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The dragon-beheading guillotine struggled and screamed. Elder Destiny was enraged while the storm of fireballs and lava roared towards the ground. The sky was now in a crimson color, seeming as if it was the end of the day. Within the red light, the faces of those dragons, phoenixes, and beasts were extremely hideous. On the other hand, faces of those holy spirits, ancestor souls, servants, and maids were twisted like ghosts as they all raised their heads, looking at the sky that was blocked by flame.

Because of the chaotic fight that happened just now, over ten-thousand spots of the great protective magic formation of the Holy Land were broken while thousands of buildings were swept across. Hundreds of thousands of servants and maids were injured or looted away, and countless rare and precious plants were uprooted.

Nevertheless, before, no matter those dragons, phoenixes, beasts, or those holy spirits and ancestor souls, they all hadn’t truly launched any deathly attack. The great fight still remained in a ‘regular’ state and hadn’t yet reached a deathly level.

However, after Feng Qinxin took out the tiny feather fan and gently swung it, bringing the Holy Land a destructive disaster with the flame and lava, Elder Destiny was truly enraged while all holy spirits and ancestor souls showed a determined look for a true final fight.

Streams of dazzling light were released from the heads of these ancestor souls and holy spirits. They all triggered their spirit holy weapons with special spells, preparing to fight against their enemies with their greatest powers, even by risking their lives.

A strong aura of killing was surrounding those dragons, phoenixes, and beasts while a series of thunderous bangs were generated. Those human warriors from the Western Wasteland were poor and didn’t have too many shocking treasures around their bodies. But all those dragons and phoenixes had their bodies glowing splendidly while five to ten treasures emerged around the body of each dragon-kind or phoenix-king being.

The dragon-kind were incomparably wealthy while the phoenix-kind never landed in treasure-less areas. Back in Pan Gu world, both the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind were famous for their wealth.

Elder Destiny opened his mouth, preparing to give out the order of a life-and-death fight while Ao Li and Feng Qinxin raised their right hands simultaneously, intending to order their warriors to activate all one-time using magic weapons at one, including magic talismans and thunder bombs. At this very moment, Ji Hao made his move.

A raging essence sun fire spurted out from his body, surrounding his body dazzlingly and making him look like a God. Ji Hao held the nine suns spear and flew up, with the immemorial sun streamer floating above his head.

The nine suns inside the nine suns spear released a bright golden light while the pair of crescent-shaped blades on both sides of the spear buzzed loudly and sharply, transformed into countless extremely thin beams of golden light that tore the air apart and zipped in the sky.

Numerous giant fireballs condensed from lava had been falling down from the sky one after another. The pair of crescent-shaped blades swished over and cut these miles in diameter, huge fireballs into pieces, as easily as cutting piece of tofu. The pair of blades drained the fire power in every fireball when they zipped through it, and wherever the golden beams of light reached, those countless lava fireballs, which had nearly covered the sky, disappeared completely.

Sun, the ultimate great Dao of all pure positive powers of a world; the great Dao of Fire could never reach the level of great Dao of sun.

The nine-suns spear contained the great Dao of Sun of Pan Xi world and was crafted by the mysterious man himself. Also, it had immeasurably great original creative power of Pan Gu world merged in it. Therefore, the nine suns spear was far more powerful than the feather fan held in Feng Qinxin’s hand, and the great Dao of sun representing by it surpassed the great Dao of fire representing by the feather fan by far.

Wherever the power of the nine suns spear reached, all fire power was drained, only leaving a slight few streams of flame, which transformed into a rain of flame descending on the Holy Land.

Elder Destiny knitted his eyebrows. He was going to order ancestor souls who were guarding the Holy Palace to activate the great protecting magic formation of the Holy Land, to block this heavy flame rain, which was strong enough to cause severe damage. But abruptly, the immemorial sun streamer floating above Ji Hao’s head released a dazzling golden light.

The nine suns spear was an after-world treasure crafted by the mysterious man, but this immemorial sun streamer, which was given by Yu Yu himself, was a world-accompanying spirit treasure produced by Pan Gu world. It was an important treasure for Ji Hao to develop his power of great Dao.

Wherever the golden light swept across, the world became clear and fresh. The sky-devouring flame caused by Feng Qinxin’s feather fan was absorbed thoroughly, and the fiery light that had enveloped a big half of the Holy Land was dispelled by the bright golden light.

