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A golden stream of light flew across the sky, from which, Ji Hao’s hoarse shrieks and howls spread out for hundreds of miles. Around him, a thin shred of shadow turned visible from time to time, and occasionally, a large span of air around his body would collapse, showing giant black holes.

Suddenly, the air that Ji Hao had just flown past twisted. Next, a large group of powerful human beings rushed out of a sphere of Chaos power. An especially tall and sturdy one with a tall hat held his hands behind his body, curiously looking at Ji Hao, who was crying, screaming and shouting while desperately flying in the air, and said, "This kid, Earl Yao Ji Hao, I remember him…What happened here? Who’s after him?"

After the portal connected Pan Gu world and Pan Xi world was built, Pan Gu world began devouring Pan Xi world. Therefore, even though those divine towers that built the portal had now been moved away already, the portal still stayed stable.

Led by Gong Gong and the nameless man with a tall hat, large groups of human leaders entered into Pan Xi world through the portal. Those with the highest status, such as this man with a tall hat, Gong Gong and a few master elders of the Magi Palace, floated in the sky, appreciating the beautiful natural sceneries of Pan Xi world while vigilantly keeping an eye on the surrounding area.

As for those people with relatively lower social status, such as clan leaders and elders, they had been nervously making contact with those elite young men they sent into Pan Xi world before. Contacted through magic talismans, those elite young people quickly came over and met with their leaders and elders. Leaders and elders of clans which hadn’t suffered a great loss were surely delighted. But for some clans which had almost all their elite young people who joined this life-and-death game dying in Pan Xi world, their leaders and elders couldn’t help but start weeping.

While the group of people was busy calculating their losses, counting fallen or missing warriors and trying their best to find their people who could be hiding in some secret spaces of Pan Xi world, Si Wen Ming, Ji Hao and his teammates had already fallen into a rather embarrassing situation.

Yemo Tuo, Yemo Sha and the other Yu Clan people had fallen, and the secret magic talisman that allowed them to control Pan Xi was also destroyed by Ji Hao with a surprise attack. Pan Xi had lost control, but still clearly remembered the fact that Ji Hao was her enemy. Therefore, she began attacking Ji Hao ceaselessly, as if she would hunt Ji Hao till the end of the day.

High up in the air, the void gale was screaming. Ji Hao had transformed into a golden beam of light, shattering countless clouds while desperately fleeing all over the sky.

Like a scary ghost, Pan Xi followed closely after Ji Hao. No matter how fast Ji Hao flew, she could always flash directly across the space and teleport herself to before Ji Hao’s face, then throw a crazy wave of punches and kicks at Ji Hao, forcing Ji Hao to flee at his highest speed. By now, Ji Hao dared not to let Pan Xi’s attacks truly land on his body. He controlled the Pan Xi divine mirror with his spirit power to forcibly restrain the protective function of the mirror.

Ao Li and Feng Qing still had their eyes fixed on Ji Hao. After all, supreme treasures like Pan Xi divine mirror were way too attractive. With a small trick, Ji Hao let the clone of Pan Xi divine mirror, which was transformed from the soul-shaking clock, take a strike launched by the fort-crushing cannon and shatter right in front of everyone. Ji Hao was clearly aware of the greediness that was rooted deeply in the hearts of the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind. If Ao Li and Feng Qinxin found out the Pan Xi divine mirror was actually not destroyed and still remained perfectly unharmed, what would they do? Nobody knew.

At this stage, Ji Hao’s background was strong enough, and even though the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind might turn hostile towards him, he wasn’t afraid of that at all. However, he couldn’t bear to break the relationship between the dragon-kind, phoenix-kind and the humankind because of himself. What he worried even more was that because of the relationship between the dragon-kind, phoenix-kind, and the humankind, some human leader might step out, threaten him, and force him to hand out the Pan Xi divine mirror!

If something like this truly happened, how terrible would that feel?

