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A dense fog shrouded Pan Xi, and the space was layered up, forming a maze. Whichever direction Pan Xi walked to, she could see nothing but fog. But no matter how hard she tried, she could never free herself from this sphere of fog that only had a radius of hundreds of miles on the outside, but was actually hundreds of millions of miles huge.

Without a destination, Pan Xi confusingly walked in the fog maze for a while, then stopped by her instinct. Standing outside the maze, everyone was looking at Pan Xi, watching her float inside the thin layer of fog in perfect stillness. After around twenty-four hours, Pan Xi huddled up in the fog and fell into a deep sleep. If no one woke her up, she might remain asleep like this until Pan Xi world was completely devoured by Pan Gu world.

Ji Hao silently looked at Pan Xi while discussing all kinds of possibilities with the mysterious man in his head, and looking back at all kinds of things that happened in this life-and-death game.

Obviously, at the very beginning, the non-humankind planned to slaughter all human beings, who had joined the game with the power of great Dao of Pan Xi world. Ten million human elites, added with their warriors and guards, so many powerful human beings had either attained spirit star powers or even condensed spirit stars inside their bodies. Both the spirit star or spirit star power contained the power of great Dao of Pan Gu world. If one used these powerful human beings as blood offerings and let Pan Xi absorb their spirit blood and the spirit stars to partially merge with a part of them, she would have a protective screen in the Pan Gu world as well.

After partially absorbing the power of great Dao of Pan Gu world, Pan Xi would be able to intrude Pan Gu world through the portal without being suppressed too much by the natural law there, and neither would she cause a destructive thunder trial. In this way, Pan Xi would become the most terrifying weapon held in the hands of those non-humankind beings, and would definitely bring the humankind a heaven-huge trouble. Nevertheless, because of the great performance of Ji Hao and the other elite human beings, Yemo Sha and the other non-humankind beings in Pan Xi world were almost wiped out, which allowed Chi You to grasp his opportunity. No one knew how he persuaded Yemo Tuo, but in the end, Chi You successfully swallowed ninety percent of Pan Xi’s spirit blood.

With Chi You’s power, without Pan Xi‘s coordination, he could never harm even a hair of Pan Xi, not to mention, swallow her spirit blood. But indeed, Chi You had successfully done it. But after that, he killed all surviving Yu Clan people, Jia Clan warriors and Xiu Clan craftsmen, then led the remaining force of Chi You army to escape from Pan Xi world. Without any evidence provided by non-humankind survivors, the fact that Chi You had obtained Pan Xi’s spirit blood could remain concealed forever.

Pan Xi was a Chaos Saint, and even a drop of her spirit blood contained immeasurably great original power of creation. Even though Pan Xi was better at magic-casting than close combat, Chi You had attained ninety percent, or even more of her spirit blood. As long as he could absorb that spirit blood, he could still gain a terrifyingly great strength.

Therefore, this so-called life-and-death game, the so-called mission of waking up Pan Xi, all that was just a cover for some bigger, deeper plan. Someone had been using those human beings and non-humankind beings who had joined that life-and-death game. In this game, both sides had become this ‘someone’s’ sacrificial lambs, and quite likely, Chi You was a chess piece who had gained the greatest benefit from all this.

According to Ji Hao’s estimation, if Pan Xi made it to Pan Gu world, she would become public wealth of the entire Yu Clan while Chi You will become a sharp weapon of an individual. How powerful would Chi You become after he swallowed ninety percent of Pan Xi’s spirit blood?

A warrior, who was as powerful as Pan Xi but only listened to the orders of a single person, and except for this ‘someone’, no one would ever find out exactly how powerful he was... To that ‘someone’ behind all this, without a doubt, Chi You was thousands, even tens of thousands of times more valuable than Pan Xi.

"Use the public resource for his own purpose… He or she has entrapped all non-humankind beings." Ji Hao murmured while stroking the warm and shining feathers of Mr. Crow, and looking at Pan Xi, who was huddled in the fog and was in a deep sleep, "I truly want to tell everyone about what that Chi You guy has done. But I am a human being, so those non-humankind beings wouldn’t buy it."

The mysterious man didn’t respond, but Ji Hao continued, "If I can find some non-humankind beings and let them leak something out inside their own society, that would be much more effective than words said by myself. Hm, let me think, the non-humankind beings I know, who can be used by me?"

"The Di Family? Dishi Family? Qian Family?" Ji Hao mumbled while counting his own fingers. But he never had a good relationship with these families, which meant these few families would never cooperate with him.

"Alright…I can’t find a target to cooperate with, and neither has Chi You offended me personally. Let’s just put this aside for now." Ji Hao sighed helplessly, then raised his head and looked at Gong Gong and the group of people, who had been arguing angrily against each other.

Pan Xi, the creator of Pan Xi world, had caught the attention of Gong Gong and many other people, even though her soul had perished, and what was left in here was merely an empty body. Ji Hao knew about the fact that ninety percent of Pan Xi’s spirit blood had been taken away, but none of the others did. Besides, even if everyone knew that Pan Xi’s spirit blood had been taken away, so what? Her body was still extra strong and indestructible, her punches and kicks could still be terrifyingly powerful. Even without a soul, Pan Xi was still tremendously attractive. At the very least, Pan Xi could serve as a strong force that would never be damaged. Although Pan Xi was now trapped in this maze, that was because no one had been controlling her. With someone controlling her, this maze couldn’t possibly trap Pan Xi.

In a slightly evil way, if one could figure out a way to draw Pan Xi’s spirit blood out then eject it into one of his or her descendants, the power of that descendant would surely be improved amazingly. Apart from this, who knew if this descendant who absorbed Pan Xi’s spirit blood might grow into a powerful God-like being, like Gong Gong and Zhu Rong?

More evilly, with some secret magic, one offered Pan Xi to those fallen, prehistorical powerful beings who still had traces of their souls existing in the universe. Would those unimaginably powerful beings, who were still terrifying even as slight traces of souls, gift a greater benefit for the clan which offered Pan Xi to them? Such as a complete bloodline that originated from an ancient Divine God?

Inappropriately speaking, every single hair of Pan Xi was a supreme treasure. Therefore, by now, Gong Gong and a group of human leaders had been shouting and yelling loudly while wielding their arms, trying their best to strive for the ownership of Pan Xi. Except for the man with a tall hat and a few seemingly older and calmer ones, who stood aside and remained silent, all the others, including the clan leaders and elders of a few top-grade clans, had joined this fight.

No one knew what had they said, but in the end, a clan leader from Tao Wu Clan from the Western Wasteland began screaming, "Don’t fight! Don’t fight! Just count the credits! Who earned the most credits this time can have all trophies all by himself! Why are you saying all this nonsense?!"

Military credits?

Gong Gong and the other human leaders simultaneously turned to their own clansmen.

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