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"Take out your jade plates." said the man with a tall hat abruptly, "Around seven-million had fallen in the battlefields…Over a hundred million warriors and guards had died. The casualty is even more than ten times greater than the Chi Ban Mountain War."

"Let’s take a look… After such a great loss, how many of you can be extraordinary." The man with a tall hat held his hands behind his body while scanning across all present human elites with a pair of dazzlingly shining, yet misty eyes.

The man with a tall hat didn’t have much selfishness. Based on his level of cultivation and position, he had gone far beyond the intrigues and fights over powers and benefits that had been happening within the human society. The humankind was forced to join this life-and-death game without having any choice.

Such a great loss… Over seven million of those elite human beings from all clans had fallen, added with over a hundred million warriors and guards of these elites. But at last, the humankind won this game. In addition to the vast territory on the northern side of Chi Ban Mountain, these elites had also won a thousand years of peace for the entire humankind. Therefore, the man with a tall hat truly wished that some extraordinary human beings can emerge during this life-and-death fight.

The so-called extraordinary human beings were those who could lead their warriors to fight against the non-humankind with both their strengths and wisdom. While preserving their own powers, they could also harm the enemies as much as possible and destroy all kinds of dirty tricks and evil plans. Such kind of people could be counted as truly extraordinary human beings. Only this kind of a human being could be capable of destroying the enemy while protecting their own warriors, and only with such an ability and wisdom could these people can be qualified to compete for the position of human emperor, to lead the humankind to develop and conquer all kinds of difficulties.

The entire area fell into a deathly silence. Elite human beings from tens of thousands of different scaled clans silently lined up in groups. For example, Si Wen Ming had nearly a hundred princes coming from many large clans gathered behind him, and tens of thousands of elites from the large clans. These people were all his supporters. Many of warriors and guards of these elites and princes had been killed by the fort-crushing cannon, and by now, around a million of them survived.

Over a million warriors orderly lined up and formed over a hundred square-shaped magic formations behind Si Wen Ming, giving out a strong sense of power. Battle flags fluttered in the sky while the morale was boosted instantly up. Such a mighty army immediately caught the attention of countless people.

Those clan leaders and elders who had already tacitly decided to support Si Wen Ming nodded delightedly. In this bloody fight, Si Wen Ming led so many people to survival; this was already rather impressive. Besides, based on the faint smiles on the faces of those princes surrounding Si Wen Ming, one could easily figure out that this time, Si Wen Ming had earned great credits.

But the elite human beings from the other clans seemed to be quite dismal.

Because the non-humankind had brought the great Dao of nature of Pan Xi world under control, added with Pan Xi rampantly slaughtering across the world, the troops sent out by many clans had been exterminated, just like the few princes of the Sui Ren Family.

By now, except for the great troop behind Si Wen Ming and his supporters, only the troops of Southern Wasteland and all Northern Wasteland Clans under the lead of Gong Gong Wuyou still maintained its scale, looking like a great, powerful army.

Gong Gong Wuyou had barely fought against the non-humankind frontally. Instead, he escaped all the way, faster than anyone. Therefore, the Northern Wasteland force under his command was nearly unharmed. Except for some small troops which were abandoned by Gong Gong Wuyou as cannon fodder to cover himself retreat, his main force barely suffered any losses.

Zhu Rong Tianming almost lost all his warriors, and Gong Sun Yuan had suffered a great loss as well, that he now only had around ten princes from other clans who were close to him, and the three-thousand warriors of the You Xiong Family remaining alive with him.

Elite human beings from the other large clans had divided into thousands of different sized groups, all letting out their own battle flags for their clan leaders and elders to recognize.

The hearts of those elders instantly sank, and many of them had their faces turn as dark as ink.