For the above reasons, even while facing Pan Xi’s wild, endless attacks, Ji Hao could only gnash his teeth and desperately fly all over the sky with all of his powers. The three suns shone brightly above his head. As Ji Hao had merged with the golden sunlight, his flying speed was now only around ten percent slower than Pan Xi’s teleporting speed. After all, Pan Xi was now only a battle puppet instead of herself, and her power and abilities were now much weaker than before when she was still alive. Ji Hao could still deal with her attacks, despite some solid difficulties.

Suddenly and accidentally, Ji Hao slowed a slight little bit down when moving. Immediately, Pan Xi zipped across the air and dashed to in front of Ji Hao, almost making Ji Hao bump into her arms.

Pan Xi’s tender and slim first fiercely smashed towards Ji Hao’s chest. He screamed while fiercely wielding his nine suns spear, fending himself against this killing attack launched by Pan Xi.

A thunderous boom was generated and the nine suns spear let out a shrill buzz. Ji Hao sensed a great pain from his arm bones, as those bones shattered along with a long series of cracking noise. Ji Hao was sent over a hundred miles away by this violent punch of Pan Xi, nearly bumping against a towering mountain.

"Uncle Wen Ming!" Ji Hao shouted in a poor condition.

He still had many magic talismans and amulets given by Priest Xuan Du, but at the moment, the non-humankind army was almost wiped out, and Chi You and his remaining warriors had fled. Based on the current situation, the humankind had already won this game without any doubt. Therefore, Ji Hao wasn’t willing to use those greatly powerful, precious magic talismans, amulets, and bombs now.

For ordinary people, even attaining one or two of these great treasures would be incomparably difficult. How could Ji Hao be willing to waste any of them? Therefore, he could only bear Pan Xi’s attack with his fleshy body while being chased all over the sky. Now, he had been punched flying away by Pan Xi and was badly injured; he had no choice but to ask Si Wen Ming for help.

Pan Xi flashed again across the air, continuously pouncing on Ji Hao. But, Si Wen Ming dashed out from another way with the five mountains divine shield carried on his shoulder. With both of his hands, Si Wen Ming violently smashed the heavy shield, which was surrounded by mist streams, on Pan Xi’s body.

What came next was an earth-shaking bang. Pan Xi was struck on the face, and she stopped moving in confusion. On the other side, Si Wen Ming vomited blood intensively, dragging a pair of nearly shattered arms and stepping backward as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, Si Wen Ming squeezed a few words out of his mouth, "Truly hard to…deal with…"

Huaxu Lie and Lie Mountain Kang flew over simultaneously. Pan Xi moved her head, glanced at Ji Hao. Then, she turned away from him and went after Si Wen Ming, who had smashed her in the face just now. Huaxu Lie and Lie Mountain Kang hurriedly made their moves, wielded their weapons and launched a wild series of attack on Pan Xi. Nevertheless, despite the fact that both of them had tried as hard as they could, Pan Xi wasn’t harmed at all; not even her skin was broken by a little bit. She flashed momentarily to reach behind Si Wen Ming, raised her right foot swiftly and kicked on his back along with a strong gust of wind.

Si Wen Ming cast a great howl as a hot stream of blood was ejected out of his body and splashed nearly a hundred meters away. A tight dragon-skin soft armor worn by him was shattered straightaway, barely blocking this terrifying strike for him. His entire back was hollowed, which meant his spine had broken into tens of thousands of pieces already.

Dong! Si Wen Ming fell from the sky, thudded straightly against the ground, and even flattened a towering mountain.

Huaxu Lie and Lie Mountain Kang shouted crazily out, "Women, can’t you see us attacking you?!"

Pan Xi abruptly turned around, then slightly pushed her pair of tender hands forward.

Simultaneously, Huaxu Lie and Lie Mountain Kong each let out a huge stream of blood. With an unbearable heartache, they turned around and fled as fast as possible while the tears flowed ceaselessly down from their eyes. Their inherited spirits magic treasures, which were passed down from their ancestors through generations, were stuck into pieces by her!

"Help! Anyone! Help us…This woman…is like Saint Pan Gu of our world…" Weakly, Ji Hao floated in the air and screamed out towards Gong Gong and the other human leaders, who stayed high up in the sky and seemed to be watching a show.

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