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"Let’s go and have a look!" When Elder Destiny was vomiting blood, Ji Hao had already transformed into a beam of light and dashed out of the pavilion.

Ao Li and Jin Tu glanced at each other, then their eyes shone with a raging light as they both cast a long and resonant roar, following Ji Has out closely. Feng Qinxin narrowed her eyes, chuckled then slowly walked up to Elder Destiny. But before she said anything, Shaosi, who moved as quickly as Feng Qinxin, already had her arms held on Elder Destiny’s arms and said, "Elder Destiny, remember what you said. As for these monsters…we will be helping your Pan Xi world."

Elder Destiny raised his head and took a serious glance at Shaosi, then solemnly nodded. Afterward, he boosted his own spirit, wiped the blood from his mouth then growled harshly, "My brothers, let’s go meet those four-eyed evil monsters together. Let’s see how powerful they truly are."

The group of elders had been quivering in a daze with bland looks and lusterless eyes. But hearing Elder Destiny, they boosted their spirits as well and each transformed into a bright sphere of light, rushing out of the pavilion.

As ancestor souls who were capable of reaching such a high level in Pan Xi world, which was suffused by long-lasting wars, these elders all had their own pride and insistence. Those Jia Clan warriors had shown a nearly invincible power, and the armors of local warriors couldn’t even withstand a careless, slight punch launched by them. How could this happen? These elders had to find out the truth, otherwise, even if they died, they would die with everlasting regrets.

The beam of golden light transformed from Ji Hao dazzled in the sky, reaching the entrance of the path that led to the Holy Palace. Tens of holy spirits with over a hundred thousand elite local warriors were guarding the entrance. Seeing Ji Hao dash over in the form of a golden light beam, a few holy spirits stepped up together, yelling at Ji Hao and telling him to stop.

Ji Has was eager to find out the truth of the invincible power of those Jia Clan warriors. Why would he want to waste any time on these holy spirits? Holy spirits guarding the entrance were only at the level of Magus Kings. Ji Hao let out the Heaven and Earth stamper, instantly after which, an invisible force field was created that spun in the air. Immediately, tens of holy spirits were moved a hundred miles away, and before these holy spirits could rush back, Ji Hao had already flown into the path.

The group of holy spirits was startled badly by Ji Hao’s sudden appearance and weird magic. They yelled and shouted while hurriedly rushing back to the entrance of the path, just in time to bump into Ao Li and Jin Tu who followed behind Ji Hao.

The two of them were far less polite than Ji Hao. They laughed out loud simultaneously on seeing tens of Magus-King-level ‘weak ones’ actually dare to wield weapons in front of them and block their way. Each of them threw out a heavy punch, knocked these holy spirits to the ground and made tens of holy spirits howl in pain and vomit blood.

Right after Ao Li and Jin Tu were Man Man, Shaosi, Yu Mu, Feng Xing, Taisi, and Zhu Rong Long and his brothers, who were trying to protect Man Man. Following after them were a large group of Divine Magus level powerful warriors from the dragon-kind, phoenix-kind and Western Wasteland.

This group of warriors swiftly dashed over as fast as lightning bolts. Without even glancing at those holy spirits who were lying on the ground, they rushed directly towards the Holy Palace, which was underground.

Boom! Ji Hao heavily landed on the plaza in front of the palace. He boosted his strength up intentionally and landed thunderously on the plaza with the strength of a four-star Divine Magus which made plaza vibrate intensively and those totem columns standing on the plaza burst with bright light.

Those Jia Clan warriors had already slaughtered the three-thousand gold-kind holy spirits out and were now rummaging for trophies. Abruptly hearing the loud noise caused by Ji Hao, these experienced Jia Clan warriors instantly formed a battle formation and looked at Ji Hao together. Afterward, their leader’s eyes shone brightly as he pointed at Ji Hao and yelled, "Earl Yao, Ji Hao! How can you be here?"

Ji Hao gave a long roar, then pulled out the nine suns spear, pointed at the leader and growled, "Why shouldn’t I be here? I’m an honored guest of Pan Xi world, invited here by a group of elders to discuss the big plan of resisting evil monsters! Why are you here? Are you not going to keep your promise?"

The leader’s four large eyes glowed brightly. He remained silent for a while, then responded in a serious tone, "We did not break our promise. Only me and my a hundred and twenty brothers have entered in…We did not launch any attack on any human being. Instead, we only came to explore this place. This can’t be counted as breaking our promise."

While chuckling, the leader then looked at Ji Hao and continued, "Accidentally, we came in here and wanted to collect some trophies conveniently. Nothing is wrong with that, right?"

Ji Has raised his eyebrows, laughed out abruptly then said, "This place is where Pan Xi fell…Pan Xi, she died in your hands, didn’t she?"

The leader and Jia Clan warriors standing behind him all had their looks changed suddenly.

If they were a group of Yu Clan people, facing Ji Hao’s question, they would definitely deny, and would never admit that Pan Xi was murdered by them. But these Jia Clan warriors were qualified war machines; they were all masters of killing, yet, in terms of hiding emotions, they were not even as good as human children.

Snorting coldly, the Jia Clan leader raised his head and said proudly, "Indeed, she was killed by our ancestors. Hm, based on our time, that happened three-hundred and seventy million great turns of the suns and moons ago."

Ji Hao pointed at Pan Xi’s enormous body under the palace and said coldly, "You didn’t come to explore this place. You came to do something to Pan Xi’s body. Let me see, a dead creature, even though she was the creator of this world, but as a dead creature, what can you get from her body now?"

"Ew! Gross! What are you trying to do to a dead woman?" Man Man leaped down from a fiery cloud and walked quickly behind Ji Hao. She popped out her pair of eyes and stared at those Jia Clan warriors who seemed to be embarrassed a little bit.

"Nonsense!" yelled the Jia Clan leader angrily, "We are only interested in alive women! Pan Xi is dead already, we don’t have any interest in her…We came to, to…We came to explore this place!"

"You came for something else!" Ji Hao interrupted him and said, "You are definitely planning something. Hehe, let’s see, you want to make the entire Pan Xi world…"

"Shut up!" Jia Clan leader took a big step forward, wielded the long blade holding in his hand and growled, "Ji Hao, you killed Chi Feng, but not with your own power! You shameless lowly being who fought with borrowed power, do you dare to fight against me like a real hero, with your own power?"

Pausing for a second, this Jia Clan leader hurriedly added, "This is only a fight between you and me, and has nothing to do with the life-and-death game between our kinds!"

Ji Hao remained silent, but before he made the decision, Jin Tu had already walked up with big steps.

With a pair of glowing eyes, Jin Tu pointed at the Jia Clan leader and laughed loudly, then yelled, "Let’s fight them! Who would be afraid?"

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