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Bottomless, deep chasms were opened up from the earth, contained red, glowing, boiling lava. Thousands of fire boa, fire snakes, fire turtles and fire fishes had been happily swimming in the lava, raising scorching hot waves from time to time.

Groups of elite warriors with red armors were treading upon a fiery cloud, flying above the lava and vigilantly guarding the area. These elite warriors were surrounded by fierce beasts with the nature of fire, such as fire tigers and fire leopards. These enormous, fierce beasts had been releasing dense smoke from their mounts and raging fire from their eyes, while constantly letting out deep yet resonant roars.

Looking down from the sky, one could find that numerous miles wide, bottomless chasms were opened up on this vast plain area. Lava flew rapidly in these chasms, forming an ancient style, complicated divine spell symbol.

In Pan Gu world, this spell symbol represented the ultimate origin of fire power, and also represented the power of great Dao of fire. Thousands of miles in radius, the magnificent city was built in the middle of this spell symbol, surrounded by ninety-nine, different colored protective fire screens.

Cyan-colored fire of glaze, deep-red colored fire of earth core, black-red-colored fire of poison…ninety-nine different types of fire with different colors could be seen. These layers of fire screen with different natures mixed together, gradually forming a hundred miles-thick, tremendous fire screen that looked almost like tangible crystal.

Countless Pan Xi world warriors stood on the tall fence wall, looking towards the distance expressionlessly. All these warriors seemed to be completely lifeless. Their skins were faintly red, with wisps of flame spurting out from their pores constantly.

No matter which race they belonged to, by now, they were remolded by a strong fire power and had their natures turned into fire. Additionally, their lives were taken already. All local warriors standing on the fence wall and inside the city were zombies with the nature of fire, none of them were alive anymore.

In the core area of the city and in the middle of a lava lake that had raging fire rising from it, Zhu Rong Tianming sat on a red, large armchair, laughing while gulping bowls of boiling hot liquor one after another.

Priest Corpse and a group of cultivators from his sect, who were all wearing rough and simple clothes and had long loosened hair, were surrounding him and sitting on large, red golden chairs while drinking and chatting. They were loudly praising this magnificent city which was built upon the lives of countless Pan Xi world people, claiming that this city was indestructible.

"A million non-humankind beings? Bull*hit!" Zhu Rong Tianming yelled while throwing an empty liquor jar into the lava. "Without the lives of hundreds of millions of non-humankind monsters, no one can break my city!"

Raising his head high, Zhu Rong Tianming sneered and continued, "Who am I? I am Zhu Rong Tianming, I am Prince Tianming! I am chosen by the universe to be the human emperor! Mr. Bo Qiujia, Priest Corpse, do you agree with me?"

Priest Corpse and Bo Qiujia glanced at each other, then laughed out loud together.

A magical stream of light flew inside Priest Corpse’s translucent body as he said blandly, "Prince, you are absolutely right. Not to mention the fact that we have brought the powerful treasure gifted by our master Shifu, only these fire zombies I made with my special magic in combination with the magic fire of your Zhu Rong Family are more than enough to kill the million non-humankind beings."

Together, Zhu Rong Tianming, Priest Corpse and Bo Qiujia chuckled viciously.

The thousands of miles in radius large city was filled with fire zombies made from Pan Xi world people. Those Pan Xi world people were first affected by the corpse power released by Priest Corpse, becoming zombies which had bodies thousands of times tougher than iron. Then, Zhu Rong Tianming activated the protective great formation in the city and forcibly injected all kinds of fire powers into the bodies of those zombies.

After all this, these zombies had become especially strong, with nearly invincible bodies that contained great fire power. Every single fire zombie was like a huge walking bomb, and the explosive power of one fire zombie could be equal to a full attack launched by a high-level Magus King.

The ground of the city and the ten layers of underground spaces under the city were all filled up by fire zombies like this. In total, tens of billions of fire zombies were contained in this city. With such a great number of fire zombies, in a fair frontal battle, killing hundreds of millions of non-humankind beings would still be a joke, but exhausting a million non-humankind beings to death would be totally possible.

Not to mention that they still had the great treasure given by Priest Corpse’s master Shifu as a trump card. Therefore, Zhu Rong Tianming had been rather confident.

"Let’s just drink and have fun for now. In these couple of days, many people were already killed or captured by those non-humankind beings, ha!" Zhu Rong Tianming proudly raised his head and said, "This is good! How could those idiots even think about the position of human emperor? Let those non-humankind beings kill them all, and at the end, we will take those non-humankind beings out and this whole thing would be perfect."

Priest Corpse and Bo Qiujia laughed out proudly as well because they were quite satisfied with their plan.

"Come, drink, just drink!" Zhu Rong Tianming laughed loudly, then patted hard on the armchair’s arm and yelled, "Get those girls over. Let them dance for me, sing for me! What do they have the long faces for?"

Bo Qiujia laughed, then waved his right hand. A puff of light spot flew out from his sleeve and descended into the lava lake. A large number of lotuses leaves grew out from the lake, after which, meters in radius fire lotuses drilled out from the lava as well.

Large groups of local girls were forced over by warriors under Zhu Rong Tianming’s command. Those warriors sent these girls upon the enormous fire lotuses, as musicians began playing a beautiful melody in the distance. Expressionlessly, these girls began dancing with rigid movements.

"Good, good, good!" Zhu Rong Tianming laughed while excitedly slapping his own lap and yelling. "Let’s have fun, have fun! Haha, life can never be better!"

While Zhu Rong Tianming was enjoying the ‘best moment’ of his life, from a long distance away and in the air, hundreds of differently sized mountains speedily flew over.

Pan Xi stood on top of the first flying mountain, expressionlessly looking down at the city down below, which was covered in a bright fiery light. When the flying mountain was still over a thousand miles away from Zhu Rong Tianming’s city, Pan Xi rubbed her hands. A loud swooshing sound was started right away, along with which, the colors of the hundreds of flying mountains behind her changed simultaneously.

Those mountains formed from earth and rock suddenly became icebergs, transparent and blue. A bone-piercing cold power surrounded these icebergs with streams of ice crystals coiled around. As Pan Xi pointed her finger forward, a series of shrill swishing noise could be heard. Those enormous icebergs sliced the air open, leaving hundreds of white traces in the air while fiercely smashing towards the city of fire.

These icebergs were in different sizes, but even the smallest one was thousands of meters tall and over a thousand miles in radius.

The first tremendous iceberg struck violently on the fire screen of the city. Ice power and fire power clashed against each other and burst with a ground-splitting, thunderous boom. It raised an immense mushroom cloud, puffing gradually up from the city.

Then the second iceberg descended, then the third, the fourth…

Hundreds of icebergs smashed straight down, and the thick protective fire screen, which Zhu Rong Tianming thought was impregnable, collapsed suddenly.

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