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Yemo Sha and the other Yu Clan people surrounding him were talking nervously in deep voices, the panic clearly perceivable in their voices. A few Yu Clan elderly men had already activated all kinds of magic treasures to check the surrounding natural environment.

Within the span of a few breaths, the few Yu Clan elderly men had come up with a conclusion. They told Yemo Sha and the others about the result, causing their faces to darken one after another, as if they had been forced to eat a whole bucket of cow dung.

"Dirty barbarians!" Yemo She angrily yelled while pointing at the volcano.

"It seems that our plan is working." Ji Hao and the group of human beings laughed out. Their enemies had now growled out hysterically in anger, which proved that choosing this Fallen Land as the battlefield was an absolutely wise decision.

What could be even more satisfying than watching your enemies fall into panic, not knowing what to do, all because of one’s smart plan?

Yemo Sha and the others stood on the foundation of the broken metal palace and started a discussion under this emergency situation. Each one of them had a black crystal staff floating by the side, glowing with a dim light. And upon each crystal staff was an erect eye that was faintly visible.

In the other areas of Pan Xi world, a staff like this was powerful enough to bring the natural law under control, turning the entire Pan Xi world into a weapon to attack and kill the enemies of its owners. However, the natural law was barely effective in Fallen Land, and in this empty area, those staffs were useless.

The ten Yu Clan warriors who took the initiative and stepped out from the group now embarrassedly stood still, and were all in a daze.

The yellow light released from the fence walls of the fort grew brighter and brighter, creating a super strong gravitational field that even twisted the air. Under the great pressure, amulets and talismans carried with the ten Yu Clan warriors exploded one after another, and the silvery cracking noises let out consequently nearly broke these Yu Clan warriors’ hearts.

Move forward? But they had already lost their cheating power. Merely with the powers of their own selves and their guards, these ten young warriors definitely dared not to attack that fort.

Step back? Just now, they strived to be the first. If they retreated without any accomplishment, they would become a joke among their people when the others knew about this. They couldn’t move forward and neither could they retreat. In both anger and shame, these ten Yu Clan young warriors glared at Yemo Sha; they subconsciously blamed Yemo Sha for this. As the highest commander of non-humankind forces in this game, Yemo Sha didn’t find out that this was a trap before they came in. Therefore, it was all his fault.

Near the volcano vent, Elder Destiny smiled in satisfaction. This was good, he didn’t want to start any actual fight against those scary evil monsters. If those terrifying enemies could be forced out by the geographical feathers of Fallen Land, that would be the best for Pan Xi world people.

Elder Destiny had his own thoughts. He never wanted his people to shed blood for the conflict between two other races. Therefore, this was the best, everyone staying still and quietly confronting like this was the most ideal situation.

Nevertheless, Elder Destiny didn’t make a move, but this didn’t mean the others wouldn’t make a move either. Suddenly, an ancestor soul gave a long roar while a dense yellow-colored wave of light dazzled out. This ancestor soul leaped down from the fence wall, holding a shield with his left hand and a blade with his right, rushing towards the ten Yu Clan warriors and their guards with big steps.

"I, Tu Shijin am here, who dares to come fight me?" Earth-kind ancestor soul Tu Shijin growled out, challenging those non-humankind beings with human language that he learned in these couple of days.

"Eh?" Ji Hao was surprised. What was this? As the true target of the enemies, even those human beings hadn’t made any moves. How come an earth-kind ancestor soul rushed out impatiently first?

Elder Destiny’s face darkened to an extreme degree as he clenched his fists and shouted in a deep voice, "Idiot! Who let him out? Who? Tu Zhengyi?"

Angrily, Elder Destiny looked at the present master elder of the earth-kind, who possessed the highest position among all earth-kind elders. The earth-kind master elder, Tu Zhengyi looked back at Elder Destiny directly in the eyes without showing any fear and said, "I let Tu Shijin go out to fight the enemy. Elder Destiny, we have already drawn back to here with all our families, we should do something."

Hearing this, Ji Hao, Si Wen Ming and all the other elite human beings on the scene, including Ao Li and Feng Qinxin who were in their own small group, all looked at those ancestor soul elders. Some human warriors knowingly laughed. Before, they thought that these local people were united like an iron board, that everyone would obediently listen to Elder Destiny and act under his wills. But it turned out to be not true, as different voices existed among them as well.

Si Wen Ming’s tightened face was suddenly loosened. It was good for them to have different voices and internal struggles. Otherwise, if these local people were truly as united as an iron board, some things would be difficult to deal with. Ji Hao and the others only needed to think about how to win this life-and-death game, but for people like Si Wen Ming, there was much, much more for him to think about. The survival or perishing of Pan Xi world… how should the humankind resettle these Pan Xi world people after Pan Xi world was entirely swallowed by Pan Gu world? The relationship between Pan Xi world people and the humankind after they settled in Pan Gu world, along with many other things, was constantly on his mind.

"It’s good for them to have some disagreements, it’s good!" Si Wen Ming smilingly nodded to Ji Hao and said.

Tu Shijin rushed forward with huge steps. Meanwhile, his body gradually expanded, becoming tall and sturdy. Tu Shijin was around three meters tall at first, but after he had rushed out for hundreds of miles, his body had expanded to around fifteen meters tall.

"Come, fight!" Tu Shijin didn’t know why Tu Zhengyi would send him out to fight the enemies, but Tu Zhengyi was the highest ancestor soul elder among the entire earth-kind, and also was one of his direct ancestors. Therefore, since Tu Zhengyi ordered him to fight, he would fight!

Natural powers barely existed in Fallen Land, which meant these outer space monsters couldn’t be as invincible as Chi Zhe, the one who appeared in the Holy Palace, right? Thinking of this, Tu Shijin confidently wielded the huge hammer held in his right hand and fiercely smashed it forward.

When Tu Shijin rushed out, a Jia Clan warrior also dashed out from the group of non-humankind beings with big steps. Although by now, he didn’t have the power to control natural powers, this Jia Clan warrior would never believe that any local people could actually rival him.

A big half of Jia Clan warriors who took part in this life-and-death game were sent over from the base of the non-humankind. These warriors were experienced and powerful, all top-grade elites. Therefore, facing these local people, these Jia Clan warriors had absolute mental advantages.

The Jia Clan warrior raised the heavy shield held on his left arm and fended against Tu Shijin’s hammer. Followed by a thunderous bang, a dazzling light was released from the shield while Tu Shijin’s hammer split into eight pieces.

"No!" The hammer cracked while a stream of blood ejected out from Tu Shijin’s mouth. He staggered, but before he could draw back, the Jia Clan warrior swung his water-stream-shaped long blade that was held in his right hand, easily cutting Tu Shijin into two.

"Fight!" The Jia Clan warrior raised his blade and shield high, letting out resonant roars towards Ji Hao and his friends, sounding extremely provocative.

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