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"What a scary…old kid!" On the fence wall, Man Man yelled in shock with a few fried orchid birds held in her hands.

Yu Mu stood up in shock as well and popped out his eyes, staring at Elder Destiny.

"Old kid, that’s right. He looks like a kid but is actually very old." Taisi grinned and murmured. Meanwhile, a hazy silhouette flashed across from the water-like, gray light screen behind him, instantly and silently releasing a wave of bone-piercing coldness.

The whole hundred elite Jia Clan warriors were killed. Every single one of them suffered a heavy yet traceless palm attack launched by Elder Destiny, right on the chest. That palm attack took their lives away. Their heavy and sturdy armors, strong and tough bodies, and thriving life-force, none of these had delivered any effect under Elder Destiny’s attack. Their lives were like fragile flowers, crushed into thousands of bits by Elder Destiny’s palms.

"Who wants to fight me? Who wants to kill me?" Elder Destiny narrowed his eyes and asked Yemo Sha with a low voice.

He was now only around sixty meters away from Yemo Sha. To powerful beings like them, sixty-meters was no different from zero. Yemo Sha’s face had turned deathly pale, maybe because of the anger.

"Should we send my people out to take a shot?" Chi You, who was wearing a cattle horn helmet, had his face hiding behind the thick mask and had been restraining his power all the time, as he asked Yemo Sha with a deep and low voice. Just now, when the palace fell on the ground, Chi You remained standing perfectly still.

Yemo Sha leaped directly up, as if his butt was stung by a bee. He turned around, glared at Chi You and said word by word, "This is my war! It’s not yet your turn to do anything! Remember, slave, even though you have inherited the name of ‘Chi You’, you are still a slave, nothing but a slave."

Proudly holding his head high, Yemo Sha continued, "Your Chi You army is nothing but a group of slaves who have betrayed their race. Therefore, you just shut up. Do not act on your own. You will have the chance to play, but only when I need you to."

Chi You paused, then silently took a step backward. He slightly waved his hand, following which, ten-thousand heavily armors warriors with cattle horn helmets silently walked out from different parts of that broken palace and lined up orderly behind him.

When a cultivator reached the level of Magus Kings, his or her senses would become especially sharp, and he or she could have all kinds of special abilities. From over a thousand miles away, Ji Hao and the other elite human beings clearly heard the conversation that happened between Yemo Sha and Chi You.

Ji Hao was surprised slightly. This name, ‘Chi You’, made him feel a bit confused and curious. Unlike him, Si Wen Ming and those princes, who were from large clans and families, all had their faces darkened, just like the thundery sky.

"Chi You…rabid dogs, how many years has it been since they were let out to bite people the last time? Ever since the first generation of Chi You was sealed…." murmured Si Wen Ming. "According to the secret file passed down from the ancient era, back then, even Emperor Xuan Yuan was defeated by him once!"

Huaxu Lie stood beside Si Wen Ming and also murmured, "If the ancient heaven didn’t send down reinforcements…"

Lie Mountain Kang squeezed a sentence out from between his teeth, "But in that great battle, even the gate of the ancient heaven was broken."

Hearing all this, Ji Hao felt that even his soul was shaking. He popped out his eyes in shock and stared at that sturdy Jia Clan warrior, who was standing on the twisted, broken metal palace, constantly having black smoke and fire sparkles rising from around his body. Was this ‘Chi You’ truly so powerful? The first generation of ‘Chi You’? Was the name of ‘Chi You’ inheritable?

Ten Yu Clan young man began incanting a spell together with loud voices. A fifteen-meter tall divine tower emerged from behind each of them, gradually and silently. The huge amounts of magic crystals stored in each divine tower were consumed up within the twinkling of an eye, after which, the towers released immensely great power and injected it into the bodies of these ten Yu Clan elite young men. They opened their erect eyes widely, and inside those erect eyes, twisted and dim streams of light had been flowing quickly like water.

A series of popping noise was started. Following that, spheres of shooting-star-like divine light dazzled out of the erect eyes of the ten Yu Clan young man. The strong streams of divine light surged like countless shooting stars slicing the air open, leaving numerous black traces on the cracked, fragile sky of Fallen Land. Same as Yemo Sha, all these ten young men were from the Dark Sun.

Dark Sun represented destruction and devouring. The Dark Sun power could destroy and devour almost everything. The black divine light released from the ten Yu Clan young men’ erect eyes shattered the air. Wherever these dark light streams reached, the broken air would be swallowed up completely. An irreversible damage was done to the structure of the space of Fallen Land.

All dark divine light streams eventually gathered on the body of Elder Destiny. Thousands of spheres of dark divine light circled Elder Destiny up. The meters in radius space around Elder Destiny was cracked completely, and those dark divine light spheres seemed to crush and devour him as well.

"Supreme Dark Sun, I praise your inexhaustible power." Yemo Sha raised his arms high and shouted with a blushed face. "Under your supreme, great power, all foolish barbarians can only obey!"

Within the dark divine light, Elder Destiny, who was wearing a glowing white, long robe, was extremely eye-catching.

Ji Hao gave a long and resonant shout while the immemorial sun streamer showed up upon his head. The earth power gathered on the fence wall was forcibly dragged into his body, and next, the Pan Xi divine mirror began shaking slightly. The great earth power was absorbed by the mirror, then let back out immediately. But what came out from the mirror was pure and dazzling essence sun fire.

The nearly inexhaustible essence sun fire was injected into the immemorial sun streamer by Ji Hao. The three-inch long small streamer expanded to around three-meters tall instantly, wrapped up by a three-hundred meter, golden and eye-piercing light. A terrifyingly great destructive power seemed to be released from the immemorial sun streamer.

Si Wen Ming, Huaxu Lie, and Lie Mountain Kang growled out together. ‘Good treasure!"

Tu Zhengyi and other ancestor soul elders looked at Ji Hao in shock. By now, they valued Ji Hao even more. Without a question, the immemorial sun streamer was a supreme treasure. It was a holy weapon, and was much more powerful than the holy weapon that belonged to any of them.

Ji Hao prepared to launch his move, but suddenly, Elder Destiny, who seemed to have already fallen deep into a deadly danger, burst with a resonant roar. His body was growing, and the power vibration released from his body was enhancing. At the same time, his face was changing. Within the span of a few breaths, he had already become like a fifteen years old teenager from a ten years old child. The compass of destiny floated above his head, shining with a white light. Wherever the white light reached, the dark divine light released from the ten Yu Clan young men’ erect eyes died immediately.

Elder Destiny roared out again as his body flashed across the air, and in the very next moment, shrill howls came one after another. The ten elite Yu Clan young man fell on the ground together with their heads buried in their arms. Huge streams of blood sprayed out from between their eyebrows and soon, the breaths of their lives had gone.

Ten fist-sized, black eyeballs were floating around Elder Destiny’s body. Within the last moment, he had actually broken the defensive magic formation of the ten Dark Sun divine towers and dug out the erect eyes of the ten Yu Clan young men.

Blood dripped down from Elder Destiny’s fingertips as he asked the same question once again, even louder than before.

"I am Elder Destiny of Pan Xi world… Who wants to fight me? Who wants to kill me?"

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