Magi Master of the Magi Palace, and the biggest gain of Si Wen Ming and his group of supporters.

With their own initiative or passively, those ancestor souls, holy spirits and elite local Pan Xi world people had all chosen large clans and families to depend on.

As a group who had made the biggest contribution to the win in this game, Si Wen Ming, Ji Hao and their supporters had harvested the most. Only Ji Hao’s Yao Mountain territory had absorbed over ten-thousand ancestor souls. After these ancestor souls entered into Pan Gu world, they would be suppressed by the great Dao for quite a long period. But still, they could all release Divine-Magus-level powers.

Ji Hao’s Yao Mountain territory always lacked high-end forces. But this time, this problem was solved for good. In addition to these ancestor souls, tens of thousands of holy spirits, who equaled low-level Divine Magi and high-level Magus Kings had also come under Ji Hao’s command. Without question, they would largely improve the power of Yao Mountain territory.

As for elite Pan Xi world people who had also been assigned to Yao Mountain territory, the number of them was so huge that Ji Hao was too lazy to even calculate.

All in all, the empty Yao Mountain territory would be filled up by a big half, and he would be able to raise a strong army.

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