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Earth power was heavy, dense and unvaried. Among all kinds of special abilities possessed by Pan Xi world local people, not too many attacking magics existed. These powerful magnetic force blades were already one of the extreme level moves that could be launched by earth-kind holy spirits, and creating this supreme, killing move had taken them countless years.

Nevertheless, tens of holy spirits activated thousands of totem columns and gathered the earth power within the area of millions of miles in radius, generating a wave of magnetic force blades. But they still didn’t manage to harm the skin of even a single Jia Clan warrior.

This was unacceptable to those holy spirits themselves and had thrown Elder Destiny, who witnessed this with his own eyes, into a great panic.

For unknown reasons, back when the dragon-kind, phoenix-kind and Western Wasteland force broke into the Holy Land joint handedly, Elder Destiny had already lost his sense of destiny, He didn’t even know that these Jia Clan warriors had sneaked into the Holy Palace. But in this very moment, when he saw the wave of magnetic force fiercely cut the bodies of those Jia Clan warriors but fail to cause any harm, Elder Destiny sensed an immense fear and a deep despair rising from deep down his heart.

He could somehow feel that, from inside the Holy Land, the body of Pan Xi had been releasing a great fear.

A dense blood-red light emerged before his eyes, within which, he saw countless dead bodies of local people piled up into an enormous altar and a strange creature who was wearing a long robe and had an erect eye on its forehead, standing on that altar. The creature lit a weirdly colored flame of offering, offering up a sacrifice with the souls, blood, and flesh of countless local creatures.

"The prediction of our kind!"

Tremblingly, Elder Destiny turned around, looked at Ji Hao and let out these few words with a deathly pale face. The prediction of a kind. Through these hundred Jia Clan warriors, Elder Destiny suddenly sensed a possibility for the future. The purpose of these non-humankind beings was to thoroughly destroy the local civilization of Pan Xi world.

Slight wrinkles appeared on the tender and white, child-like face of Elder Destiny while a small half of his ink-black hair suddenly turned into the color of withered leaves. He gave an extremely bitter grin, dashed up to Ji Hao, grabbed his sleeves and seemed to kneel straight down.

Ji Hao immediately held Elder Destiny up, looked at him and said in a deep voice, "Elder, you don’t need to do this."

Elder Destiny coughed intensively. Just now, he uncontrollably fell into the state of foreseeing, and through the great fear given out by Pan Xi’s body, Elder Destiny saw some terrifying future scenes. In the meanwhile, he also discovered that the sole, slight chance of survival was indeed on Ji Hao.

Ao Li, Feng Qinxin, Jin Tu, even Shaosi, Man Man, Yu Mu, Feng Xin and Taisi, none of these people had shown any mercy to local people in Pan Xi world. But only on Ji Hao did Elder Destiny see a slight, weak beam of light. This meant that Ji Has was the only hope.

"Anything you want, just name it… as long as we have it, you can take it." Elder Destiny was now nearly hanging on Ji Hao’s arms while he made a kneeling posture in the air and said, "Our storages will all be wide open. You can take all the treasures we collected ever since the prehistorical era… all resources, all materials, you can take it all."

"Pan Xi world cannot die in our hands." Looking at Ji Hao, Elder Destiny was almost begging, "Please, allow us a chance of survival."

Ji Hao looked at Elder Destiny, who now looked wan and sallow, with the entire face twisted badly. For unknown reasons, Ji Has suddenly felt nervous. He then said, "Why are things happening so fast? These Godd*mn non-humankind beings, what do they think their vows are? They shouldn’t get in so soon."

Things changed again on the Holy Palace plaza as whole three-thousand holy spirits trod on clouds, descending on the plaza in a battle formation.

These were three-thousand gold kind holy spirits. In Pan Xi world, gold kind warriors were the strongest among all warriors, and also the most warlike. They possessed the fiercest powers and abilities. Besides, gold kind people were able to control all kinds of metals, and their armors and weapons were always of top qualities.

These three-thousand gold-kind warriors were under the lead of ten gold kind ancestor souls. All of these warriors were wearing and holding their spirit weapons, which were made from all kinds of natural treasures and carefully forged for thousands of years. Weapons and armors used by the ten ancestor souls were all natural-crafted spirit holy weapons produced by Pan Xi world naturally.

"They…" Ji Hao pointed at the light screen and asked.

Elder Destiny’s look slightly changed. He leaped up, stood in front of the light screen, staring at those three-thousand holy spirits and murmured, "The enemies are numbered only around a hundred and twenty, but we have three-thousand high-level holy spirits. Three-thousand to a hundred, can we win? Will we still lose?"

Shaking his head instantly, Elder Destiny growled harshly, "This can’t happen, nothing like this can happen. The gold kind is one of the most powerful kinds among us. In the whole Pan Xi, world, their direct destructive force is only slightly weaker than the sky kind. Their armors are strong, their weapons are sharp, their defenses are great… they can destroy almost anything in the world. Three-thousand gold-kind holy spirits…they can certainly chop those evil monsters into pieces."

Ji Hao remained silent while Ao Li, Feng Qinxin, and Jin Tu took a few steps forwards, moved closer to the light screen and fixed their eyes on it. Meanwhile, they quickly glanced at each other.

Elder Destiny seemed to be a bit hysterical already. Strong defense? Even stronger than the thirty-thousand metal rock beasts? Great destructive powers? Even greater than the powers of those, tens of thousands of saber-toothed beasts and poisonous green birds? In terms of both defense and attack, these Jia Clan warriors were unimaginably strong. The strength of these Jia Clan warriors was totally unreasonable, that even made Ji Has and his friends felt cold in the hearts.

On the plaza, the three-thousand gold-kind holy spirits growled out together, spread the formation and dashed towards those Jia Clan warriors.

Still, the ten Jia Clan warriors with heavy blades held in their hands walked towards those gold-kind holy spirits. The Jia Clan warrior who had taken off his armor didn’t even put it back on, and instead, he just walked over with his bare body, seeming not to take this as a serious fight at all.

Next, the three-thousand gold-kind holy spirits seemed to break into their worst nightmare.

No one cast any magic and instead, they chose the simplest, most violent way to fight each other. The ten Jia Clan warriors rushed into the group of gold kind holy spirits as three-thousand sharp holy weapons hacked fiercely on their bodies, towards their vital body parts.

Nevertheless, each holy weapon only managed to start a few fire sparkles before being bounced back, and not a single holy weapon could leave any mark on the skins and armors of these Jia Clan warriors. These Jia Clan warriors seemed to be protected by some kind of magical power, that all kinds of attack were literally ineffective on them.

Meanwhile, the specially-crafted heavy blades held by the ten Jia Clan warriors raised numerous dazzling arc-shaped light. Wherever the blade light swept across, the weapons, armors of all gold-kind holy spirits were sliced into pieces, along with their bodies.

The ten Jia Clan warriors slaughtered those gold-kind holy spirits as easily as mowing. Blood splashed everywhere while dead bodies lied all over the ground. Those Jia Clan warriors were enormous in shapes and their blades were over fifteen meters long. With a single swung of a blade like that, at least ten gold-kind holy spirits could be killed.

Within the short span of a few breaths, and even before the few ancestor souls who had been leading those holy spirits realized what had happened, over two-thousand gold-kind holy spirits were already chopped into bits.

Elder Destiny’s face instantly turned even paler, then a stream of blood ejected out of his mouth, spraying on the light screen.

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