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"Why did they send themselves to die?" On the tallest fence wall, Taisi was holding a pot of wine, leisurely sipping the light flavored honey wine. Yu Mu sat beside Taisi, comfortably leaning against a battlement which was shining with a yellow light, with a huge golden plate placed on his knee that was filled with fried orchid birds. Mature orchid birds were only as big as an adult’s thumbs and fed on pollen and honey. Orchid birds were especially delicious, even the bones could melt quickly in one’s mouth. Fried orchid birds were indeed a supreme daintiness.

Putting a few fried orchid birds into his mouth, he felt the tender bird meat slowly melting and sensed wonderful flavor from the tip of his tongue. Yu Mu let out a long sigh of satisfaction. Glancing at Taisi, who had already fallen in sleep, Yu Mu blinked his eyes and threw another few fried birds into his mouth, taking a sideway glance at Shaosi, who stood aside. She had her arms pressed against the battlement to support her body, and had been looking at the battlefield.

"Shaosi, Shaosi, why did they rush to die?" Man Man walked over and conveniently grabbed two fried birds from Yu Mu’s plate, putting one into her own mouth and another one into Shaosi’s.

While Shaosi was smiling, carefully chewing the delicious snack in her mouth, Man Man’s eyes suddenly shone as she yelled ‘yummy’. She then bent her body and snatched the whole plate from Yu Mu, grinningly putting it on the embattlement in front of Shaosi.

Yu Mu’s chubby face suddenly twisted. Sighing for a while, he turned around his palm and took out a silver, square-shaped bowl. The silver bowl was large, enough to contain five liters of water. But now, it fully contained grilled blue neck birds. Blue neck bird was another special kind of bird in Pan Xi world, bigger than an orchid bird in shape but equally delicious.

Shaosi swallowed the orchid bird in her mouth and looked at Elder Destiny, who had been loudly asking for a fight on the battlefield, then smiled faintly.

"Man Man, if you are the leader of a Southern Wasteland clan, and one day, the hunters of your clan bring back a large group of wild boar, would you directly kill all those boars or do something else?"

Man Man narrowed her eyes and murmured, "Many many boars? Then, of course, we should keep them, let them have baby boars, so that we could always have fresh boar meat to eat. Hm, I do know how to raise livestock!"

Shaosi smilingly looked at Man Man, then turned around and looked at those Pan Xi world people, seeming to be thinking about something. Afterward, she continued, "But you have too many boars, way too many… your clan couldn’t possibly keep so many boars at once. So, what would do you then?"

Man Man spread her hands and said frankly, "If I do have many, many boars that I couldn’t eat them up and could neither afford to keep them…then I would give some to other clans which are close to my clan, and if I still have many boars after that, I could sell them."

"Hm, you’re right. A clan couldn’t keep so many boars at once. Therefore, they would have to divide those boars into groups, then send them out or sell them out." said Shaosi slowly, "However, some clans are powerful while some clans are weak. In powerful, rich and large clans, those boars can eat good food, but in some poor and small clans, those boars can only eat tree barks…Boars are clever as well!"

"Boars are dumb. But if boars are truly clever, they would certainly choose those powerful clans. Everyone wants to eat good food!" Man Man narrowed her eyes, happily grabbed a full handful of fried birds and thrust them all into her own mouth.

"If you are the leader of a clan, and now you have some boars for you to select, what kind of boar would you choose?" Shaosi turned around and smilingly asked Man Man.

Man Man hesitated, pondered for a while, then grinned and responded, "Of course, I would choose those strong and healthy ones, which wouldn’t get sick too easily. I would also choose large ones for more meat. Who would like sick, boney and useless boars?"

Shaosi spread her hands and said gently, "That’s the reason, Although we don’t have that kind of thought, they are too smart. They took the initiative and put themselves onto the position of boars, all trying very hard to show their value, wanting to catch the attention of the leader of the most powerful clan!"

Man Man paused in shock. Later, she looked at those ancestor souls who all had serious looks by now and murmured in a low voice, "But we are not seeing them as boars, neither is Ji Hao. He won’t do such things."

Shaosi sighed slowly and said, "Ji Hao won’t do such a thing, and neither will he have this kind of a thought. But, someone surely will. With the right method, local people in Pan Xi world could become a quite powerful force. People from the Southern Wasteland under the command of the Fire God, from the Northern Wasteland under the command of the Water God, and Eastern and Western Wasteland, we don’t know how many people are having their eyes fixed on these local people."

Yu Mu also mumbled, "Look at those non-humankind beings. Jia Clan warriors are already powerful, but why are they still keeping those dark-kind slave warriors and non-humankind slaves? Those dark-kind warriors and non-humankind slaves will fight for them…In battles, no matter how many of those slaves and slave warriors died, they wouldn’t feel sad, much better than letting their own people die!"

Crack! Man Man crushed a fried orchid bird in her mouth, but suddenly, she lost her appetite.

What Shaosi and Yu Mu said had exposed a bloody, cruel fact right in front of her face. This made Man Man, who had always been a careless little girl, feel not so good.

"I am Elder Destiny, who wants to fight me!?" Elder Destiny floated in midair, shouting loudly towards Yemo Sha and the group of Yu Clan people.

"Among the group of boars, some are strong and are leaders. All of these boars want to find a new owner. Under these circumstances, what should the boar elder do? As the boar elder is the most powerful one among all boars, it has the highest position and can command all boars, right?" Man Man looked at Elder Destiny and abruptly said with a low, sad voice. "Poor him."

A Yu Clan elderly man silently showed up in front of Elder Destiny. A human-head-sized black crystal ball had been rotating slowly around the elder. Inside the crystal ball, a closed erect eye was clearly visible. Meanwhile, a weird stream of power was released from the crystal ball.

The Yu Clan elderly man looked at Elder Destiny and said in a low voice, "Are you Elder Destiny of Pan Xi world? The first generation of Elder Destiny was killed by one of my ancestors, and the wine bowl made from his skull is still on our altar now. That was a quite nice trophy."

Slowly, this elderly man pulled out a thin and long black sword and continued with a low voice, "I hope I can have your head with me when I return to my world, so that I can have a pair of ‘Destiny wine bowls’."

Elder Destiny’s eyes turned blood-red while his pupils expanded to a strange degree. He gave a deep shout while launching a palm attack towards the chest of the Yu Clan elderly man.

The Yu Clan elderly man snorted while raising the sharp yet pliable sword, fierce piercing towards Elder Destiny’s heart while leaving an arc in the air.

However, Elder Destiny’s body flashed across the air, as if he had foreseen the Yu Clan elders man’s attack long ago. The sword sliced through the air and even brushed against Elder Destiny’s body. But at the same time, his palm heavily thudded against the Yu Clan elderly man’s chest.

"Break!" The compass of destiny gradually emerged from behind Elder Destiny. Clouds of mist rose while an immense stream of power surged out from his palm, directly shattering the Yu Clan elderly man’s heart.

"Who wants to fight me?" Elder Destiny shouted out coldly and harshly once again.

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