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In the Wave Listening Pavilion that had a faint pervading scorching smell in it, Ji Hao was sitting in the middle of the great hall, with Ao Li, Feng Qinxin, Jin Tu sitting on his left side, and Elder Destiny and a group of ancestor soul elders under Elder Destiny’s lead sitting on the right.

Outside the pavilion, dragons and phoenixes were flying in the sky while beasts were roaring rumbly. The over a hundred thousand elite Western Wasteland warriors under Jin Tu’s command had been reorganizing their battle formations, preparing for another war against those holy spirits.

Over three-hundred thousand holy spirits had gathered over from every corner of Pan Xi world. In addition to that, they had also forcibly awakened hundreds of ancestor souls up from the flower of great Dao.

As their leaders hadn’t given an order, these dragons, phoenixes, holy spirits and ancestor souls were still controlling their tempers, only glaring at each other from a distance of a million miles, silently provoking each other.

Those beast bone chariots Jin Tu and his warriors had been driving were all pulled by all kinds of mix-blooded fierce beasts. These mix-blooded beasts knew nothing but killing and fighting and were even tens of times dumber than Jurassic beasts. Just now, they were rampantly fighting, but abruptly, they were forced to stop. This made these mix-blooded beasts roar unsettlingly while shaking the thick chains on the chariots, causing a thunderous series of clangs.

"Let’s make a plan." Ji Hao sat in the middle, smilingly looking at the group of people in the hall who were all with darkened faces, then said, "Elder Destiny, what do you think? Just tell us…Hehe, you can foresee things, can’t you? These ancestor souls will all listen to you, just tell us about your thoughts first."

Elder Destiny remained silent for a long while and then turned around. He looked at those ancestor souls elders that sat behind him. After another long while, Elder Destiny finally began talking in a hoarse voice.

"Speaking of foreseeing, I would like to ask a question. Before you attacked our Holy Land, did you use some powerful holy weapon to screen the power of destiny?"

Elder Destiny held up his teacup and attempted to take a sip of tea, but because of long silence, the tea was already cold. Frowningly, Elder Destiny knocked the teacup loudly on the small table in front of him, looked at Ao Li and Feng Qinxin and said coldly, "Otherwise, why didn’t I sense anything about your attack?"

Ao Li and Feng Qinxin glanced at each other, then both shook their heads confusingly.

They just accidentally ran into each other in the outside world. The dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind had a pretty good relationship. Therefore, they simply combined their powers and struck surrounding local forces together. Unexpectedly, they met Jin Tu, who fled out of the Holy Land and had been angrily gathering Western Wasteland warriors, preparing to break into the Holy Land once again.

All three of them were confident and fearless people, never afraid that things might get too big. After roughly exchanging information about the Holy Land with Jin Tu, Ao Li and Feng Qinxin instantly and excitedly decided to lead their warriors to launch an attack.

This massive attack happened randomly without any plan or preparation, neither was any arrangement done to screen the power of destiny. To be honest, back in Pan Gu world, people never knew such things as screening the power of destiny. Therefore, neither did Ao Li or Feng Qinxin even think about that and nor did they know how to answer Elder Destiny’s question now.

Only Jin Tu carelessly grabbed a fruit that was only produced in this Holy Land of Pan Xi world, took a huge bite and even chewed and swallowed the iron-hard kernel of it. Seeing Ao Li and Feng Qinxin remain silent, he laughed out loud and said, "What screen the power of destiny? We are all simple people, never hesitating to raise our weapons and hack our enemies. But…power of destiny…what’s that?"

The dragon-kind and phoenix-kind did not have any idea about the power of destiny, not to mention human warriors who never cultivated their souls or understood the great Dao, and had been purely depending on their physical strength and instinctive abilities. Jin Tu laughed loudly and showed his glowing white teeth. Seeing this huge honest grin on his face and hearing his laughter, Elder Destiny realized that this straightforward man wasn’t lying.

"I…I have actually lost the sense of destiny." said Elder Destiny while looking at the group of ancestor soul elders with a particularly serious look, then continued slowly, letting out the biggest fear of his, "If these kids didn’t do that to me, then who was it?"

The faces of the group of elders all turned extremely dark. Kong Wu You abruptly stood up and threw out a question in shock, "Elder Destiny, a couple of days earlier, you said that you have…seen a slight chance of survival on Ji Hao, but now…"

Ji Hao glanced at Ao Li, then looked at Feng Qinxin and Jin Tu. Meanwhile, all kinds of knowledge regarding the great Dao of nature, the power of destiny and all kinds of powers of foreseeing that he learned from Yu Yu’s scriptures flashed across his mind. Based on the usual fighting style of the humankind, Ji Hao understood that among all elite human beings who had joined this life-and-death game, no one would be interested in screening the power of destiny, and neither would anyone have that kind of ability. The attack launched by Ao Li, Feng Qinxin and Jin Tu had just happened in this time node.

Elder Destiny had lost his sense of destiny, and at the same time, the three forces combined their powers and broke into the Holy Land and launched an attack. After that, Elder Destiny realized in alarm that something terrible was quietly happening.

"It wasn’t done by my people." said Ji Has frankly to Elder Destiny, "To be honest, our humankind prefers to fight our enemies dignifiedly. For things like screening or disturbing the power of destiny…we are truly not good at those."

Feng Qinxin curved her lips downwards, not seeming to agree with what Ji Hao said. Meanwhile, a cold beam of light flashed across her eyes. Feng Qinxin silently decided that back in Pan Gu world, she would certainly make some efforts and figure out what exactly was this so-called power of destiny.

Ao Li and Jin Tu were both completely confused about the conversation that happened between Ji Hao and Elder Destiny. What was ‘power of destiny’, was it fate? Why should anyone worry about something like that? Frankly and carelessly, Ao Li and Jin Tu gulped the tea and wolfed the fruits while staring straight at those present ancestor soul elders with sharp eyes, thinking about looting some solid treasures from them.

Elder Destiny looked at Ji Hao, and couldn’t help but believe him. Remaining silent for a moment, Elder Destiny took a deep gasp, after which, the compass of destiny gradually emerged behind him. This time, the compass was merely around three meters in diameter, but the sense of power released from it was even denser and stronger.

"In this case, just let me…" Elder Destiny wanted to say something, but only after he let out a few words, a stream of shade flashed across the compass. Elder Destiny burst with a raging growl, "Who dares to invade our Holy Land?!"

Elder Destiny grasped in the air then loosened his clenched fingers. Following his move, a huge stream of white light spurted out and formed an enormous light screen in the great hall.

Emerging inside the light screen was the great palace floating above the spot between Pan Xi’s eyebrows that Ji Has had seen earlier. Because of the fight started by the dragon-kind, phoenix-kind and those Western Wasteland warriors and beasts, most of the holy spirits in the palace was now assembled over here, and only a few people were left in the holy palace.

By now, blood was flowing in streams on the plaza in front of the palace, and tens of holy spirits and three ancestor souls were killed, lying on the ground.

A Jia Clan warrior, who was over nine-meter tall and was holding a machete with saw teeth, had his long tongue reach out of his mouth, slowing licking the hot stream of blood on the edge of his machete while grinning viciously.

Ji Hao instantly stood up from his seat and shouted out in shock, "Didn’t they say that they would come in one year later than us? We still have a couple of months, but how come they already came in and began a slaughter?"

On the plaza, around a hundred heavily armored Jia Clan warriors were on the plaza, laughing viciously while mercilessly harvesting the lives of those servants and guards who worked in the palace.

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