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"No!" Tu Zhengyi growled out as well. He couldn’t believe his own eyes. He wielded his arm and followed by his move, another hundred earth-kind ancestor souls leaped down from the fence wall. He couldn’t accept this. Therefore, he needed to send more of his people out to prove one thing, not to Elder Destiny, the one he used to respect, but to Ji Hao, Si Wen Ming and the others, who could now decide the fate of Pan Xi world people. He needed to prove that even without Elder Destiny, Pan Xi world people could still be strong.

Only if Pan Xi world people stayed strong and were willing to listen to Tu Zhengyi, no matter what Pan Xi world became in the future, Tu Zhengyi could certainly stand high above the masses. As for Elder Destiny…Tu Zhengyi glanced at Elder Destiny coldly, then turned around without saying anything. Who didn’t want the highest position? The one with greatest powers who couldn’t be replaced... Elder Destiny could handle the job, so why couldn’t the others?

Two worlds had been merging together while the humankind and non-humankind intruded into this world. To Pan Xi world, the disaster didn’t just happen at just the material level, Pan Xi world people, who had been following some ancient rules for countless years, had been through a psychological upheaval as well.

A whole hundred earth-kind ancestor souls leaped down from the wall and formed a battle formation, silently rushing up towards those Jia Clan warriors.

The yellow-colored light released from the wall grew even brighter, but no effect was delivered on these ancestor souls. Inside the especially strong gravitational field created by the magic formation based on the fort, only these ancestor souls could still release their powers by hundred percent.

A hundred Jia Clan warriors stepped out, also forming a battle formation and rushed over.

Although they had lost their abilities of manipulating natural power and were now on the battlefield chosen by their enemies; although they were now stuck in the abnormally strong gravitational field that had thrown them into a disadvantage; although they were now under a great pressure, and both their strength and speed had reduced by more than ten times, these proud Jia Clan warriors were still fearless.

As long as the enemies dared to come challenge them, they believed that they could chop every last enemy into pieces, no matter how many those were!

These Jia Clan warriors attained the great confidence through the long-lasting wars they had fought. They didn’t want to think about those tricks that those noble Yu Clan people liked to play. They only knew that a shield in the left hand, a weapon in the right, and armor on the body, it was just enough.

As for things like tricks, to these Jia Clan warriors, who might even have simpler minds than those dragons, they always neglected them.

"Earth ancestors!" The hundred earth-kind ancestor souls growled loudly while silently praying for themselves, begging the legendary ancestor, who was the creator of the earth-kind, to protect them. These ancestor souls had already touched a slight trace of the natural law, but in Fallen Land, they couldn’t use the power of great Dao. They could only fight with their purest physical strength and earth-kind magic that they gained through severe cultivation, and the weapons held in their hands.

Each ancestor soul had at least one holy weapon that was passed down from the prehistorical era. Those holy weapons were all naturally crafted and had great magical powers. In the Fallen Land, although these holy weapons couldn’t release their great powers like in the outside world, at least they were heavy sturdy and sharp enough. In Pan Xi world, those holy weapons were always the top-grade pieces.

Within the span of a few breaths, a hundred earth-kind ancestor souls and a hundred Jia Clan warriors bumped into each other.

They didn’t cast any magic. In the Fallen Land, casting a magic would cost a great amount of power, but most likely, the magic wouldn’t be able to kill even a mouse. Therefore, these ancestor souls suddenly bust with the purest, most original, physical strength, wielded their weapons and fiercely hacked towards their enemies.

Weapons clanged against each other. Without being affected by natural powers, those heavy weapons directly and loudly bumped against each other.

Cracking noises could be heard endlessly. Those ancestor souls stared at their holy weapons in a great shock while numerous deep cracks appeared on those weapons. Some holy weapons with slightly lower qualities were even hacked straight into pieces by the Jia Clan warriors.

Tens of ancestor souls, who had their weapons destroyed, stepped back quickly while vomiting blood. However, none of these ancestor souls could make two steps back, as the skillful Jia Clan warriors dashed up immediately with huge steps. They chased these ancestor souls up at a hurricane-like speed and pierced their sharp weapons deeply into the bodies of these ancestor souls, bringing out large streams of blood.

"Kill!" Jia Clan warriors roared deeply while hot steam rose from their bodies and sweat poured down from their heads, making them look like a group of devils that came from hell. While mercilessly and crazily swinging their weapons, these Jia Clan warriors fiercely and cruelly chopped the hundred earth-kind ancestor souls into pieces.

They intentionally vented their anger on those ancestor souls and showed off their powers by cutting off the heads of the hundred ancestor souls, and patiently placed those heads on the ground one after another, forming a special pattern. A Jia Clan warrior leader rubbed the bone-deep slash on his face, then raised his weapon high towards the fort while roaring out.

"Our kind, invincible!"

Solemnly and religiously, these Jia Clan warriors proudly raised their hands and showed the fresh blood on their hands to Ji Hao and his friends. These Jia Clan warriors weren’t perfectly unharmed; because they couldn’t trigger any magic or special abilities and could only fight with their physical strength while being weakened to a large extent by the strong gravitational field, these Jia Clan warriors were injured as well while facing those powerful earth-kind ancestor souls.

Quite a few Jia Clan warriors had their limbs broken and chest ripped open, but still, they stood straight with a proud look. Their muscles were squirming, and under the shocked gaze of those Pan Xi world people, all of their wounds recovered within the span of a few breaths.

"Impossible!" Tu Zhengyi screamed in a hoarse voice, "How can their weapons be so powerful?"

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes. ’That would be because the original natural power of Pan Xi world is not strong enough,’ thought Ji Hao. Pan Xi world’s holy weapons were far less powerful than same-grade, naturally crafted holy weapons from Pan Gu world. The weapons held by those Jia Clan warriors were obviously extraordinary, and were all holy-weapon-level pieces.

Before Elder Destiny said anything, the elders of the other, over ten groups of ancestor souls, who had different natures of powers, gave out the orders one after another. Over a thousand ancestor souls leaped down from the city wall and silently charged towards the enemies.

Yemo Sha excited sent out a group of warriors and killed every single one of these ancestor souls rushed out of the fort. Blood spread all over the dark ground of Fallen Land, only to be quickly absorbed by the ground. All of that blood belonged to these ancestor souls and contained a great amount of natural power. Because of their deaths, the natural powers in Fallen Land had grown much richer.

Watching all those ancestor souls dying, Elder Destiny screamed out in sadness.

"Enough! Do you want to destroy the foundation of our kind? If our world truly collapsed, without the flower of great Dao, would we still have new ancestor souls emerge from our people?"

"For our people, just preserve some forces. If you want to prove something because of me…"

"Why shouldn’t I be the one who is sacrificed?!" While speaking, Elder Destiny took a large step forward. Immediately, he showed up right in front of Yemo Sha and growled out harshly.

"I am Elder Destiny of Pan Xi world, and I can see through the destiny of this world. Who can kill me?"

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