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Who was Pan Gu? The legendary Chaos Saint of Pan Gu world who had created the world, the ancestor of the dragon-kind, phoenix-kind, and humankind, the origin of countless creatures of Pan Gu world.

Pan Xi was just like Pan Gu?

Didn’t this mean Pan Xi was the creator of this world, the creator of everything in this world? The origin of all of great Dao of this world?

Gong Gong’s pair of eyes shone with a bright black light while wisps of watery mist puffed out from his body. "Earl Yao, don’t panic. Just step aside and watch me deal with this thing." growled Gong Gong harshly.

Following a long howl, Gong Gong transformed into a black watery mist stream, swooshed down from the sky and landed before Huaxu Lie and Lie Mountain Kong, who were still vomiting blood while desperately stepping back. He carefully looked at Pan Xi’s expressionless face, swept across Pan Xi’s slim body with greedy eyes, then pushed his palm forward against Pan Xi’s fist that came swiftly at him.

"You’re nothing but a dead creature, how dare you? You have no power but strength." Gong Gong laughed wildly out. His palm was as black as ink, yet as transparent as a crystal. Inside that palm, hazy silhouettes of layers of water waves condensed into weird, oddly shaped and twisted spell symbols that were faintly visible. With a palm move, he delivered a thriving feeling of a vast ocean.

Pan Xi’s small fist fiercely thudded against Gong Gong’s palm. Gong Gong’s smile froze suddenly. ‘But strength’, indeed, strength couldn’t compare with magic powers and other abilities, but that depended on the level of the strength.

By now, Gong Gong felt like a newborn, fresh and fragile egg while Pan Xi was a tens of thousands of meters tall, violent giant, who had just lifted a great mountain and fiercely smashed it on his eggshell! Gong Gong’s entire body was quivering as he sensed a destructive disaster that seemed to come right now, and this great horror even made Gong Gong cry out.

The God-kind was different from the humankind. Human beings had souls and fleshy bodies. After the bodies were destroyed, the souls could still exist without the body, and with the right opportunity, the souls could even keep cultivating without the body and still attain great powers. For cultivators like Po and Priest Corpse, who had grown primordial spirits, once they reached an extremely high level of cultivation, things like fleshy bodies would actually become insignificant, as the primordial spirits were the true base of their cultivations.

Nevertheless, the God-kind was different. To a God, the body and the soul was a complete unity. If the body were damaged, the soul would suffer a severe injury as well. With Pan Xi’s strength, she could punch Gong Gong directly into pieces, and once Gong Gong’s body was destroyed, his soul would also perish anytime.

"How did this happen?!" Gong Gong was badly frightened. His right palm had already bumped against Pan Xi’s first and was crushed like a smashed crystal piece. Immeasurably great water power burst out and transformed into great ocean waves, roaring in all directions. This water power was Gong Gong’s divine power also was a part of his body and his soul. As his right palm was damaged, he was gravely injured immediately. Pan Xi’s fist kept moving forward, and Gong Gong’s body continued collapsing.

A sphere of black smoke flashed across while Gong Gong’s body transformed into a dense sphere of black mist. Countless black water drops splashed all over the sky along with shrill zipping noise, dodging the violent punch launched by Pan Xi. They flew over a hundred miles away then merged back together, showing Gong Gong’s figure within a sphere of black mist.

The crushed right palm of Gong Gong had already recovered completely, but his face seemed to be deathly pale. Obviously, his life-forced was consumed largely. With a darkened face, Gong Gong took out a black jade bottle and poured a few sticky drops of liquid into his mouth, after which, streams of dim black light surged ceaselessly out of his body. The weakened power vibration released from Gong Gong’s body began growing stronger quickly, and soon, it became as strong as before, even improving greatly.

"Gong Gong, what a wealthy man. This is the ‘Water Mother syrup’ concocted by the prehistorical Water Mother for all creatures with water power, isn’t it? According to the legend, this syrup ceased to exist since long ago, but I didn’t think that Gong Gong still had some in his collection." said the man with a tall hat, who was standing in the air and watching this fight.

