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Feng Qinxin directly launched a fierce move, making all the other holy spirits extremely shocked.

On the ground, in the Wave Listening pavilion, Ji Hao had his hands held behind his body while smilingly looking at Feng Qinxin. Meanwhile, he slightly shook his head towards Shaosi and the others, and by using his spiritual power, he silently told the others to hold on and see how things go first.

Not matter what kind of cooperation or conditions Ji Hao would like to discuss with those local beings later, based on their tempers, they would never agree to any conditions without using violence. Besides, Ji Hao truly didn’t want to start a massive fight against them. Under the current situation, letting Feng Qinxin and Ao Li do what they wanted and letting those local beings show them some solid powers could help Ji Hao to step into this whole thing more conveniently later.

On the other hand, as a proud dragon and an arrogant phoenix, Feng Qinxin and Ao Li wouldn’t possibly be willing to stop robbing and looting for nothing and start to be nice to these holy spirits, as they must have spent quite an effort to break into this Holy Land.

He would let Elder Destiny teach them a good lesson and frustrate them, after which, Ji Hao could earn a place to talk.

Elder Destiny looked at Feng Qinxin, stunned. She had just knocked hundreds of holy spirits out with a single pluck of the pentachord. But what shocked Elder Destiny was not her power, because based on individual power, countless holy spirits could suppress her. However, the pentachord held in her hands was way too powerful. Elder Destiny surely had his special way to measure the powers of treasures, and he only glanced at that pentachord from a distance away before he quivered suddenly and was startled by the terrifying power vibration released from it.

"How did they break in?" screamed Elder Destiny shrilly, "Why didn’t I sense anything about the danger? Not possible! If they broke in when I was cultivating myself with my senses sealed, that would still be reasonable. But since I have already wakened up, why didn’t I sense anything about the danger?"

Ji Hao turned around, looked at Elder Destiny and said, "Could it be that your sense was wrong?"

Elder Destiny’s tender and snow-white face instantly tightened and turned dark-blue. He then let out a deep yet loud growl, leading tens of ancestor souls to trod on clouds, and flew up into the sky.

The deep growl spread out, soon resounding through the entire Holy Land. On the ground, countless different-sized columns with totem embossments thrust out of the ground along with streams of splendid glow. A bright, beautiful light enveloped the entire space while the whole Holy Land was immediately shrouded by countless interwoven, great magic formations.

Magic formations created by local people of Pan Xi world were also violent and straightforward.

For all kinds of local people, the only magic tool for them to construct a magic formation were these ‘totem columns’. Big ones, small ones, short ones, long ones, thin ones, thick ones, metal ones, wooden ones, clay ones, stone ones, all kinds of totem columns had different types of complicated spell symbols and patterns embossed on them. These symbols could activate different types of natural powers and form all kinds of magic formations. Each of these magic formations was single-colored, and could only control a single type of natural power.

Wars between local people in Pan Xi world had been lasting all year round. Conflicts happened all the time even between holy spirits or ancestor souls as well. Different kinds of local people in Pan Xi world never had a good relationship with each other. As a consequence, the natures of local magic formations had always been simple. For example, fire-kind people could only construct magic formations with fire power.

Great formation constructed by fire kind people were mostly a great ocean of flame while water-kind magic formations could always generate a vast land of ice. The green kind magic formations were surely suffused with thriving green power, and on the other hand, earth-kind magic formation could raise great mountains from the ground…

The powers possessed by different kinds of local people were distinctively featured; two different types of power would never, ever mix together. Therefore, from the protective magic screens surrounding those palaces and pavilions in Holy Land, one could easily tell the types of power possessed by the owners of those buildings. The protective magic formations surrounding those palaces all had simple natures of power, which one could see through with a single glance.

Compared to what Ji Hao learned from Yu Yu regarding magic formations, these simple and straightforward local magic formations were just extremely simple and rough. Every local magic formation was only a simple gathering of a single type of power. A certain type of power was gathered to an extreme point, and the more powerful a magic formation was, the greater and heavier it would be. This was how these magic formations constructed by these ancestor souls in Holy Land worked.

In the eyes of those phoenix beings who were under Feng Qinxin’s commands, those local magic formations were nothing but a joke.

Dragons possessed the strongest bodies, while phoenix had marvelous soul powers. As one of the most direct effects delivered by great soul powers, all phoenix-kind beings were extraordinarily smart, which allowed them a great advantage in studying magic formations, talismans and medicine.

Seeing these countless, different sized and simple magic formations all over the Holy Land, Feng Qinxin couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

"These…Are these even magic formations?" Feng Qinxin laughed so hard that she could barely stand still while the other phoenix-kind beings all laughed out as well.

The peacock, which had killed a holy spirit earlier, gave a long and shrill scream while slightly flipping its long and beautiful tail feathers. It released a five-colored divine light that contained the power of the five basic elements down like a flood. The five-colored divine light poured down furiously, every single stream of the light having countless spell symbols sparking inside it.

Black light represented water, pouring down towards all flame magic formations down on the ground.

Yellow light represented earth, roaring towards all blue water magic formations.

Red light represented fire power, swishing towards all green magic formations.

It was simple and violent, breaking the five basic types of power with the five basic types of power. Wherever the five-colored divine light reached, multiple different sized totem columns would shatter suddenly, along with series of thunderous bangs. Broken pieces of those totem columns flew away in all directions, smashing those holy spirits’ servants and maids who stayed inside buildings, making them scream and flee.

The giant peacock destroyed thousands of magic formations with gathered simplex powers on the ground by merely swaying its tail feather.

Seeing this, more and more holy spirits and ancestor souls who had been flying over constantly all exclaimed out. Thousands of these magic formations that cost them great efforts were actually destroyed by a giant bird with a single sway of its tail?

"So, so powerful…these outer space monsters!" Shouts like this could be heard from every direction without an end. Meanwhile, those holy spirits and ancestor souls all showed panic on their faces.

Elder Destiny trod on a cloud and flew over. Following him were tens of the most powerful elders of ancestor souls, who were at the highest positions. From a great distance away, Elder Destiny shouted harshly, "Do not panic, array battle formations according to your natures. Are you all blind? Look carefully, they are not so powerful!"

No matter Feng Qinxin, Ao Li, or those dragons and phoenixes under their commands, among all these dragons and phoenixes, the most powerful ones were only at the level of seven to nine star Divine Magi. Based on power levels, these few dragons and phoenixes could indeed be counted as quite powerful in comparison with holy spirits, but they were essentially different from those holy spirits.

Hearing Elder Destiny’s harsh shouts, all holy spirits and ancestor souls formed great battle formations based on their own power natures, no longer showing any panic or fear.

Bright light emerged layer by layer, wrapping Feng Qinxin and Ao Li’s armies of phoenixes and dragons up.

Elder Destiny trod on the cloud and flew up to Feng Qinxin and Ao Li, looking at them coldly. While he was organizing his language and preparing to start a conversation, the Holy Land quaked intensively once again.

Tens of Qiong Qi beasts, Tao Wu beasts, Chaos beasts and Yayu beasts tore the space open and broke in. Following behind these beasts was a formidable army of human warriors, rushing in like a flood.

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