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In the central area of the fallen land was a, thousands of meter tall dead volcano. Ji Hao went in through the volcano vent to a fifty-thousand kilometers deep underground. Within a dark, turbid sphere of mist, Ji Hao saw a faintly glowing mirror.

The mirror was fifteen meters tall, three meters wide and three feet thick. Four edges of the mirror were decorated with ancient style patterns of wind and thunderbolts, and in front of it was a water-like layer of faint glow, that had been sparkling all the time. Inside the mirror were splendid streams of light. Each moment, those light streams would form countless whirlpools. At first glance, this mirror looked just like a bottomless pool.

Ji Hao only stared at the mirror for a slight little while, but he already felt that his primordial spirit was nearly sucked in. Therefore, he hurriedly shook his head and turned his eyes away.

Moving behind of the mirror, Ji Hao found that the back of the mirror was thickly embossed with patterns of stars, mountains, grasslands, and rivers, with countless images of animals moving between them. In the middle of the back side of the mirror was an enormous beast head. Ji Hao couldn’t recognize that beast. The beast head was three feet in square, embossed right in the middle of the back side of the mirror. It had a bead held in its mouth, and the bead had been releasing a misty light, lightening the surrounding area.

Inexhaustible dark, turbid mist surged over from all directions, ceaselessly being swallowed by this mirror, after which, extremely thin streams of life-force were released from the mirror, slowly flowing into the surrounding embossments of mountains.

Ji Hao grabbed a stream of life-force while thinking about something. That black mist was the power of death generated after Pan Xi world was injured, and this mirror had been staying in this place for countless years, slowly absorbing the power of death and turning it into life-force, then sending the life-force back into the surrounding area.

Relying on this slow process, the area of Fallen Land became smaller and smaller, and gradually, this deathly area had regained a slight little bit of life. If this mirror were allowed enough time, the Fallen Land would eventually disappear, and Pan Xi world would recover.

Elder Destiny followed around Ji Hao while kowtowing to this mirror from time to time, with an extra solemn face. He stood up, danced, kneeled back down, kowtowed, then stood back up, and this whole ritual had taken him at least seven to eight minutes.

After finishing this complicated ritual, Elder Destiny stood up and continued asking Ji Hao the question that he didn’t manage to finish before they came in, "What? Use this place as the battlefield for the ultimate battle? Those four-eyed evil monsters, will they go with your plan?"

"They want to kill all human beings in this world, so they have to go with my plan." Ji Hao looked around at this dark, lifeless place, smilingly nodded and continued, "Good place, with nearly zero natural power. In here, no one can fight with natural powers. What our human Magi have the most is physical strength. No weakening will ever happen to my people because of lack of natural powers."

"This battlefield might not be wonderful, but at least we can fight fairly in here!" said Ji Hao while smilingly looking at Elder Destiny, "Since they have brought the great Dao of nature of Pan Xi world under control, we should find a place without the power of great Dao to be our battlefield."

Elder Destiny looked around while pondering. "Your people don’t rely on natural powers to fight? Hm, your bodies are indeed amazingly strong, and this place is truly a good choice." murmured Elder Destiny, "So, should we build a fort in this place? That would take great amounts of manpower, but we only have a couple of months!"

Elder Destiny narrowed his eyes and began doing the calculation. He was trying to figure out how many people and how much resources would be required for building a fort with the greatest defense and in the shortest span of time in this Fallen Land.

Because of the presence of Chi Zhe and his warriors, Elder Destiny was forced to lead his people to move out from the Holy Land. To local people, this was an extremely great shame, equaled to forcing Southern Wasteland clan people to abandon their ancestor temples. Therefore, during these couple of days, the only thought lingering in Elder Destiny’s head was revenge, cruel revenge taken in the most brutal way.

They had to build the strongest fort in this place to let those evil monsters drain their own blood under the fort.

While pondering, Elder Destiny suddenly fainted without letting out even a moan. His small body weakly floated in the air. A dim beam of light flashed across, and next, the mysterious man showed his figure outside Ji Hao’s body. The hazy body of the mysterious man trod upon the black mist, took a few circles around the mirror, then flicked his finger on the mirror for a couple of times and said, "Good treasure… it is called Pan Xi divine mirror, and it’s indeed a good treasure. I underestimated Pan Xi. Before, I thought she was killed by Yu Clan people because she wasn’t powerful enough. But I didn’t think she actually had such a great treasure."

"She wasn’t weak, she was entrapped." sighed the mysterious man slightly as he continued, "It’s all meaningless now, she has fallen already…This Pan Xi divine mirror, good, good, good… Although it’s not a killing weapon, it’s indeed amazingly powerful." Clicking his tongue, the mysterious man went on, "It contains forty-nine pre-world natural inhibitions? Good, good, good, why is Pan Xi’s spirit treasure so powerful?"

Ji Hao looked at the mysterious man, then glanced at this mirror that had been floating in the air and remaining perfectly still, helplessly spread his arms and said, "The more powerful it is, the harder for me to absorb it with my body, right? This mirror, hm, called Pan Xi divine mirror? It’s right here, but I can do nothing about it."

The mysterious man pressed his hands on the mirror and gently stroked it. A while later, he held the beast head on the back of the mirror with both of his hands, flicked the bead holding in the bead with his finger, smiled faintly and said, "You can’t? But you have me."

The mysterious man slightly knocked on the beast head with his finger while murmuring, "Pan Xi, Pan Xi, listen to me… Your home is no longer peaceful…"

Along with the mysterious man’s murmuring that sounded like spell incantations but also like a group of gossiping women, splendid streams of light gradually surged out from the surface of the morrow. Different-sized light whirlpool emerged from the mirror surfaces, squeezing each other. At first glance, it looked like a misty white sphere of light, but if one looked closely, one would find that it seemed to contain all colors in the world.

A faint, hazy human silhouette appeared in those light streams. Hearing the mysterious man’s voice, the silhouette cast a complicated glance at Ji Hao. Next, Ji Hao sensed a heart-piercing pain from between his eyebrows as the soul-shaking clock was forcibly pulled out from his body by an overwhelming power. Afterward, as a beam of light flashed across the mirror, two Pan Xi divine mirrors appeared in front of Ji Hao.

Another stream of light flashed across before Ji Hao’s eyes. Instantly, one of the two mirrors zipped into Ji Hao’s forehead and released countless beams of light, tightly connecting Ji Hao’s primordial spirit with itself. Ji Hao was suddenly enlightened that this spirit treasure left by the creator of Pan Xi world had actually, automatically chosen Ji Hao as its new owner, forcibly taking the place of the immemorial sun streamer to become Ji Hao’s spirit treasure. What shocked Ji Hao even more was that the soul-shaking clock that Ji Hao snatched from Miao Yin was forcibly transformed into another Pan Xi divine mirror!

Although the soul-shaking clock was far less powerful than the real Pan Xin divine mirror, right now, it had already become another Pan Xi divine mirror; the sense of power released from it, functions, appearances and all features. By now, this was a genuine Pan Xi divine mirror.

This was one of the functions of Pan Xi divine mirror — ‘Transform’!

Transforming everything in the world; rock could be turned into trees, sand could be turned into fishes… Every existing thing based on the great Dao of nature could be transformed into another thing by the Pan Xi divine mirror.

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