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"What a perfect work! I can no longer express my admiration towards our emperors!" Yemo Sha murmured in a daze while staring at Pan Xi floating in the air. The other Yu Clan people were also praising with the most flowery languages they knew to express their admiration. They tried their best and racked their brains to come up with more words to eulogize the ‘emperors’ mentioned by Yemo Sha, even having saliva spray out from their mouths. Extolling for a small half an hour, these Yu Clan people finally stopped talking with their mouths parched and tongues scorched.

Pan Xi silently floated in the air. Her pair of eyes were purely dark, and except for the deep darkness which seemed to devour the whole universe, no other color could be discovered from her eyes. The sense of power released from her body was incredibly cold, like a hundred-thousand-year-old iceberg silently floating in the sky. Even Yemo Sha quivered when he saw that purely dark pair of eyes of Pan Xi.

Turning around, Yemo Sha carefully asked the few Yu Clan elderly men who stood behind him, "We have succeeded, haven’t we? She wouldn’t be out of control, would she? You have to know that if anything goes wrong, we would be in a hell of a trouble."

The few Yu Clan elderly men slightly nodded while approaching Pan Xi extra carefully. They took out a few oddly-shaped tools and checked Pan Xi’s body from every angle for quite a long while. The black erect eye in between Pan Xi’s eyebrows glowed with a faint black light, same as those tools held by those Yu Clan men.

"We need to believe our great emperors and their powers. The things they can do are far beyond our imagination." said a Yu Clan elderly man while gazing at Pan Xi. "What an amazing power, a creator of a world… a ‘Pan’ with inexhaustible power, is actually turned into a battle puppet by our great emperors."

"Think of the report in the secret file, according to which, in order to trap and kill Pan Xi, our great emperors had spent some solid efforts. Although they managed to put the parasitic talisman into her body, she still ran away with the entire world." said another Yu Clan elderly man with a praising tone. "For a very, very long period of time, she wasn’t under our tracking and monitoring. But, she fell in our hands eventually."

"As long as we can extract magic stars from those damned human Divine Magi and inject the powers of those magic stars into the Pan Xi’s body, she will be able to enter into Pan Gu world without being attacked by the natural law of Pan Gu world." said another Yu Clan elders man while grinning. "I truly want to see her start a crazy slaughter in Pan Gu world, I just can’t wait."

Yemo Sha laughed proudly and said, "Those stupid human beings, what do they think we run this life-and-death game for? A small Chi Ban Mountain? Or any other things? Silly ignorant barbarians, if they know that these elite human beings they sent over are only offerings for allowing Pan Xi holy puppet to enter into Pan Gu world, would they cry, or…just cry?"

The group of Yu Clan people floating in the sky began laughing loudly. They laughed so hard that they even started swaying their bodies and had tears spurting out from their eyes.

But soon, Yemo Tuo’s words made everyone stopped laughing. "With Pan Xi holy puppet, killing those human beings out is an easy task. However, are we sure that we can kill them out within three months? Three months, this limitation of time is agreed by Lord Dishi Cha and Gong Gong for their bet."

Yemo Sha’s face turned green as he glared at Yemo Tuo in anger and yelled out with a high-pitched yet hoarse voice. "Just let me be delighted, just let me be delighted for a short span of time, can’t you just do that? Why are you mentioning that bloody bet?

Yemo Tuo helplessly spread his hands, smiled bitterly and responded while looking at him, "But, my dear cousin, this is for your benefit. If we can’t make it within three months and consequently make Lord Dishi Che lose a sun and moon blood pill…even if we bring back Pan Xi holy puppet, you might also…"

Yemo Sha’s face twisted immediately. He let out a raging growl then shouted out. "Captives? Do we have captives? Or, how many bloody human beings have you killed in these couple of days?"

With heavy chains, a group of Jia Clan warriors dragged over tens of human warriors who were captured alive. These human warriors struggled desperately, but countless sharp electric bolts had been releasing from those chains. Once they made a move, wisps of electric bolts would strike fiercely into their bodies, paralyzing and disabling them from breaking out from those chains.

"Offerings! You’re nothing but offerings!" Yemo Sha laughed viciously and said proudly while looking at these human warriors. "I truly want to introduce the causes and effects of this life-and-death game to you in detail, but I am running out of time. Therefore…please die in confusion!"

"Pan Xi!" Yemo Sha wielded the black staff held in his hand.

The flower of great Dao released a bright light from between Pan Xi’s eyebrows. Meanwhile, the black erect eye in the core of the flower moved. Next, the lines that covered Pan Xi’s face sparkled with a dim light. Pan Xi’s body flashed across the air, directly broke the space and teleported herself to in front of a human warrior.

Pan Xi raised her snow-white hand and slightly pressed it forward. Instantly, the sharp palm of her easily cut the armor of a human Divine Magus open, then sliced his strong body into two, as easily as cutting a piece of tofu with a sharp dagger. With a splendid light, Pan Xi’s hand pierced into his body.

Along with a deep buzzing noise, the human Divine Magi’s body twitched intensively. He growled and roared with all of his power while fierce gusts of wind swished out from his pores and an enormous silhouette of golden-wing roc crazily struggled behind him.

Pan Xi slowly drew her right hand out from the Divine Magus’s body. Her fingers were clenched, with a water-tank-sized, cyan-colored light sphere held in her hand. The light sphere was violently taken out from the Divine Magus’s body and was shining dazzlingly, with fierce gales spinning and roaring in it. Occasionally, gusts of wind inside the light sphere would bump into each other and make a large number of cyan spell symbols sparkle.

This was how the stars of human Divine Magi looked outside the body of their owners.

Because of the appearance of this magic star, a great hurricane was started in the area, thousand-mile in radius around it. Along with an ear-piercing scream, fierce wind swept across, facing which, Yemo Sha and the other Yu Clan people subconsciously took a few steps back.

"Ah, how beautiful is this!" Yemo Sha wielded the black staff while praising gently, "Beautiful, too beautiful… It’s just that we can’t reserve it. Otherwise, I would certainly collect some Divine Magi magic stars and use them as decorations."

"Beautiful but dangerous." Yemo Tuo looked at that cyan-colored magic star and murmured in a low voice, "Every magic star contains the power of a genuine star. If lose control of it and let it explode, we would all be blown into pieces."

Pan Xi gripped the cyan magic star with all five fingers, which had been glowing with a bright light. This cyan-colored magic star was then forcibly compressed into the size of a human head. Pan Xi then put it into her mouth and swallowed it.

The human Divine Magi’s despairing howls could then be heard endlessly, as his stars were dug out one after another by Pan Xi and then swallowed by her.

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