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The black dragon head was miles long, with twisted horns and dagger-like blades. Some blades were even covered in green moss, which made it look especially fierce and weird.

The black dragon opened its mouth, letting out miles long streams of flame, roaring like great rivers while pouring down from the air along with poisonous smoke. The flame swooshed extremely fast, and as it landed on the Holy Land, multiple mountains were immediately burned into smoke. Vast forests, rare plants and animals were all burned into ashes.

A hundreds of meter long spear knocked on the dragon head while a rude voice growled in both anger and worry, "Idiot! Those treasures are all ours! Do not hurt even a single plant in here. These are all treasures, and are ours!"

The enormous dragon instantly shut its mouth. Another stream of flame was choked in its throat, causing two streams of smoke to puff out of its nostrils.

Resonant roars could be heard endlessly. Numerous cracks were forcibly opened in the space of the Holy Land, from which, many gigantic dragon heads roared in, one after another.

Within the span of a few breaths, at least a thousand different sized, fierce dragons squeezed their heads into the Holy Land. These dragons twisted their bodies violently, brushing against the edges of those cracks and starting fire sparkles while forcibly breaking into Holy Land.

Following a thunderous series of dragon roars, over a thousand enormous dragons, five to fifty miles in length, broke into the Holy Land of Pan Xi world. The enormous bodies of these dragons immediately began twitching intensively after they broke in and transformed into around three-meter-tall, sturdy and muscular men, within the span of a few breaths. Their large and sharp dragon scales had become ancient-styled heavy armors worn on their bodies.

"This, this is a…robbery!" A strong dark-skinned man, who was transformed from the dragon which broke into Holy Land the first, growled while stammering. Behind him, over a thousand strong men who were also transformed from dragons laughed out loud, then all yelled and shouted, calling this a ‘robbery’ as well.

Ji Hao’s face darkened. ‘Where the hell did these idiots come from?’

‘Do these dragon-kind beings really have nothing but muscles in their heads? Even if you are truly going to rob, can’t you at least make it sound better?’ thought Ji Hao.

A tall and sturdy young man, who was wearing a golden armor and held a long spear, trod on a cloud and flew over. This young man threw a heavy kick on that dark-skinned man, forced him back staggeringly, then yelled out at him in anger. "Shut up!"

The young man then turned around and shouted at the groups of holy spirits, who were rushing over from all directions, in a loud and clear voice, "You people listen… This is a nice place, and only creatures with a great fortune can enjoy it. Our dragon-kind…"

Abruptly, the face of this young man twitched. He stayed silent for a while, then suddenly burst with a great growl, "Polite words are exhausting. Anyways, this is a robbery! This place belongs to our dragon-kind now… everything in this place, every single flower, every single grass, every bug and every fish… every single thing belongs to our dragon-kind now! For those who are willing to drop your weapons and surrender, we won’t kill your, but if you dare to resist…We won’t kill you either, but will cut off our limbs!"

This handsome young man held his head high and said proudly, "I am the ninth prince of our dragon-kind. My name is Ao Li, and I am the most reasonable one. You are quite powerful, and you can all be the best slaves. Congratulations, you can be slaves of our dragon-kind, what an honor for you!"

Ji Hao stood up, walked to the window, looking at Ao Li, who was standing in the air and growling rudely.

‘Why didn’t I know that the dragon-kind have also sent out their people to join the life-and-death game? It seems that those human leaders in Pu Ban City have been hiding a lot of things this time. But this Ao Li, the ninth prince of the dragon-kind, what a ‘reasonable’ man! He is actually telling these local people about his robbery!’ thought Ji Hao.

Following the thousand plus pure-blood dragons, flood dragons and other kinds of dragons such as Chi dragons and Pan dragons, surged into the space of Holy Land through those cracks one after another. Within a couple of minutes, at least hundred thousand dragons had broken into the Holy Land, transformed into human shapes and arrayed battle formations in the air.

Three golden bells, nine stampers and a hundred and eight beads flew out from Ao Li’s body. These treasures floated above his head, releasing dazzling beams of light. These forcibly tore the over a thousand different sizes space cracks open and created a thousand-mile long, enormous opening.

Those treasures floating above Ao Li’s head formed a wriggled and powerful magic formation that stabilized that huge opening. Instantly, a splendid glow emerged in the sky while a fierce gale swooshed into the space of Holy Land from the outside world.

"Ao Li! Nonsense! Half of his Pan Xi Holy Land belongs to me! If you dare to pocket it without sharing, I would have to tell your Amma and let her beat you up!" A silvery voice came from the great opening, following which, splendid streams of light poured in, as bright as flames. The light lit the entire space up, and next, a seven-colored phoenix, which had the wingspan of over a million miles, elegantly flew in.

This enormous phoenix had a magnificent palace carried on its back. On the square outside the palace, Feng Qinxin, who was the young master of the phoenix-kind and had signed the trading contract with Ji Hao regarding Dragon Pool’s products, was standing under a jade memorial archway with her head held high. Behind Feng Qinxin, over a thousand phoenix-kind beings were standing in an ordered formation, seventy percent of whom were beautiful women.

The phoenix-kind was the most powerful race among all birds. Therefore, a great number of rare birds depended on the phoenix-kind. Above Feng Qinxin’s palace, hundreds of thousands of different-sized, beautifully glowing birds had been hovering in the sky, including peacocks, swans, Bi Fang birds, roc birds, giant eagles…One could find many rare kinds among these birds, and each of them had been releasing a strong power vibration. Strong power vibrations released from these birds gathered together and vibrated the sky intensely like a tsunami.

Once Feng Qin Xin broke in with a huge group of birds, a holy spirit recklessly swished towards her, leaving a fierce streak of flame. He was tempted to destroy the leader first so that the gang would collapse as he rushed directly towards Feng Qinxin.

The enormous phoenix, which had been carrying the palace, gave a scornful song. Following that, a peacock, which was hovering in the air and had the wingspan of over three-hundred meters, proudly screamed and slightly shook its tail feathers. A black stream of light descended from the sky, gently wrapping the holy spirit up.

A loud sound of waves came from the sky as the black light stream spun for a while with the holy spirit wrapped in it, until the holy spirit was crushed and became a puff of cold fire sparkles, drifting all over the sky and dissipating.

"Idiot!" Feng Qinxin and Ao Li both curved their mouth corners down scornfully, then gave a teasing sneer.

Afterward, Feng Qinxin yelled out loud as well, "Be careful and gentle. All these local people are my slaves… how harmful would that be if you accidentally kill one of them?"

Chuckling for a short while, Feng Qinxin pressed his hands downwards. Followed by her move, a colorful stream of light flew over. Within the light, a brightly glowing pentachord with sparkling strings appeared in front of her.

Feng Qinxin plucked the thickest string of the pentachord with her finger and generated a thunderous buzz. Next, the hundreds of holy spirits who were relatively closer to Feng Qinxin howled out simultaneously while covering their ears with their hands, falling down from the sky.

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