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High up in the air, Mr. Crow let out shrill caws. Mr. Crow was so excited that every single feather had stood straight up while he flew swiftly in the sky, leaving a, thousands of meter long golden stream of light behind him.

Ji Hao sat in a golden cluster of feather on the top of Mr. Crow’s head, pressed both of his hands on his head, silently sending the power of great Dao of sun into his body.

Mr. Crow’s pupils shone with a faint golden light. As the power of great Dao of sun merged with his body, the suppression given to him by Pan Xi world became weaker and weaker, and his speed grew more and more. Gradually, a hazy, twisted layer of light emerged around the edges of Mr. Crow’s feathers, which meant his body had already begun to merge with the sunlight of Pan Xi world. Meanwhile, his flying speed grew amazingly high.

Elder Destiny stood on Mr. Crow’s back, watching Ji Hao’s moves in great shock. The sun power surging around Ji Hao’s body was way too strong and pure, even stronger than the sun power possessed by ancestor souls who had cultivated themselves severely for tens, hundreds of thousands of years. This proved that Ji Hao’s cultivation based on the great Dao of sun of Pan Xi world had already surpassed most of the ancestor souls.

"A genius? Or a freak?" Elder Destiny looked at Ji Hao in shock, only ceaselessly shaking his head.

Mr. Crow flew at his highest speed for a whole day and two nights when a hurricane roared over from the front abruptly. The compass of destiny emerged from behind Elder Destiny and released a white sphere of light that wrapped Ji Hao, Mr. Crow and himself up. The hurricane suddenly expanded and swallowed all of them up.

Ji Hao only felt a great dizzy without knowing how far away he was being sent. He heard the roars of hurricane lingering around his ears while a dense black mist coiled before his eyes. Ji Hao silently counted his heart beat to keep the time, and after around half an hour, a dim light appeared in front of him along with a strong sulfur scent. Dense clouds of smoke even choked Ji Hao, that he had to hurriedly cover his nose with his hands.

The teleporting magic formation hiding in that hurricane had sent Ji Hao, Mr. Crow, and Elder Destiny to an extremely strange place.

The sky in this place was gray and misty, with streams of water-like dense smoke drifting in the air. These smoke streams were all a certain distance away from each other while floating obviously in the air over Ji Hao’s head. At first glance, these smoke streams seemed to be touchable, but if one looked closer, one would find that they were far, far away.

The sky between these smoke streams looked like a large, broken bowl that was glued together by the most careless craftsman with the glue of the poorest quality. Without using any special eye power, one could find that the air in this place was cracked, as if it might collapse anytime turn into countless fragments and smash on the ground.

The three suns and three moons of Pan Xi world were hanging in the sky together, moving around disorderly, seeming to be a big mess. The movements of the suns and moons were random and without any rules, sometimes toward the left, sometimes right, sometimes backward, looking just like six drunk people staggering around, that no one knew where would they be in the next moment.

Because of the cracked sky, on looking from the ground, the shapes of the moons and suns had constantly been changing; sometimes flat, sometimes triangle, sometimes square, just like six spheres of soft plastic squirming around randomly in the sky.

The ground was showered in a weak and dim light that delivered absolutely no warmth. Ji Hao fixed his eyes on the ground and found that this piece of land was also quite weird. Rugged rocks and deep cracks were all over the ground. Those black rocks looked like the claws of dead devils, sharp and twisted, stuck on the ground disorderly, and were truly not so pleasant to see.

Occasionally, a weak gust of wind would blow across the ground and raise a puff of sand, mixed with a dense sulfur-like smell. Sand clashed against each other, letting out large fire sparkles.

No greenery could be seen on this piece of land, not even a little bit. This piece of land looked so waste that no sense of life existed here.

"What’s this place?" Ji Hao twitched his nose and asked. Meanwhile, a golden stream of light swooshed up from his head. Next, the immortal sun streamer floated above his head, pouring immense streams of essence sun fire down, transforming into an enormous lotus that enveloped Ji Hao’s primordial spirit.

Forty-nine water-clear streams of Yu Yu’s Dao of Qi hovered around him, shielding Ji Hao’s primordial spirit in the middle. Ji Hao let his primordial spirit out of his body and spread his great spiritual power out carefully wave by wave, scanning across the surrounding area inch by inch.

This was a purely wasted land. The natural law of Pan Xi world barely existed in this place, and only the last slight trace of natural power remained, suppressing this place with difficulty.

"This is the fallen land." said Elder Destiny while staring at this dark, gray and misty piece of land with a complicated look, "According to the legend, Saint Pan Xi fought against outer space monsters in this place, and was injured severely."

"Is her spirit holy weapon here?" Ji Hao raised his eyebrows and looked at Elder Destiny in shock.

Elder Destiny was also shocked by the other ‘Ji Hao’ floating upon Ji Hao’s head along with the immemorial sun streamer and forty-nine streams of Yu Yu’s Dao of Qi. Elder Destiny never saw such a magical scene, because of which, he felt that Ji Hao was immensely powerful and mysterious.

"Right under this piece of land, deep down in the earth’s core." said Elder Destiny with a deep voice, "Because of that great fight, this place was fallen, just like a broken, corroded wound on the body of Pan Xi world. Saint Pan Xi left her spirit holy weapon here to support this place, keeping the power of death in this area from spreading to the outer world, and maintained the balance of Pan Xi world.

Swinging his hands, Elder Destiny continued with a slightly sad tone, "When I was young, I came here once with the antecedent Elder Destiny. Back then, this area was twice bigger than now. Pan Xi world was healing itself, so the area of this fallen land had shrunk to half its size. If we have enough time, this fallen land might disappear for good one day…But…"

"But we came." said Ji Hao while looking at Elder Destiny helplessly, "We were forced to come as well. We didn’t mean to invade Pan Xi world, but we were forced to take part in the life-and-death game. If we hadn’t come, my kind would have been in great trouble."

Elder Destiny smiled bitterly, looked at Ji Hao and said, "But what wrong did my people do?"

Ji Hao looked at Elder Destiny honestly and responded, "This is not up to you and me. At least, I am willing to leave you a chance of survival…But the others…"

Remaining silent for a while, Ji Hao sighed and continued, "People from two different kinds must have different purposes. For the survival of our own kinds, we can do anything, and that is understandable, what do you think?"

Elder Destiny took a deep breath, remained silent for a while then pointed his finger at a dark mountain that stood in the middle of this fallen land, then said, "The spirit holy weapon of Saint Pan Xi is sleeping down there, suppressing this fallen land. If you take the holy weapon away, this area would expand ceaselessly and threaten the entire Pan Xi world. Eventually, the entire world would become like this, completely lifeless."

Ji Hao looked around, then nodded satisfyingly and said, "Indeed lifeless, but don’t you think that this is the perfect battlefield?"

Elder Destiny paused, while Ji Hao laughed loudly out in excitement.

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