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Ji Hao and the mysterious man sat facing each other with their legs crossed, near the volcano vent, which had black mist puffing out constantly. Pan Xi divine mirror floated between them, allowing them to silently sense its power.

Just like an eight to nine years old boy, Elder Destiny was huddled in a hassock and was snoring. He was truly exhausted in these couple of days. Therefore, the mysterious man cast a magic on him and put him in a deep sleep, which also allowed his soul to be nourished and his power to be replenished.

"Forty-nine per-world natural inhibitions." said the mysterious man while stroking his finger across the mirror, "Forty-nine! All top-grade natural inhibitions… But this treasure is a supportive treasure, instead of a killing weapon. How powerful is it!"

Before Ji Hao said anything, the mysterious man began explaining to Ji Hao about natural inhibitions.

So-called pre-world natural inhibitions were naturally generated from the Chaos and were contained in pre-world treasures. Every single pre-world natural inhibition had its own function and was unimaginably powerful. For some reasons that even the mysterious man himself couldn’t tell for sure, among all pre-world treasures contained natural inhibitions, killing weapons always had more natural inhibitions than other kinds of treasures.

For example, Pan Gu, the creator of Pan Gu world, his spirit treasure was a top-grade killing weapon that contained fifty top-grade natural inhibitions, and fifty was a number that could represent the whole world. Therefore, Pan Gu’s spirit treasure was inexhaustibly powerful, and could deliver countless changes.

Pan Xi divine mirror had forty-nine natural inhibitions, only one less than Pan Gu’s spirit weapon. However, the mirror was a supportive treasure. Even though in terms of grade, Pan Xi divine mirror might not be as good as Pan Gu’s spirit treasure, but to be honest…

"This treasure is even more precious than Pan Gu’s spirit treasure." murmured the mysterious man while stroking Pan Xi divine mirror, "Back then, if Pan Gu had this treasure to protect him, he might not have fallen, right? But can anything in the universe be so perfect?"

Pointing at the mirror, the mysterious man continued murmuring, "Pan Xi had such a great treasure, but didn’t she end up fallen as well?"

Murmuring for a while, the mysterious man continued explaining to Ji Hao about all kinds of pre-world natural inhibitions, including the outward manifestations of natural inhibitions, the differences between low-grade and top-grade natural inhibitions, and how to differentiate the grades of natural inhibitions.

Ji Hao stared at the mysterious man with a deeply confused look. He sensed a bad headache, as if his brain was being pierced by countless needles.

Ji Hao couldn’t understand all this. The mysterious man was talking clearly in Ji Hao’s language, but in the end, his words had all become bolts of lightning that dazzled across the misty sky along with muffled thunders, vibrating Ji Hao’s internal organs and his primordial spirit. But in the end, Ji Hao couldn’t even understand a word said by the mysterious man.

The mysterious man stopped talking and paused briefly. He looked at Ji Hao and asked, "Don’t you understand?"

Ji Hao spread his hands, shaking his head hard. He only felt that his brain was smashed into a pot of porridge. "I truly can’t understand all this. Way too profound, or these things aren’t supposed to be taught with language. Maybe you have to use some other methods to let me understand them?" said Ji Hao.

The mysterious man knitted his eyebrows, scratched his head, sighed slightly and said, "I don’t know how to teach a disciple, so I don’t know about any of those methods. Next time when you meet Yu Yu, let him teach you his supreme great Dao, and I’ll see if I can sneakily learn some teaching methods from him."

Shaking his head, the mysterious man stroked the mirror again and said, "Since you can’t understand, I shall not waste any more time on this. Well, even though time doesn’t mean that much to me anymore…Hm, I have already made an agreement with this treasure. From now on, you are its new owner, and it will support you with full power."

Ji Hao looked at the mirror confusingly.

Had the mysterious man actually persuaded such a great treasure to recognize Ji Hao as its owner so easily?

"It was lonely in this place. Pan Xi left it in here to suppress the death power in the Fallen Land and heal this piece of land." said the mysterious man blandly, "But this great treasure has its own spirit. It surely isn’t willing to stay silently in this place. This world is doomed, and this treasure wanted to find itself a reliable owner."

"Am I a reliable person?" asked Ji Hao while remaining that confused look.

"You are." The mysterious man chuckled and said, "At least, you are much more reliable than many people. Hm, aren’t you going to try the other functions of this mirror?"

Ji Hao turned excited instantly. Just now, Pan Xi divine mirror had forcibly transformed the soul-shaking clock into another Pan Xi divine mirror to take its own place and suppress the death power in this place. What a magical move of its; it was just like something that only a creator of a world could do.

That new Pan Xi divine mirror transformed from soul-shaking clock wasn’t as powerful as the genuine one and it couldn’t heal this place. But it could maintain the current situation of Fallen Land at least, and that was already good enough.

"Be careful, although it has recognized you as its new owner, with your current power, you have only, barely made a connection with a single one natural inhibition of its." Warned the mysterious man cautiously, "For its all kinds of functions, you can only trigger limited ones, and the power you can release from it is limited as well. Don’t you think that you can truly defeat anyone in the world the world with it."

Ji Hao carefully listened to the mysterious man’s words, then took out a ten-thousand years old magic herb that he picked back in the Holy Land. The magic herb was purely silver in color, because it was an extremely rare herb with the nature of metal.

Ji Hao threw the herb onto the surface of Pan Xi divine mirror and instantly, the surrounding air quaked slightly for a while. Next, Ji Hao sensed that both his power and spiritual power were consumed speedily. Through the space cracks in Fallen Land, Pan Xi divine mirror had taken some invisible power, and after a gentle breeze blew across, over ten silver herbs, which were exactly the same as the one Ji Hao took out, suddenly appeared on the surface of the mirror, swaying in the wind.

Transforming a treasure into another treasure was the transforming function of Pan Xi divine mirror. But just now, the mirror gathered natural powers and directly duplicated a magic herb, this was its duplicating function.

You could also call it the function of ‘copy’.

With abundant natural powers and enough power and spiritual power of Ji Hao, Pan Xi divine mirror could duplicate anything that was at a lower grade than itself. If Ji Hao had enough power and could make connections with more of natural inhibitions of Pan Xi divine mirror, the mirror could even duplicate living creatures!

For anything based on the great Dao of nature, Pan Xi divine mirror could duplicate it.

"It’s a shame though that it can only duplicate things in Pan Xi world." said Ji Hao while cherishingly stroking the mirror.

"Bring it back to Pan Gu world, and it might surprise you." The mysterious man chuckled and said, "You are truly underestimating a supreme treasure with forty-nine natural inhibitions. What is supreme treasure, ‘supreme’…hehe, little thing!"

Ji Hao didn’t say anything. He packed those magic herbs then pointed at the mirror. Following his moves, the mirror flew into his forehead.

Afterward, Ji Hao swung his sleeve and released a sharp gale, rolling up a hundreds of meters in radius giant rock to smash towards himself.

A faint layer of light glowed around Ji Hao. Meanwhile, the giant rock disappeared when it was only about an inch away from Ji Hao’s body. Following a shrill swishing noise, the rock abruptly reappeared in front of Ji Hao and flew back towards where it came from, but many times faster than before.

Rebounding all attacks aimed at itself within a certain range, this was the third, and also the last function of Pan Xi divine mirror that Ji Hao could trigger with his current power.

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