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Gong Gong growled in an especially harsh tone and released an invisible, great pressure that descended from the sky like a tsunami.

Si Wen Ming raised his head while layers of hazy silhouettes of towering mountains roared straight into the sky, bumping against the great pressure released by Gong Gong intentionally. A thunderous boom was generated, following which, the air twisted suddenly. Gong Gong’s body remained perfectly still, and only had his pair of eyes sparkle with a dazzling light. On the other hand, Si Wen Ming quivered instantly, then had blood flowing ceaselessly out from his nose, eyes and ears.

"Gong Gong!" The man with a tall hand abruptly raised his hand and sent out an extremely sharp beam of light of sword intent that seemed to even cut the sky open. The sharp light of sword instant dazzled down and forcibly split the great pressure released by Gong Gong with this soul power into two.

Gong Gong’s sturdy body was shaken. He staggered three steps backward as if he was struck right in the chest by a giant hammer. In shock, Gong Gong threw a glance at the man with a tall hat, then silently put his hands into his sleeves without saying a word. However, the sparkling, dazzling cold light in his eyes revealed the fact that he wasn’t actually as calm as he looked like.

Si Wen Ming gasped for air while wiping the blood on his face. After that, he angrily growled out. "Gong Gong, what qualification do you have, that allowed you to question the military success of ours? We earned our credits with our swords and blades. We traded for the success with the blood, even the lives of our brothers! Who do you think you are? How dare you question our credits?"

Stepping forward heavily, Si Wen Ming activated all of his power and let the sixteen magic stars suddenly rise from his head. They released a bright yellow light, lightening the sky. The ground with a radius of tens of thousands of miles quaked intensively, then visible streams of yellow-colored mist roared up from the ground, ceaselessly being absorbed by Si Wen Ming’s body.

In Ji Hao’s spiritual space, the mysterious man suddenly exclaimed out, "This kid, Si Wen Ming, he is so talented…This is Pan Xi world, but he could actually manipulate the power of earth meridians so easily, as if he was still in Pan Gu world?"

Ji Hao couldn’t help but feel slightly proud as he boasted to the mysterious man, "Of course, he is…"

But Ji Hao abruptly stopped talking and firmly closed his mouth. With a weird tone, the mysterious man asked slowly, "He is what? You seem to know something about him that the others don’t?"

Ji Hao yawned, lazily dodging the topic and said, "Ahyaya, he is the future human emperor I believe in. According to the legend, before uncle Wen Ming was born, his Amma dreamed of nine dragons flying into her belly, and when he was born, the sun rose from the east while splendid rosy clouds hovered all over the sky, along with warm power streams descending from the air…For a powerful, legendary man like this, it’s perfectly normal to be able to manipulate the power of earth meridians, isn’t it?"

"Eh…" The mysterious man let out a muffled sound from his throat. But for a long while, he didn’t let out a word.

What Ji Hao said sounded a bit shameless, and the mysterious man pondered for quite a while but still didn’t know how to respond.

A dense yellow light surged around Si Wen Ming’s entire body as the power vibration released from him grew stronger and stronger. He stared at Gong Gong straight in the eyes and growled, "Gong Gong, don’t you dare bully us today. You have to know that I, Si Wen Ming, am not a pushover."

Gong Gong remained silent, yet his eyes kept sparkling.

Si Wen Ming was indeed not a pushover. In terms of bloodline, he was a great-great-grandson of Emperor Xuan Yuan, and a grandson of Emperor Zhuan Xu. His father, Marquis Chong Si Xi, had a large clan named You Chong Clan constructed by himself with his own power. At present, You Chong Clan could be count as one of the few top-grade large clans of the humankind.

In other words, Si Wen Ming was a true descendant of an ancient human emperor, Emperor Xuan Yuan. Even though he wasn’t a direct descendant of You Xiong Family, based on his personal achievements and abilities, he was much stronger than Gong Sun Yuan, the prince who had been cultivated intensively by You Xiong Family.

