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Wearing heavy armors and holding large blades, these ten Jia Clan warriors grinned viciously while approaching those metal rock beasts which were vomiting blood. The metal rock armor created by these metal rock beasts was broken, and all of them were harmed by the counterforce. Seeing those approaching Jia Clan warriors, these enormous beasts couldn’t help but show fear.

In Pan Xi world, no one could ever break the combined defense of so many metal rock beasts. These beasts were not so smart, but still, they were frightened by these Jia Clan warriors.

"Good battle beasts, naturally capable of combining their defensive powers. If we can take them and raise them in a large number, that would be strategic." said a Jia Clan warrior while approaching those beasts with a heavy blade carried in his hand. He then continued word by word, "Therefore, behave yourself and do not move recklessly. Do not resist, we don’t want to kill too many of you either. You will all be worth a fortune."

All Jia Clan warriors on the scene laughed out loud.

The way they looked at these metal rock beasts was strange, as if they were looking at piles of glowing jade coins, pure gold and jade and magic crystals, instead of living creatures.

Those metal rock beasts stepped backward. They had lost their courage to fight against these ten terrifying enemies.

Saber-toothed beasts roared out and rushed up. They opened their mouths and the sharp teeth in their mouth dazzled with an eye-piercing light. On those sharp-sword-like teeth, countless tiny spell symbols lit up along with ear-piercing shrill buzzing noise. Next, countless sharp teeth zipped out towards the ten Jia Clan warriors like a storm.

Those Jia Clan warriors stopped moving, then their helmets began glowing and heavy masks with embossment of ghost portraits fell down, covering their faces. On the dark mask of each Jia Clan warrior, four blood-red pieces of crystals were inlaid in the eye areas, which were shining with a faint blood-red light.

Countless sharp teeth roared out and bombed against the bodies of those Jia Clan warriors, leaving long streaks of cold light in the air. Fire sparkles were sent out while those sharp teeth were shattered one after another. Those sharp teeth that swished towards those Jia Clan warriors like a heavy rain were all crushed into pieces, but not even a single mark was left on those Jia Clan warriors’ armors.

Teeth of saber-toothed beasts, especially the teeth of those powerful, leader-level saber-toothed beasts, could easily puncture a mountain. However, that storm-like wave of sharp teeth launched by the group of saber-teeth beasts, which had nearly covered the entire plaza, didn’t manage to leave a single dent on those Jia Clan warriors’ armors. Neither could it make them move by even an inch.

The other Jia Clan warriors, who stood on the plaza but didn’t make any move, were also covered in the effective range of the strong wave of sharp teeth, but they did not suffer any harm either.

Not only that, those Jia Clan warriors who stood still on the plaza didn’t even put down their facial masks. They even raised their heads, fending against those screaming sharp teeth with their faces.

Ji Has popped out his eyes. Ao Li, Feng Qinxin, Jin Tu and all the others also witnessed this unbelievable scene through the light screen in a great shock.

Thousands of sharp teeth fell on the faces of those Jia Clan warriors, then shattered one after another like raindrops falling onto rocks. Not even a slight little wound was left on the faces of those Jia Clan warriors.

Some Jia Clan warriors even opened their four eyes on purpose, staring straight at those sharp, swiftly flying teeth. They didn’t even move their eyeballs when those teeth bumped and shattered against their eyes. Their eyes, which were supposed to be vulnerable and fragile, stayed perfect unharmed and unmoved.

"So boring." said a Jia Clan warriors. He raised his head and laughed out in a low voice.

"Indeed, so damn boring." The leader of these Jia Clan warriors opened his eyes, and the four eyes of his dazzled with a fierce light as he looked at those holy spirits and warriors under their commands who were hiding behind those huge totem columns, then said, "Oi? What else you got?"

A wave of silvery bird screams sounded, following which, countless green-colored silhouettes tore the air open. Tens of thousands of human-fist-sized poisonous birds bright up shreds of afterimages, fearlessly swishing towards those Jia Clan warriors with their tiny bodies wrapped in strong gusts of wind, and their beautiful, long tail feathers flicking, like warriors wielding three long blades

The long tail feathers sliced across the air, causing a shrill scream.

The beautiful green feathers of these birds emitted a bright light, and in each moment, each feather of each bird was glowing with a unique kind of green light, dim or bright, light or dark. In this very moment, these tiny and beautiful birds burst their poison glands, letting out their strongest toxicity.

The overly strong toxicity was forced out of the bodies of these birds, gathered on those beautiful tail feathers and then spread to the air. The tail feathers of these birds were covered in dense spheres of poisonous smoke, seeming to be set ablaze, and looked even more beautiful.

Along with a scornful laugh, a Jia Clan warrior shook his body, and next, his full set of armor silently fell off, exposing his body. He spread his arms, growling towards to those fiercely swishing green birds, "Come, little birds, let me see what you can do!"

Those green birds moved even twice faster than those sharp teeth let out from saber-toothed beasts’ mouths. These birds flicked their long tail, sliced the air open and fiercely cut into the dark golden skin of this Jia Clan warrior. Thin beams of fiery light were raised while numerous tail feathers broke one after another. Countless green birds smashed themselves into meat paste against the muscular body of that Jia Clan warrior. Following a clear thudding noise, streams of blood and puffs of broken feathers were sent up into the sky, some feather fragments even drifting to tens of miles away.

The Jia Clan warriors with his body exposed stayed perfectly still without moving. Not a slight single wound could be found on his dark golden skin. Purely with the most basic defense of this skin, he blocked the attack launched by over ten-thousand poisonous green birds.

The other armored Jia Clan warriors laughed out loud together while asking the stripped warrior what it felt like.

The stripped Jia Clan warrior patted on a small stain of blood left on his chest by a bird, then answered blandly, "Weak and powerless, not threatening at all."

All Jia Clan warriors laughed out loud unbridledly.

In a great distance away, a few ancestor soul elders saw these intruders laughing so arrogantly and couldn’t help but gnashed their teeth, then let out a great growl simultaneously.

Thousands of totem columns were lightened up. Invisible streams of power were combined into one, turning into numerous dark-yellow blades with strong magnetic force. Followed by a loud buzzing noise, tens of miles long magnetic force blades hacked fiercely down towards that stripped Jia Clan warrior.

A puffing noise could be heard without an end. The magnetic force blades vibrated intensively, and within each moment, those magnetic force blades would vibrate for tens of billions of times. With such a terrifying, high-frequency vibration, even a star could be cut into pieces.

Nevertheless, no harm was done to this Jia Clan warrior by those enormous magnetic force blades at all, except for some fire sparkles that rose from his skin. Spreading his arms and raising his head, this Jia Clan warrior thundered, "Don’t you understand? Stupid local creatures, all kinds of attacks launched by you are ineffective on us!"

‘All your attacks are ineffective on us’!

Hearing this, Elder Destiny and the group of elders quivered simultaneously while thin streams of blood seemed to flow out from their mouth corners.

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