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The solemn palace was the holiest pace to holy spirits and ancestor souls. But now, it had become a slaughterhouse. Over a hundred holy spirits were slaughtered, and countless maids, servants, and guards fell on the ground under the blades of those Jia Clan warriors while wailing. Jia Clan warriors were naturally violent and brutal, and these vulnerable ordinarily local people were simply beheaded by them.

Heads rolled all over the ground with blood flowing in streams. Streams of blood mixed together and formed brooks. Brooks of blood mixed into small rivers, then small rivers of blood mixed into waterfalls, flowing down through the edge of the plaza into the spot between Pan Xi’s eyebrows.

Jia Clan warriors laughed delightfully while easily and carelessly waving the weapons held in their hands. Large streams of blood were sent by heavy weapons, leaving sharp arcs in the air along with the moves of those Jia Clan warriors, then splashed on the ground, walls, and pillars, followed by a loud swishing noises.

Elder Destiny and the group of ancestor souls elders looked at the scene in the light screen and were all dumbfounded. They seemed unable to even move, just like a group of birds who were scared silly by thunders. They paused, their eyes looked dim and dark, as if they had all turned dumb.

Ji Hao understood their feelings. Even though most of the military forces in the Holy Palace was assembled out, after all, a certain number of holy spirits were still guarding the Holy Palace. Nevertheless, they couldn’t even send out a warning message before they were killed by the enemies. If Elder Destiny didn’t happen to activate the compass of destiny just now and try to do a divination, no one would ever know anything, even after every last living being in the Holy Palace was slaughtered.

Suddenly, a dazzling light emerged from the light screen. Within the light, a tall and sturdy ancestor soul in heavy armor rushed out from a hall of the Holy Palace with a long spear held in his hand, a cold, serious face, and a fierce aura of killing releasing from his body.

Ancestor soul elders in the Wave Listening Pavilion cheered out together, some of them even clapping their hands in excitement.

"It’s Earth Spirit Pastor, It’s Elder Earth Spirit Paster. If he comes out, those four-eyed monsters are dead!"

"Elder Earth Spirit Paster is strong, he can definitely make into the top-10 among all of us. He’s skillful as well, we shouldn’t worry about the Holy Palace anymore since he has come out."

"Eh? Elder Earth Spirit Paster has sealed all of his senses and has been concentratedly cultivating himself, trying to attain the great Dao of strength. Those kids even woke him up this time?"

The group of ancestor soul elders started a discussion, but still, some of those elders who reacted relatively faster turned directly to Ji Hao. A few elders with bad tempers took two steps forwards, stared at Ji Has fiercely while pointing their fingers at him and yelled, "These attackers slaughtering in our Holy Palace, are they on your side?"

Even Elder Destiny had also turned around with an unpleasant face, staring at Ji Hao with a complicated look.

Ji Hao spread his hands and said calmly, "Didn’t you listen to me? They are the archenemy of our kind…They are our opponents in this life-and-death game, also the arch criminals of the invasion to your world. It’s just that they sneaked in earlier than what was decided."

Ao Li, Feng Qinxin and Jin Tu stood up simultaneously and took out all kinds of messaging jade talismans out, transmitting what they had seen into the talismans and crushing them without saying anything. Numerous jade talisman were crushed one after another. Thus, the news regarding the fact, that Jia Clan warriors had already sneaked into Pan Xi world spread out at the highest speed.

Before, people on the side of the humankind truly believed that these non-humankind monsters would enter into Pan Xi world a year after they got in, and they had been preparing for the real game based on this time limit. However, since an elite troop of Jia Clan warriors had already sneaked in, who could know if the other areas in Pan Xi world had non-humankind beings sneaked in as well?

Individually, Jia Clan warriors had absolute advantages when facing human warriors. Therefore, with a slight carelessness, those elite human beings could suffer great damages.

Ji Hao took out a big number of messaging jade talismans too, sending this news to all his friends as fast as possible. By now, he only wished that these jade talismans could deliver the message to everyone he knew within the limited ranges of these talismans’ effects.