None of those descendants of ancient human emperors were pushovers.

Therefore, Gong Gong remained silent with a darkened face while the man with a tall hat began mediating this dispute. "Si Wen Ming, Gong Gong didn’t mean to bully you," said the man with a tall hat, "Just for real, this great military success of yours is way too shocking. Did a whole million non-humankind beings truly all die in your hands? Bring your jade plate up here!"

Si Wen Ming threw a threatening glance at Gong Gong. He bowed to the man with a tall hat, then growled at Gong Gong right in front of everyone, "Gong Gong, I, Si Wen Ming, am right here. For any power you have, just use it on me. You’re an eldership, I won’t feel embarrassed even if you defeat me. Elderships from my clan will surely come find you!"

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows while excitedly looking at Si Wen Ming, and nearly clapped his hands.

Proudly casting another sideway glance at Gong Gong, Si Wen Ming took out his own jade plate and threw it at the man with a tall hat. Meanwhile, he said, "Dear ministers and elders, please verify. All credits recorded here were earned by my, Si Wen Ming’s, brothers by risking their lives!"

The jade plate made by Xiu Clan people was amazingly and magically functional. The man with a tall hat flicked his finger on the jade plate, right after which, large clouds puffed out from the jade plate and immediately enveloped the area with a radius of a hundred miles. Within the smoke, countless images flashed swiftly, which were the last scenes that happened before a great number of non-humankind beings died.

According to these images shown in the smoke, some non-humankind beings were killed by Ji Hao with the nine suns spear, some were burned to death by Ji Hao with essence sun fire, some other were killed by the attack rebounded by the Pan Xi divine mirror. These images showed exactly what happened back then.

Some other non-humankind beings were poisoned to death by Yu Mu, some had their life-force drained by Taisi and being cursed to death, and others were blown up by Man Man with flame bombs. The last scenes happened before the death of these non-humankind beings had also shown in the smoke.

Nevertheless, over ninety-nine percent of images showing in the smoke were raging fires, dark spheres of lights, destructive darkness, dazzling lights or sky-devouring flames. Nearly a million non-humankind beings were torn into pieces by the massive explosion that happened when the fort-crushing cannon destroyed itself. Therefore, the last scenes happened before they died were exactly the same. Nearly a million images like this flashed across, and at last, a golden arrow emerged from the smoke.

The smoke perfectly exhibited the shot launched by Feng Xing sneakily from a long distance away, which had penetrated the fort-crushing cannon and caused the cannon to destroy itself.

Gong Gong laughed coldly, then said, "Si Wen Ming, you have merely killed less than a thousand non-humankind beings by yourself. The so-called military success of exterminating a million non-humankind beings is actually achieved by this young man here, eh? Oi, young man…"

From a distance away, Gong Gong waved his hand towards Feng Xing, who was squatted on a large tree.

Feng Xing coldly looked at Gong Gong, scornfully laughed, then heavily spat towards the ground. Afterward, Feng Xing suddenly flashed across the air and disappeared without leaving even a trace.

Ji Hao laughed out loud and said, "Gong Gong, you can never buy my brother in! We all support uncle Wen Ming to compete for the throne of human emperor. Therefore, no matter who killed these non-humankind beings, all credits belongs to uncle Wen Ming! Uncle Wen Ming will treat us fairly after he attains the throne anyway!

While chuckling, Ji Hao scornfully shook his head towards Gong Gong and continued, "Don’t even think about any dirty tricks. Do you think that we are all useless things who have no sense of loyalty, and would always desert in the face of battles, just like your son?"

Gong Gong’s eye corners even began twitching in anger. With a sulky face, he glared at Ji Hao and said blandly, "Let’s not to mention the fact that Si Wen Ming dared to offend me, Earl Yao, you are nothing but a lucky boy. How dare you disrespect me like this? Do you really think that I can’t do anything to you?"

Turning around his palm, Gong Gong released an iceberg that smashed right down towards Ji Hao’s head.

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