For those clans who had all their elites who had joined the game dying in Pan Xi world, their battle flags surely wouldn't rise again. Just now, the group of human leaders had been arguing over Pan Xi’s ownership and didn’t have the time to calculate the casualties. But now, they abruptly saw those surviving elite humans gathered together, and learned about the sad result of this game. The leaders and elders of those clans who had all their elites dead almost cried out.

For example, the faces of clan leaders and elders from Western Wasteland were extremely sulky by now. Western Wasteland clans such as Qiong Qi Clan, Zhu Wu Clan, Tao Tie Clan and Ai Ci Clan all worshipped wild and fierce beasts as their totems. Taking Jin Tu as an example, warriors from these clans were all crazily war-like, with straightforward and frank personalities and adventurous personalities. When they fought, they knew nothing but attacking as fiercely as possible, and never had any idea of plans and tricks. Therefore, these Western Wasteland clans had all suffered a heavy loss in Pan Xi world. Nearly a million Western Wasteland had joined this game, along with tens of millions of warriors and tens of millions of fierce beasts. But only less than ten percent of them survived, and warriors from many Western Wasteland clans had even been exterminated.

Elders from Southern Wasteland clans and Eastern Wasteland Clans also popped their eyes out while staring at Zhu Rong Tianming and holding their breaths.

Only a few battle flags were now fluttering behind Zhu Rong Tianming, with hundreds of injured warriors weakly standing beside him. It seemed the strong force under his command was truly wiped out.

One had to mention the fact that before entering into Pan Xi world, Zhu Rong Tianming had the strongest force among all elite human beings who were going to join the game. Not only all Southern Wasteland clans had pledged their loyalties to Zhu Rong Tianming, but many top-grade large clans from the Eastern Wasteland had supported him with all their powers as well. Among all ten-million elites who had taken part in the life-and-death game, over a million decided to follow Zhu Rong Tianming.

Zhu Rong Tianming entered Pan Xi world with a million supporters and tens of millions of elite warriors. But in the end, only a thousand of them managed to come out? And a small half of these survivors were Priest Corpse, Bo Qiujia and their disciples, instead of Southern Wasteland and Eastern Wasteland warriors.

Without a doubt, this was a complete, crushing defeat. This time, Zhu Rong TIanming had nearly lost everything.

Abruptly, Gong Gong laughed proudly out loud, "It looks as if, hehe… Let’s not talk about credits first. Only based on the number of survivors, my son, Gong Gong Wuyou, has clearly taken the lead." said Gong Gong, "Wuyou, my son, how many non-humankind beings have you killed? How many credits have you earned?"

Gong Gong Wuyou’s look slightly changed. Hesitating for a short while, he slowly took out those jade plates that were given by those Yu Clan people before they entered Pan Xi word, and could record everyone’s military credits. All warriors under his command had already transferred their own credits to Gong Gong Wuyou’s plate. Therefore, at the moment, Gong Gong Wuyou’s jade plate was now showing all credits earned by the over a million elite Northern Wasteland warriors.

Hesitatingly, Gong Gong Wuyou raised his hand, but didn’t hand the jade plate out.

Ji Hao glanced at Gong Gong Wuyou, then pressed his palm on Si Wen Ming’s body and pushed Si Wen Ming out. At the same time, Ji Hao shouted loudly out.

"Dear ministers and elders, you don’t have to waste any time to calculate. In this life-and-death game, almost all of the whole million non-humankind beings were killed by us independently, under the command of Minister Si Wen Ming. This barely has anything to do with the others!"

What Ji Hao said shocked everyone on the scene. Immediately, all present people looked at Si Wen Ming.

The other elites who had also joined the game looked at Si Wen Ming in both admiration and jealousy, while human leaders such as the man with a tall hat, looked at Si Wen Ming in a great surprise, as if they couldn’t believe what they had just heard.

"Ridiculous! Si Wen Ming, how dare you say that…You led these people, who are now standing behind you, and killed a million non-humankind beings independently? Who do you think you are?!" Gong Gong growled harshly.

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