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A strange scream resounded across the sky while a dragon-like, enormous beast with nine heads and a pair of wings roared and rolled out from the portal that connected Pan Xi world and Pan Gu world. Once this thousand-mile long beast flew out, a blood-red beam of blade light swept over, cutting all nine heads of the beast off. From each of the nine heads, eighteen spirit Dan flew out and were grasped in the hands of an elderly man.

The beast’s exposed body instantly turned into a sphere of Chaos mist, and then was absorbed by the void.

Standing on the mountaintop, Gong Gong, who had been silently facing Dishi Cha, abruptly narrowed his eyes with a fierce and cold beam of light flashed across his eyes, while he cast a glance at Dishi Cha in surprise. If anyone could approach Gong Gong at the moment, he or she would be able to see countless images flashing inside Gong Gong’s pupils. That was the scene of a hundred Jia Clan battle kings being struck crazily by the divine thunder of Yao Mountain City.

"Interesting!" Gong Gong give Dishi Cha another complicated glance.

"Stupid, greedy barbarians, they always have no idea about what are they doing, and what will happen in the future." Dishi Cha raised his head, looked at the five to six thousand spirit soul jade talismans floating above his head, then said to the twelve Emperors in powers around him, "This time, we might truly lose. However, what we lost in this game was nothing much."

Before Yemo Luoye, Dishi Yanluo, Fan Hai and the other emperors said anything, Dishi Cha continued, "It’s nothing but a small, insignificant game. Victory, or defeat, makes no difference to me"

Yemo Luoye’s stunningly beautiful face twitched as she looked at Dishi Cha and said with a deep, cold voice, "But, Lord Dishi Cha, all rules of this life-and-death game were set by you alone. So…"

"Don’t worry, as long as we cooperate, no bad result will be caused." Dishi Cha relaxedly nodded toward Yemo Luoye, then responded with a faint smile, "As long as you can all keep your promises and keep some news from spreading, a clean, new coordinate for each of you, you will have it exactly as I said."

"What if the news is leaked by accident?" Fan Hai’s voice sounded as cold and lifeless as always.

Dishi Cha threw a bland glance at Fan Hai and answered, "Then I will take all responsibilities. No matter how, you haven’t lost anything, and you won’t lose anything."

The twelve Emperors in power sighed in reliefs together. After that, the extra tense atmosphere between them suddenly disappeared. Their looks had turned much warmer when they looked at Dishi Cha again. Dishi Cha didn’t say any more word to them. Instead, he silently looked at Gong Gong with a mysterious smile on his face.

"Greed… greediness is a great virtue." Dishi Cha murmured to himself, "I like greedy people, especially greedy enemies. They always think they can control everything, but in fact…barbarians are just barbarians."

Deep buzzing noise could be heard without an end as dazzling lightning bolts dazzled out from the portal. Meanwhile, the spinning rate of the portal increased largely, and next, an enormous mountain range was released from Pan Xi world. What came out the first was a tens of thousands of meters tall, giant peak. Within the series of peaks, countless animals were screaming in panic.

The soil, sands and rocks were all crushed, shaken and merged into the void.

Powerful being of the humankind and non-humankind made their moves simultaneously. Thousands of beams of cold light flashed across the void, killing all animals, even the tiniest bug, violently, and despoiling their spirit Dan. Some weird, strange herbs, which were old enough and surrounded by a splendid light, flew out from the portal towards corners of Pan Gu world.

These magical herbs vibrated intensively, and some mature ones had even released a lot of seeds, which drifted in every direction, adding more magical herbs to the Pan Gu world.

All of a sudden, a bloody mist swooshed out from Pan Xi world with thousands of people wrapped in it. Chi You showed his figure from the mist while gasping quickly, silently waving towards the bloody mist. He packed that large blood-red flag, then walked to Dishi Cha with big steps, expressionlessly kneeled down and kowtowed to him.

"What happened?" asked Dishi Cha with a cold tone.

"We lost." Chi You answered Dishi Cha’s question straightforwardly, "The fort-crushing cannon was penetrated by an arrow of the humankind, and spell symbol groups were disturbed, which caused its self-destruction. A million elites were blown into ashes, and only we made it out."

With simple languages, Chi You roughly and quickly described what happened in Pan Xi world.

"Where’s Yemo Sha and Yemo Tuo? And the others?" Yemo Luoye asked harshly with a high-pitched voice. The erect eye on his forehead suddenly opened. A purely dark swirl emerged from her erect eye, slowly rotating and releasing a terrifyingly great suction that firmly locked Chi You up.

"Lowly slave, how did Yemo Sha, Yemo Tuo and the others die?" shouted Yemo Luoye, "Describe every detail to us. Otherwise, I will extract your soul and burn it with the fire of anger of the greatest Dark Sun, forever."

Chi You raised his head, calmly looked at Yemo Luoye and responded, "Emperor Yemo Luoye, you…have no right to ask me any question."

Yemo Luoye’s face blushed immediately. Angrily, she pointed her finger at Chi You, gasping quickly in rage, but couldn’t say any word for a long while.

"Yemo Luoye, calm down!" said Dishi Cha "You have no right to ask Chi You any question, or blame him for anything. Not to mention the fact that the entire Chi You Army is now under my command, even before, the twelve of you had to sign together to give an order to Chi You Army. Therefore, you have no right to ask him anything."

Smiling faintly, Dishi Cha gave Chi You a hand gesture.

Chi You stood up, walked behind Dishi Cha with big steps and stood still, just like a loyal, old dog standing behind its owner, with blood-red mist puffing out from his entire body. A strong power vibration released from his body, giving out a great pressure that could make anyone quiver in fear.

The around five-thousand Chi You warriors, who managed to come out with Chi You, silently lined up and formed a battle formation behind Chi You in perfect order.

The looks of Yemo Luoye and the others turned rather sulky, as the moves of Chi You and his warriors clearly showed that they had already thrown themselves completely under the command of Dishi Cha. Now, they would no longer follow the orders given jointly by the twelve Emperors in Power!

Dishi Cha’s status was special, he possessed a great power that the twelve emperors could never compare with. Therefore, Yemo Luoye could do nothing to Chi You after he followed Dishi Cha’s lead.

Angrily stared at Chi You for a long while, Yemo Luoye gnashed her teeth and said word by word, "Lord Dishi Cha, our Yemo Family have no intent to become your enemy. But if I..."

"A clean, new coordinate, it’s worth for any losses." Coldly and calmly, Dishi Cha looked at Yemo Luoye and said, "Everything! Yemo Luoye, I have already offered more than enough. I do not want to become an enemy of the Yemo Family either! Therefore, I have offered more than enough as compensation."

Yemo Luoye shut her mouth.

Dishi Cha spread his hands smilingly, slightly bowed towards the group of human leaders and then began talking.

"So, everything is over. I admit you have won the game! Although this result is a bit disappointing to me, it’s fine… You have won!"

Shrugging relaxedly, Dishi Cha waved his hand. The enormous cloud began rolling, speedily drifting towards the Midland.

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