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"Retreat? Didn’t they bring enough supplies? Are they too confident or too arrogant?"

Ji Hao and the group of human beings laughed out loud together. Although the defensive light screen released from the three divine towers had blocked all sounds, Ji Hao could easily tell what they just said by reading the lips of Yemo Sha and the elderly man beside him. Fallen Land didn’t have too much natural power. Therefore, those divine towers could only burn magic crystals to release the defensive light screen. But the magic crystals they brought could only last half a month?

This was just a joke. For this life-and-death game, Ji Hao and the other human beings had brought a giant amount of supplies that could support them for a whole hundred years, not to mention that each of them had gathered a considerable amount of resources here in Pan Xi world. By now, the total amount of resources possessed by human beings in Pan Xi world was even more than enough for a thousand-year great war.

Nevertheless, Yemo Sha and his people had actually brought the supplies for only half a month?

"Do they truly believe that they could wipe us out in half a month?" Ji Hao laughed loudly and said. "They underestimated us too much!"

The immoral sun streamer floating above Ji Hao’s head began shaking while releasing a dazzling golden light. Ji Hao’s primordial spirit was going to lose the control of the great power that was nearly bursting out from the immemorial sun streamer. He pointed his finger directly at the sky, and immediately, the dazzling golden light transformed into a brightly glowing sword light, fiercely hacking down towards Yemo Sha.

"Since you didn’t bring enough magic crystals, I will show you something interesting!" Ji Hao growled resonantly. "Attack! Full attack!"

The golden sword light tore the air open along with a terrifyingly great heat, then struck straight on the thick, black light screen released from those divine towers. The black light screen, which was being crushed by the dragon ocean-destroying formation and burned by the phoenix sky-flaming formation, had already reached its limit. A series of popping noises was squeezed out of the light screen ceaselessly as the fierce attack launched with the immemorial sun streamer landed on it. Layer by layer, the black light screen blasted out.

Following a rumbling noise, five more divine towers rose one after another. Those thousands of meter tall divine tower formed a great defense formation that surrounded Yemo Sha and his people and firmly shielded them.

However, correspondingly, the consuming rate of magic crystals had risen by a couple of times. Before, the magic crystals they had could last for half a month. But now, those could only last for less than three days.

Ji Hao laughed out resonantly once again. Enormous sword light streams were released ceaselessly from the immemorial sun streamer, hacking down along with ear-piercing noises. Every time a sword light hacked down, the black light screen would ripple intensively. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of magic crystal pieces would be consumed up by those divine towers.

"Haha, check this out!" Yu Mu threw away the huge bowl held in his hands, stood up on the fence wall and opened his arms. Puffs of watery mist spread out from his hands and soon turned into mixed, vivid colors. Along with a strong gust of wind, the colorful, dense mist drifted towards Yemo Sha and his people.

The colorful mist floated in the air above the group of non-humankind beings, and from the mist, a light rain started falling. Those rain drops seemed to be small and gentle, yet were highly poisonous. No one knew how many strange poisonous creatures had Yu Mu killed after he came to Pan Xi world, but for sure, his poisons became more and more powerful.

The Disease God streamer silently emerged from behind Yu Mu and released streams of black mist that formed a giant, twisted black spell symbol under Yu Mu’s feet. The huge spell symbol looked just like a black skull.

The colorful rainy mist was added with a faint black color, after which, the poison contained in the rain, which was already strong, became even more effective by thousands of times.

The rain fell and quickly corroded the ground of Fallen Land. Streams of mist rose from the dark rock ground, dissipating into the air, leaving countless tiny holes on the ground. Inside those tiny holes was a sticky, ink-black liquid.

Taisi staggered up from the ground as if he was drunk. He pressed his hands against the embattlement to support his body while looking at Yemo Sha and his people and chuckling loudly.

Numerous transparent, gray-white hands silently emerged from around the light screen that was protecting Yemo Sha and his people. These baby-fist-sized small hands patted gently on the light screen, causing a loud series of creaking noise, along with which, the light screen cracked bit by bit. These small hands seemed to be weak and powerless, but in fact, they were destructively powerful.

On Yemo She’s side, the consuming rate of crystals raised largely again.

Man Man loved to join a fight when it was happening intensively the most. Seeing Yemo Sha and his people falling into an embarrassing situation, she happily took out the pre-world dragon fire staff and heavily poked it, which was almost a supreme pre-world treasure, on the fence wall. Next, she wielded his hand and let out a pile of fire magic crystals as huge as a small hill.

Countless pieces of fire magic crystals were turned into smoke, drifting away in the air, as a tremendous fiery power was ceaselessly injected into the dragon fire staff. A deep dragon roar was let out while the dragon-head on the staff largely opened its head and released streams of flame-red flame arrows, roaring out like a heavy storm. They landed violently on the protective light screen along with a shrill swishing sound.

Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong! Muffled booming noise could be heard continuously. With enough fire magic crystals as the energy supply, the dragon fire staff could attack inexhaustibly. Large ripples were stirred up from the black light screen while many black spell symbols flew out from the screen, being ripped apart by the flame arrows.

"Six hours!" The Yu Clan elderly man’s face had darkened to an extreme level as he said, "According to the current consuming rate, we can only last for six hours!"

"Retreat! All retreat!" Yemo Sha glared at Man Man in anger, who was standing on the fence wall, then furiously began growling at the others around him, "We only retreat temporarily. We will come back to take them out after we collect enough magic crystals on the outside!"

Before he finished his speech, Feng Xing showed up on a mountaintop which was around a hundred miles away from those Yu Clan people. He pulled out an oddly-shaped, enormous bow, slowly pulled it open while a purely golden shining arrow emerged on the bowstring.

"Take the arrow!" Casting a deep growl, Feng Xing released the arrow. Afterward, he let out a mouthful of blood, turned around and fled right away. He had pulled this enormous bow open with all of his power, and his current power only allowed him to launch a single arrow with this bow.

The purely golden arrow sliced the air open and fiercely bumped into the hundreds of meters thick light screen. Coming right next was a loud series of cracking noise. Feng Xing’s arrow punctured the defensive light screen which was created by multiple divine towers.

Puffing noises could then be heard. Because of the defensive light screen, Feng Xing’s arrow, which was aimed at Yemo Sha’s head, missed its target, brushed against Yemo Sha’s body and flew into the group of Yu Clan people. The arrow penetrated the bodies of three Yu Clan young men, a Yu Clan elderly man and four Jia Clan warriors, in a row.

Among the eight people whose bodies were punctured by Feng Xing’s arrow, four were wearing heavy armors. Adding the hundreds of meters thick defensive light screen, one could only describe this arrow attack launched by Feng Xing with the word ‘terrifying’.

Watching this, Ji Hao and the others were stunned, but Si Wen Ming abruptly pulled out the long sword carried on his back, gave a loud laugh and said, "Brothers, are we going to simply watch Earl Yao and the other little kids fight, but do nothing?"

While laughing with a strong and resonant voice, Si Wen Ming wielded the sword.

Huaxu Lie, Lie Mountain Kang, and the other elite human beings laughed out loud together while activating their own Divine-Magi-level magic treasures, which were secretly passed down from their ancestors. These countless treasures violently smashed towards that turtle-shell-like defensive light screen.

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