Ji Hao’ primordial spirit held the immemorial sun streamer tight and wielded it. For this simple move, the forty-nine streams of Yu Yu’s Dao of Qi were all consumed up, and the pure power of Dao contained in his primordial spirit was drained as well. The primordial spirit weakly returned to Ji Hao’s spiritual space to rest. As for Ji Hao himself, he held the nine suns spear with his hands as his feet stepped on a golden cloud. He rose directly up into the sky and soon reached up to the great allied army of the dragon-kind, phoenix-kind and Western Wasteland warriors with beasts.

"Prince Ao Li, I am Earl Yao, Ji Hao… Glad to meet you." Ji Hao cupped his hands and slightly bowed to Ao Li.

Ao Li paused for a second, murmured ‘Earl Yao’ for a few times, then weirdly twitched his mouth corners, snorted coldly and said, "Ah, ha, you are that…Earl Yao, who dared to beat Wuzhi Qi in public?"

Ji Hao’s face was darkened instantly. ‘Is that all you can remember about me?’ thought Ji Hao.

Ji Hao laughed, then turned to Feng Qinxin, cupped his hands and said, "Young Master Feng, here we see each other again. Young master, have you found something nice lately?"

Feng Qinxin fiddled with the glowing red feather fan while fixing her eyes on Ji Hao, smiled and responded, "Ahyaya, Earl Yao, the treasures you have are even at a higher grade than my Phoenix fire fan, right? Take them out and let me have a look, hehe, how about I trade for your treasures with mine?"

Feng Qinxin grinningly stepped up to Ji Hao, reached her hands out and grabbed Ji Hao’s sleeve, attempting to figure out where Ji Hao hid the immemorial sun streamer. But before she could do anything, Man Man had already trod on a fiery cloud and rushed over, throwing a heavy and loud slap on the Feng Qinxin’s hand. Feng Qinxin’s look instantly changed. She glared at Man Man angrily, but Man Man also popped out her eyes without showing any sign of fear. Man Man then grabbed Ji Hao’s sleeve and said proudly, "Ji Hao is mine! My Abba and I chose him to be my fiancé. Except for Shaosi, the other women can piss off!"

The group of beautiful phoenix women flew into a great rage. Over a hundred of them circled them up, seeming ready to start a wrangle against Man Man. But suddenly, a stream of fiery light dazzled up from Man Man’s head, within which, a throne carved out of fire crystal was surrounding by countless red lotuses. Zhu Rong, who was even more beautiful than the prettiest woman, had been silently sitting on the throne, staring at those phoenix women coldly and blandly.

Ji Hao’s scalp numbed in shock. Why didn’t he know that Zhu Rong had left a clone of himself inside Man Man’s body?

Feng Qinxin’s look changed again. Smilingly and politely, she saluted to Zhu Rong and said, "Dear Great Libation, I am Qinxin…Hehe, Great Libation, you seem to be in a good mood. Are you going to handle such a small thing yourself?"

Zhu Rong curved his mouth corners upwards, gave a fake smile and then threw a sideway glance at Ao Li, whose mouth was gaping. Next, he transformed into a stream of fiery light and zipped back into the spot between Man Man’s eyebrows. After that, Man Man laughed out loud, held Ji Hao’s arm and declaring her ‘ownership’ of Ji Hao proudly and silently.

Ji Hao laughed embarrassedly, then cupped his hands to Jin Tu and said, "Brother Jin, we see each other again!"

Jin Tu slapped loudly on his own head, then smilingly flew over, bumped his fist heavily against Ji Hao’s fist and said, "Haha, Earl Yao! Thanks to you last time, otherwise, my brother and I would have fallen in front of that palace!"

Ji Hao smilingly nodded his head, then looked around and said calmly, "We’re all friends, let’s sit down and have a nice talk instead of fighting and killing."

Turning around, Ji Hao grinned gently to Elder Destiny, whose face was now incredibly dark, and said, "Elder, now we can have a talk. For example, for having our alliance of human clans from Pan Gu world to fight against invading Yu Clan monsters for you, how much are you willing to pay as…commission?"

The eyes of Ao Li and Feng Qinxin shone simultaneously, and they both began laughing in a weird tone.

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