Elder Destiny turned around, gave a deep growl and wielded his right hand, sending out a white stream of light which slapped on the light screen. After this, in addition to images, a clear sound came out from the light screen. Meanwhile, Elder Destiny made a hand motion to a few ancestor soul elders that stood around him. Following that, the few elders hurriedly walked out of the pavilion. Each of them cast a magic, tore the space apart and left.

On the plaza outside the Holy Palace, with a badly darkened face, Earth Spirit Pastor was looking at those Jia Clan warriors who were much taller than himself.

Among local people, Earth Spirit Pastor could be counted as exceptionally tall and strong. Nevertheless, he was only around three-meter and two feet tall, while even the shortest Jia Clan warrior on the scene was over nine meters tall. Standing in front of these Jia Clan warriors, Earth Spirit Pastor seemed like a baby facing a group of adults.

"Another weak local creature." A Jia Clan warrior who was holding a long sword said while swinging the sword to get rid of the blood on the sword edge. He then walked towards Earth Spirit Pastor slowly and continued, "But this one is a lot stronger than the others. He’s mine, I’m gonna make his skull into a teacup… it’s gonna be a nice souvenir anyway!"

Earth Spirit Pastor’s face turned even darker in anger. He took a deep breath, then dense streams of yellow light dazzled out of the heavy armor worn by him. The dense and bright light adhered to his armor layer by layer, making his body seem to be huger than before.

Ji Hao silently nodded. This was a special ability possessed by local cultivators that they could borrow powers from nature to largely strengthen their own strengths and defensive powers.

Everything was ready. Earth Spirit Pastor Cast a long and resonant growl while the long spear held in his hands pierced fiercely towards the Jia Clan warrior in front of him, bringing up a strong gust of wind. Earth Spirit Pastor didn’t move too fast, as the moving speed of earth-kind people was actually the lowest among all local races, but his long spear was incredibly powerful and stable. It was lunged forward like a mountain, accurately and smoothly.

The Jia Clan warrior who was standing in front of Earth Spirit Pastor chuckled while a round-shaped shield appeared on his left wrist. Seeing Earth Spirit Pastor lunge the long spear, he carelessly wielded his left arm and generated a thunderous boom. The long spear bumped against the shield, sending out great puffs of fire sparkles, but the round shield remained perfectly unharmed while a few slight cracks appeared on the long spear.

The looks of Elder Destiny and the group of elders changed immediately. An elder screamed out in shock, "That’s…that’s the ‘great earth holy spear’ of the earth-kind! How could it…"

While laughing, the Jia Clan warrior who had just easily blocked Earth Spirit Pastor’s attack raised his right foot and threw a heavy kick onto the chest of Earth Spirit Pastor, who paused because of the great shock. Following a muffled bang, Earth Spirit Pastor’s chest armor was shattered while his sturdy body was sent flying backward like a falling leaf drifting in the wind. Nevertheless, once after he flew out for less than ten meters, another two Jia Clan warriors dashed over sideways, grabbed his legs and arms and fiercely pulled while laughing loudly. Earth Spirit Pastor howled out in pain as his limbs were pulled off by the two Jia Clan warriors and blood surged out like fountains.

The Jia Clan warrior who kicked Earth Spirit Pastor away just now rushed over swiftly. He didn’t use his blade. Instead, he launched a heavy punch on Earth Spirit Pastor’s chest and smashed him on the ground. Blood and smashed flesh splashed everywhere while Earth Spirit Pastor was punched into a pile of meat paste by this Jia Clan warrior.

"Weak, just too weak." The Jia Clan warrior who had just killed Earth Spirit Pastor said with a hideous grin, "Even weaker than those human beings… Poor weak local creatures, they cannot even withstand a single blow."

Back in the Wave Listening Pavilion, the great hall had fallen into a deathly silence. Even Ji Hao’s look had changed in shock.

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