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Ji Hao looked at Elder Destiny from a great distance away.

He remembered that when he met Elder Destiny for the first time, Elder Destiny looked only like a little kid. But after a few fights, Elder Destiny’s power seemed to be greater and greater as he looked older and older.

This was a mysterious magic with which Elder Destiny sealed his power inside his body. Every time he unsealed a part of his power, his appearance would become a few years older than before. Ji Hao was curious that if Elder Destiny truly became like an elderly man with white hair and beard, how powerful he would be.

"If you are not going to make any move, don’t blame me for making one!" Elder Destiny floated in midair with the compass of destiny rotating slowly above his head, releasing a bright white light, lighting the surrounding area up.

Seeing that Yemo Sha and the group of non-humankind leaders were all shocked but didn’t send any more warriors to fight him, a cold beam of light flashed across Elder Destiny’s eyeballs, which had already turned pale. He pointed his finger at the sky. The compass of destiny instantly began spinning swiftly, letting out dazzling white light that gathered in front of Elder Destiny along with an ear-piercing noise. The countless beams of white light condensed into a white, short sword, before his face.

"Our Destiny-kind can not only foresee things, but can also wield the sword and kill people." said Elder Destiny while looking coldly at Yemo Sha. "It’s just that during so many years, no one worth for us to make a move ever showed up. Nothing was worth for us to kill, therefore, many people have forgotten that… our Destiny-kind can kill too."

While speaking, Elder Destiny pointed his finger forwards. Following his move, the white short sword transformed into a winding, swift stream of light, piercing towards Yemo Sha along with an ear-piercing noise.

Yemo Sha finally realized what was happening. His face turned even darker in anger while his three eyes popped out together. "You think only you can kill? Lowly ignorant barbarian, you have brought a disaster to yourself and all your people." growled Yemo Sha in rage.

Yemo Sha’s erect eye rolled speedily in his eye socket. Next, a stream of dark divine light dazzled out, from within which, a coffin-shaped, black metal box gradually emerged. He looked at Elder Destiny and yelled loudly, "Before, a part of you could luckily become our slaves. But now, I have decided… I am going to exterminate all of you!"

The white sword light bumped against the three-meter long, coffin-shaped metal box.

Followed by a muffled bang, numerous black patterns lit up on the surface of the metal box. Those patterns were complicated and beautiful, looking like thousands of flowers layered up on the surface of the box. Obviously, these patterns matched the taste of Yu Clan people.

Along with a muffled creaking noise, the lid of the metal box slid open slowly. Meanwhile, under Elder Destiny’s control, the white sword light lunged towards Yemo Sha for thousands of times like a heavy storm. However, this metal box was quite large, and it could easily block the sword light by simply and slightly moving towards all directions.

A black sphere of mist was spurted out from the opened box. Following a hoarse roar, a scrawny black hand that had the radius of a few feet and had been releasing a sharp cold power, suddenly thrust out from the box and gripped Elder Destiny’s sword light.

A series of clang could then be heard. Like a nimble snake, the white sword light flipped quickly in the black hand, cutting its scrawny, metal-like fingers, but failed to leave even a little shadow wound on the hand.

"Elder Destiny?" Yemo Sha’s looked turned less dark as he raised his head, looked at Elder Destiny and said with a cold sneer. "Do you know the history of this coffin of destruction?"

Elder Destiny sneered and responded in a bland tone, "What history? Is it a big deal?"

Yemo Sha laughed proudly out. He pointed at the hand reached out from the coffin and said, "Long, long ago, I just don’t know exactly how many years ago, one of my ancestors killed the most powerful being of a world they conquered."

"Most powerful being!" Yemo Sha continued with his teeth gnashed, while pointing at Elder Destiny. "His status in his world was same as yours in your world. People there were special because they couldn’t cast any magic. Their strong point was their strong physical bodies. Their bodies were way too strong, that even our ancestors could barely do anything to them."

Elder Destiny’s face turned dark.

Yemo Sha gave a proud grin and continued, "But eventually, that most powerful one was still killed by my ancestor. With a great cost, my ancestor let a master from the Nether Moon merge the dead body of that most powerful one into this coffin of destruction."

Among the non-humankind, the Nether Moon people were good at using the power of death and turning fleshy bodies into weapons. The most. Fleshy puppets made by the Nether Moon were well-known killing weapons, widely used by the non-humankind beings.

This dark hand reaching out from the coffin belonged to the most powerful being of a destroyed world. No wonder it could easily grip Elder Destiny’s sword light.

Elder Destiny looked at Yemo Sha with a darkened face. He took a deep breath, then suddenly, a few wisps of white hair appeared among his shining black hair. His face began changing quickly, and within the blink of an eye, he stared looking like a thirty-year-old man from a teenager.

"In this case, I can only activate more of my power." Elder Destiny sneered again, then pointed his finger forward. The white sword light that was gripped in the scrawny, large hand, suddenly split up, and turned into thousands. The thousands of snake-like, glowing white sword lights dazzled all over the sky, screaming towards Yemo Sha and the other non-humankind beings that stood behind him from every direction.

A deep roar came from the coffin, along with which, a huge cloud of dark mist puffed out from the coffin, within which, a hazy silhouette stood up.

Near the volcano went, Ji Hao knitted his eyebrows. Elder Destiny was going a bit too far. He had been ceaselessly unsealing his power and fighting against Yemo Sha. But this kind of reckless fight was not what Ji Hao wanted. Instead, Ji Hao chose Fallen Land as the battlefield mainly because he wanted to preserve powers as much as possible while consuming the enemies’ powers as far as possible.

By stomping his foot heavily against the ground, Ji Hao activated the two great magic formations offered by the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind in a strangely friendly manner.

The ten-thousand dragons ocean-destroying magic formation roared out and raised a dark, sky-devouring wave. Within the wave, tens of thousands of enormous dragon silhouettes flew up and transformed into a tens of thousands of meters tall fierce wave, sweeping towards Yemo Sha and his people.

The phoenix sky-flaming magic formation was activated right next. Fiery clouds gathered quickly in the sky, from which, an incomparably tremendous fiery phoenix dove down, sang lightly out in the sky, then dashed down towards Yemo Sha and the other non-humankind beings along with a raging fire.

Three entirely black divine towers flew out from the broken palace. These thousands of meter tall divine towers had great defensive power. A thick, black light screen was released from the towers, shielding all non-humankind beings. Elder Destiny’s sword lights dazzled all over the sky, as the massive wave struck fiercely on the black light screen and the raging phoenix fire burned intensively. The black light screen was destroyed layer by layer, yet it was constantly growing at a similar pace.

But soon, a Yu Clan elderly man screamed out in panic. "This place doesn’t have any natural powers to replenish, and too many magic crystals were consumed. The magic crystals we brought can last half a month tops!"

Yemo Sha paused for a second, then yelled out in extreme anger.


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