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The Holy Land floated in the air, surrounded by a dark mist. The beautiful, wonder-land-like scenes could no longer be seen in the Holy Land. When Elder Destiny led the other holy spirits and ancestor souls out of the Holy Land, they took away all the resources. All minerals were exploited, all earth meridians were drained, and not even a single drop of water or a grass was left behind.

By now, the Holy Land looked like a wasteland, covered in bottomless holes and traces left from dried ocean and lakes. The fierce gale blew across and raised dense, black smoke, drifting away along the wind and polluting a large area of sky.

This miserable scene was what Yemo Sha and his people saw when they arrived the Holy Land.

"So ruthless." said Yemo Sha while looking at the wasted Holy Land in a daze.

"Nothing useful was left behind." A handsome Yu Clan young man flew over, politely saluted to Yemo Sha and said, "Dear cousin, you and your people went after that poor little thing…Hm, that poor kid called Ji Hao, what happened then? Where’s his head? Let me see, Dishi Cha has offered a great award for his head!"

Yemo Sha’s face instantly turned blue. He glared at this young man, then began shouting hysterically. "Yemo Tuo! How have you been doing your job? How many days has it been since we came? Why is this place still looking like this?!"

Yemo Tuo paused for quite a while. He looked at Yemo Sha’s twisted face, then looked at the other Yu Clan people, who all had darkened looks. Spreading his hands, Yemo Tuo responded helplessly, "I wasn’t lazy at all. You have to know how strong the defensive power of this place is. In order to pull this treasure out, I have spent tons of efforts only to break the space screen around it."

"Besides, you can’t expect me to work all day without any break, can you?" While shrugging, he continued with a low voice. "I only held three large parties with my people in our break time. Girls in this world are truly pretty, truly!"

Hearing this, Yemo Sha and his people had their faces turned green in anger. Three large parties? When they were shedding blood in the fight against Ji Hao and Elder Destiny in the Fallen Land, Yemo Tuo and his people, who were responsible for pulling the Holy Land out of the small space, were actually killing time? How many days had they been in Pan Xi world? But they had thrown three large parties already!

Yemo Sha raised the black staff held in his hand. He truly wanted to knock Yemo Tuo’s head with this staff, but soon, he thought of Yemo Tuo’s father, who was his uncle, and was a really powerful one in his family. Therefore, Yemo Sha forcibly pressed down his anger and said with a dark face, "Just work, maybe we need to borrow her power."

"What? Are you joking? Our mission this time is very simple. With our powers, we can easily wipe out those stupid, ignorant human beings! Do we need to borrow power from ‘her’? Are those human beings really so powerful?" Yemo Tuo yelled out in shock.

Yemo Sha took a deep breath, not wanting to answer Yemo Tuo’s question. A Yemo Family elderly man walked over, dragged Yemo Tuo away and whispered a few words in his ear. Hearing the elderly man, Yemo Tuo’s look turned weird. Pityingly, he glanced at Yemo Sha and murmured, "So, I am actually lucky for not managing to be the highest commander of this mission? Alright, my poor cousin, I will try my best to help you!"

While saying the nice words, Yemo Tuo had a weird smile on his mouth corners. Yemo Sha glanced at Yemo Tuo with that darkened face, gnashed his teeth but didn’t say anything.

A fierce gale sent Yemo Sha up into the sky. He held the black staff high with both of his hands while flying above the Holy Land. Looking down at the vast Holy Land, he murmured something with a deep and low voice, then abruptly wielded the staff in the air.

Crack! Followed by this thunderous noise, the whole sky seemed to be split up. The loud noise even shattered the thousands of, differently sized mountain ranges down on the Holy Land, and caused a great-scale earthquake that affected the entire area with a radius of tens of thousands of miles. Countless cracks appeared on the ground, large streams of earth power and fiery power rose into the sky while incalculable Pan Xi world people were crushed in the earthquake.

The Holy Land cracked entirely, showing thousands of rifts as huge pieces of rock roared up, randomly falling towards the earth down below. Peaks, mountains, different sized rocks, all flew up one after another, then fell down towards the land.

Down below, Pan Xi world suffered another disaster. Countless giant rocks fell from the sky and smashed into the ground, making the ground became full of bumps and hollows. Many villages, towns, even big cities with a population of over a million, were crushed by those giant rocks that fell from the sky, and disappeared immediately. Tens of billions of local people died in this disaster as huge streams of blood infiltrated the earth.

Hundreds of Yu Clan people were holding the same black staffs, floating in the air while incanting a spell. The blood shed out from the bodies of those local people, who died so miserably, floated up into the sky. Sands and other impurities contained in the blood were filtered out by an invisible power, after which, the pure blood quickly gathered in the sky and soon formed an immense blood sphere, with the diameter of over ten-thousand miles.

The blood of Pan Xi world people could merge perfectly with natural powers, which meant that every single drop of their blood contained tremendous natural powers, including the most basic five types, relatively rare types, such as thunder, hurricane, ice and frost, poison, and extremely rare types, such as space, light, darkness. All kinds of natural powers began merging speedily in this enormous blood sphere.

Under the effect of the natural law of Pan Xi world, all types of natural powers speedily merged together and eventually condensed into hundreds of huge energy crystals. Those different colored blood now become water clear, turned into a heavy rain and descended from the sky.

The Holy Land was disintegrated, exposing Pan Xi’s body which was hiding under the Holy Land. The hundreds of energy crystals which were extracted from the blood of Pan Xi world people flew into Pan Xi’s enormous body one after another, leaving streams of colorful light in the air.

All Yu Clan people began incanting a spell together. Following their voices, those gigantic weapons stuck in Pan Xi’s body were removed from her body one after another. As streams of terrifyingly fierce power vibrations swept across the sky, those gigantic weapons were all turned into light streams by those Yu Clan people with spells, dazzling into the bodies of a few Yu Clan young men who were standing in the front of the group.

Those scary deep wounds on Pan Xi’s body began healing speedily after those giant weapons were removed. Meanwhile, her body started shrinking as well.

Ten million miles long, a million miles long, a hundred thousand miles…tens of thousands of miles, thousands of meters, hundreds of meters…

After a day and a night, all wounds on Pan Xi’s body were healed completely without leaving any scar. The flower of great Dao of nature appeared in between Pan Xi’s eyebrows. From the core of the flower, countless purely dark, twisted lines suddenly spread out, quickly and entirely covering the beautiful face of Pan Xi.

All of a sudden, Pan Xi, who had already fallen for countless years, opened her eyes.

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