Gong Gong paused briefly, embarrassedly laughed but didn’t say anything.

Prehistorical Water Mother was a legendary powerful being, and was the leader of all creatures with water power, and the dominator of hundreds of millions of water Gods back in the prehistorical era. The Water Mother syrup concocted by her could enlighten all creatures, strengthen one’s body and help one to cultivate more efficiently, detoxifying and dispelling evilness. To creatures with water power, the Water Mother Syrup was an all-purpose magical medicine; there was nothing in the world that this syrup could not do.

The prehistorical era ended, and the Water Mother had disappeared. Therefore, Water Mother Syrup instantly became an extremely precious treasure.

Gong Gong had secretly collected some Water Mother syrup. It was a secret of Gong Gong Family, and also was one of their greatest treasures that had been saved by them for the most critical moment. If he didn’t have his soul injured and his body harmed by Pan Xi today, Gong Gong would never let anyone see his Water Mother syrup.

Pan Xi coldly looked at Gong Gong. She turned around and glanced at Ji Hao, who weakly floated in the air, Si Wen Ming, who had still been vomiting blood, and Huaxu Lie and Lie Mountain Kang, who had been desperately retreating. After this, Pan Xi instinctively rushed towards Gong Gong, leaving shreds of afterimages in the air.

Among these few people, the power vibration released from Gong Gong was the strongest, that gave Pan Xi the greatest feeling of threat. Therefore, she chose to continue chasing Gong Gong.

Ji Hao chuckled. Letting out another mouthful of blood, he said, "Finally doing a good thing… Good, just like this, Gong Gong? Is this Gong Gong? Pan Xi, punch him, kill him… Hehe… Ah, what a shame, that old monkey is not here. Otherwise, you could just kill that thing too."

From inside Ji Hao’s spiritual space, the mysterious man gradually showed up and said, "This is a bit strange. Over ninety percent of Pan Xi’s spirit blood was drained. That kid named Chi You has taken ninety percent of her spirit blood away, and…he has already left Pan Xi world. In the future, you should beware of Chi You. He will become a troublesome one."

Ji Hao’s face instantly turned dark.

Had Chi You swallowed ninety percent of Pan Xi’s spirit blood? That meant Yemo Tuo had ordered Pan Xi to give out her own spirit blood, because this was the only way Chi You could successfully attain that spirit blood. However, Chi You had actually killed Yemo Tuo after he swallowed Pan Xi’s spirit blood.

"Did he do that to silence Yemo Tuo? Doesn’t he want the others to know that he has swallowed ninety percent of Pan Xi’s spirit blood all by himself? Hehe, who is Chi You’s supporter? This whole life-and-death game thing could be designed merely for allowing Chi You to attain the spirit blood, and we were all imposed." Ji Hao clenched his teeth out of anger. Ninety percent of Pan Xi’s spirit blood! If Pan Xi didn’t hand out her own spirit blood, who could break her skin and extract a single drop of her spirit blood?

The mysterious man didn’t say another word as he silently disappeared. The man with a tall hat stood in the sky, carefully observing Pan Xi, who had her eyes fixed on Gong Gong and had been chasing closely after Gong Gong.

After a long while, the man with a tall hat abruptly began laughing, then said, "Indeed incomparably powerful… But, after all, she is nothing but a battle puppet without any consciousness. Why should we fight directly against her? Just trap her with a magic formation! Do not use those killing formations or any formation with actual powers…Psychedelic magic formations, use the psychedelic mist formation to layer up the space, and create an intangible maze to trap her. That will be more useful than any killing formation."

Ji Hao was suddenly enlightened. He slapped heavily on his own head while wondering why he didn’t think of that.

Large clouds of mist emerged from the air. Hundreds of magic formation constructors of the Magi Palace launched their moves together and built an enormous-scale psychedelic magic formation that trapped both Gong Gong and Pan Xi in it.

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