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Blood splashed all over the altar.

The compass of destiny was rotating slowly behind Elder Destiny, sending streams of mysterious power towards the altar. After offering the blood of millions of animals, Elder Destiny built a connection with the flower of great Dao with the compass of destiny, then let out a resonant growl from the core of the flower.

A thunderous roar came from underground, hearing which, Ji Hao only felt that his whole body was frozen suddenly. Even his primordial spirit went numb for a second by this sudden and strong growl.

The petals of the flower of great Dao unfolded one after another, and from each petal, a tall and sturdy silhouette stood up.

In Pan Xi world, when cultivators reached the level of holy spirits, they would also attain nearly immortal life. Through a long and sever cultivation, they might achieve a certain grade in the understanding of the Dao of nature that they belonged to. After that, they would be able to sense the flower of great Dao, merge their bodies with the flower of great Dao and fall into a deep sleep in the inner space of the flower of great Dao to continue their cultivation.

In the flower of great Dao, these holy spirits could achieve a higher level of cultivation and merge a slight trace of the power of great Dao with their own powers, and thus, they would become ancestor souls.

The great Dao of nature of Pan Xi world was divided into eight-hundred and ten parts and twelve-thousand branches. Each part of great Dao of nature could contain a hundred ancestor souls to cultivate in it together while every branch could allow ten ancestor souls to cultivate in it together. Ever since the beginning of time, the number of ancestor souls of Pan Xi world never changed — two hundred and one thousand. During the past countless years in Pan Xi world, the actual number of ancestor souls might not reach that number, but would never, ever exceed that number.

With the power gained through the blood-offering ceremony, Elder Destiny gave a great shout in the core of the flower of great Dao and woke up all ancestor souls who were in a deep sleep in the flower. Numerous sturdy silhouettes stood up one after another. Among them, some had been in a deep sleep for countless years and were even older than Elder Destiny himself.

Strong streams of power swooshed over with an immemorial sense. Many ancestor souls stood in a daze after they woke up with their eyes sparkling brightly. Many of these ancestor souls, who were sunk in a deep sleep for countless years, had already forgotten themselves. Instead, their souls had entirely merged with the great Dao of nature, and now, they had to retrieve their existences from the vast, boundless power of great Dao of nature.

After over ten hours, an especially enormous fiery giant slowly turned around. Meanwhile, his body was quickly shrinking. A quarter of an hour later, this enormous fiery giant had already become as short as ordinary local people.

With a pair of blazing eyes, this fiery giant looked at Elder Destiny, saluted to him and said, "Am I facing Elder Destiny?"

Elder Destiny bowed back towards the fiery giant and responded in a deep voice, "I am Destiny, Elder Huo Ya. I haven’t seen you for centuries."

Huo Ya blinked his eyes, pondered for a while then laughed abruptly out and said, "I remember, the last time I saw you was on your wedding day…How many years have passed? Hm, why did you wake us up? Do you know that except for life-and-death situations, old people like us would rather be assimilated by the great Dao of nature than be woken up."

Thousands of ancestor souls who slept deeply in the flower of great Dao for countless years and had already cultivated themselves into immovable beings, lowered their heads simultaneously, looking at Elder Destiny angrily. If he were without a reasonable explanation, these ancestor souls would join hands and teach Elder Destiny a good lesson, even though Elder Destiny was the most worshiped one among all ancestor souls and also possessed the highest status, and even was the most powerful one among them.

Elder Destiny didn’t say a word. Instead, a white stream of light was released from the compass of destiny and showed what happened just now to these ancestor souls in detail.

All ancestor souls shouted out in both shock and anger, some of them with irritable tempers even cursed loudly out, feeling it hard to control their own tempers. After these ancestor souls had vented their anger a little bit, Elder Destiny told them about Ji Hao’s suggestion.

Many of these ancestor souls were wise. They shrunk their bodies, walked up to Ji Hao and carefully looked at him and his friends for a while. They then together started a detailed discussion regarding all kinds of things that those non-humankind beings might do, and all dangers they could face.

Staying in the Holy Land or finding a new place, after a quarter of an hour of debate, all ancestor souls had come to an agreement — They would find a new place which could allow them the greatest advantage.

In the new place, they could set up as many protective magic formations as possible, use new formations and make sure that no outsider would ever be able to sneak in. As for the Holy Land, even though it was a place where generations of local people had lived in, as a place that outsiders could silently sneak in, it was better for it to be just abandoned.

Because of the easy entrance of Chi Zhe and his warriors, Elder Destiny and all the other ancestor souls had their hearts sink. What had Chi Zhe and his warriors done to the Holy Land? What were they planning on? This made Elder Destiny and the group of ancestor souls extremely worried. They felt that a great danger was right beside them and would burst out anytime, blowing all of them into ashes.

Rather than worrying all day long, it was better for them to just leave and build another base, constructing another shelter bit by bit to relieve themselves from the anxiousness.

Ji Hao cautiously reminded the group of ancestors that the army of the non-humankind would invade Pan Xi world in a couple of months. Therefore, those ancestor souls all knowingly and quickly made their moves, gathered their most talented descendants in the Holy Land and began the full-scale retreat.

Numerous secret storage rooms were opened, mountain-huge piles of resources were taken out while countless enormous birds spread their wings and carried those resources out of the Holy Land. The group of birds even seemed to cover the entire sky.

Secret spaces were opened one after another as well, from which, countless weapons, medicines, giant totem columns and other treasures were carried out like flowing water streams, then loaded on the backs of giant birds, which were perfect carriers.

Many palaces and mansions were taken down, pillars, tiles, groundsill, even bricks and those decorative rare plants around those buildings were moved away.

A large number of mountains that contained abundant natural powers were moved away with some powerful magic. Earth meridians were forcibly drawn out while rivers were all drained; even fertile soil was packed and taken away.

Once those holy spirits and ancestor souls made up their minds, the destruction they did to the Holy Land even stunned Ji Hao. These people were just like a group of locusts, wherever they swept across, not even a single grass could survive. Soon, nothing useful was left in the Holy Land. Except for Pan Xi’s body that these local creatures dared not to touch, the entire Holy Land was now emptied. Literally, not even a grass was left behind.

While sighing, Ji Hao said to Elder Destiny, "I didn’t think that you elders are so decisive that you have actually decided to abandon this Holy Land so quickly."

Elder Destiny proudly rubbed his own smooth chin and said, "I am Destiny. I can see the future of the entire world. No matter how, my words should be effective. Even those ancestor soul elders who are much older than me, they dare not to ignore my prediction."

Ji Hao looked at Elder Destiny’s proud face and abruptly changed the topic, "I have already killed Chi Zhe…Where is the spirit holy weapon of your Saint Pan Xi? Hehe, Elder Destiny, you are going to fulfill your promise, aren’t you?"

Elder Destiny’s smile froze as he couldn’t let out a word for quite a long while.

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