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High up in the air were a golden dragon and a multicolored phoenix. Both of them were over a million miles long, their whole bodies wrapped in a splendid glow, and had been lazily floating in the air. The golden dragon slowly flipped its tail while the phoenix gently flapped its wings. The dragon head and the phoenix head were less than three hundred meters away from each other, almost bumping into each other.

Ao Li stood on the dragon head while Feng Qinxin stood on the phoenix-head. Both of them had their eyebrows knitted while staring silently at each other.

After quite a long while, Ao Li showed the whites of his eyes and yelled harshly, "Little phoenix, if you have something to say to me, just say it. I am so busy in getting rich, don’t have the time to play tricks with you birds who are so cunning."

Feng Qinxin glared at Ao Li, then said with a sweet, silvery voice, "Dumb one, you’re not a child anymore, why haven’t you grown up? What did your Abba tell you before you go? Repeat it for me."

Ao Li had his eyeballs rolled in his eye sockets. He abruptly laughed out loud and said, "Hehe, you want to know what my old man said? Fine, little phoenix, your dear big brother Ao Li doesn’t have a fiancée yet. A dragon and a phoenix can always make the best couple. If you marry me, we will become families, and then I can tell you what my old man said!"

Before Ao Li finished his speech, an invisible stream of power slapped loudly against his face. Without sensing anything, Ao Li was slapped by Feng Qinxin on the face.

Feng Qinxin didn’t move her body, neither did she move her hand. But with a quick, sideway glance, an extra heavy slap had landed on Ao Li’s face already. Ao Li’s upper body was even slapped to the extent of bending. He rubbed his face while showing his teeth, burst with a loud series of laugh and said, "Eh? Little phoenix, this tiny hand of yours is so soft, hehe. It doesn’t hurt so much…You didn’t want to hurt your big brother Ao Li, did you?"

Feng Qinxin helplessly showed the whites of her eyes, sighed slightly and said, "My Amma told me that this time, we came to this small world to find as many treasures as possible. My Amma also said that even if I can’t find any great treasure, I can’t let the human-kind have any either."

Ao Li’s grinning face froze. He rubbed his own chin, looked at Feng Qinxin seriously for a while, but didn’t say anything. Being stared by Ao Li in such a weird way, Feng Qinxin felt that even her scalp was numbed. She lowered her head, looked at herself up to down, not finding anything that was wrong. She then raised her head back up, looked at Ao Li and found that Ao Li was still staring at her with that weird kind of look.

Feng Qinxin was a little panicked. Hurriedly, she grasped in the air and next, a glowing mirror emerged. She checked her own back in the mirror carefully for a while and found that nothing went wrong on her back either. Absolutely nothing was wrong. Feng Qinxin dispelled the mirror, angrily pointed at Ao Li and yelled, "Why are you staring at me so creepily?"

Ao Li laughed out loud once again. He laughed extremely hard, even bending his body forwards and backward while slapping his own laps with his hands.

"Hehe, little phoenix, do you think that something is happening between my old man and your Amma?"

Feng Qinxin’s face darkened immediately. The enormous phoenix that had Feng Qinxin carried on its head also let out a shrill, angry scream.

Seeing the enormous phoenix was angry, the golden dragon floating in front of it also showed the whites of its eyes, letting out a resonant dragon roar without showing any sign of weakness. Angrily, the phoenix and golden dragon stared at each other, even generating huge fire sparkles in the air.

The phoenix and the dragon were both amazingly powerful; ordinary human beings couldn’t even imagine exactly how powerful they were. Even their gazes could do actual harm to their enemies. At this moment, these two enormous, magically powerful creatures had been fighting by staring at each other, just like two muscular men stabbing each other’s heart with daggers.

Feng Qinxin yelled out in rage, "What are you talking about? Ao Li, if you dare to say something like this again, believe it or not, I will go tell your…"

Ao Li waves his hand and interrupted Feng Qinxin, said, "Tell my Amma, whatever… I’m strong now and my Amma can’t possibly hurt me by smashing me with her staff. Do you think that I am still a little kid? It was indeed hurting back them, but now, I’m not afraid of that anymore."

Laughing proudly, Ao Li then took off his armor, exposed his muscular, small-mountain-like upper body, showed his muscles off to Feng Qinxin while saying, "Look, look, look at these muscles of your big brother Ao Li… hehe, little phoenix, do you want to come and touch them? You haven’t seen anything like this, have you? Look at your big brother Ao Li’s arms, ah, look at them, aren’t they thick? Do you like them?"

The golden dragon treading under Ao Li’s feet proudly roared out as well, making the phoenix snort coldly.

Feng Qinxin was so angry that she rubbed her own temples heavily till her thumbs even sank into her temples. Feng Qinxin was now completely speechless towards the dragon-kind. These dragons had nothing but muscles in their heads.

Feng Qinxin didn’t understand that the Pan Gu bloodline divided into three branches and become three different kinds, but since there was already the phoenix-kind, which was so elegant and smart, why would Pan Gu bloodline generate the dragon-kind? Those dragons were all so dump and stupid, knowing nothing but muscles and bones!

Taking a deep breath, Feng Qinxin said helplessly, "Seriously, can we talk about the business?"

Ao Li unwillingly put his arms down, looked at Feng Qinxin and said, "Really don’t want to come and touch these muscles? The group of babies I have just love to touch my arms and thighs!"

Feng Qinxin’s eyes turned blood-red as she hysterically screamed out, "Ao Li…do you want me to hurt you?"

Ao Li sub consciously quivered and hurriedly shouted out, "There’s definitely something going on between my old man and your Amma, because they said exactly the same thing. He told me, ‘my boy, I’m not counting on you to make much of great achievements in that world. Find as many treasures as possible. But if you can’t find any treasure, that’s fine. But no matter how, you can’t let those human beings gain the treasures of that world’!"

Feng Qinxin clapped his hands, smiled and said, "Did old dragon king say so? That’s right!"

Ao Li raised his head and asked, "What’s right?"

Feng Qinxin narrowed her eyes and responded smilingly, "Don’t you think that our bloodlines were all generated by Pan Gu bloodline, and back then, when the humankind was weak, they relied on your dragon-kind and our phoenix-kind to survive. But in the recent ten-thousand years, the humankind has grown stronger and stronger. Therefore, we can’t let them keep growing. They can simply maintain the current situation, and this is already the limit that our phoenix-kind can endure."

Ao Li remained silent, only looking at Feng Qinxin with narrowed eyes. After a while, he said, "Go on…hm, look, look at the lines on your big brother Ao Li’s thighs!"

Feng Qinxin’s face turned dark again as she gnashed her teeth and continued, "For ordinary magic herbs and crystals, the humankind can take those… But those holy weapons that belonged to local spirits and ancestor souls all equaled to world-accompanying spirit treasures in our world. We can’t let any of those treasures fall into the hands of human beings."

"As for the holy weapon that belonged to Saint Pan Xi that Elder Destiny promised Ji Hao…that’ll be mine!" said Feng Qinxin while proudly raising her head, "Ao Li, you’re going to help me. I want Pan Xi’s spirit holy weapon!"

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