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The accommodation Elder Destiny arranged for Ji Hao and his friends was named as the ‘Wave Listening Pavilion’. The pavilion was facing a beautiful lake, surrounded by mountains and rivers, and vast ‘square bamboo’ woods. The wind blowing across the bamboo woods would let out a faint sound of ocean waves. Therefore, the pavilion was named as ‘Wave Listening Pavilion’.

The pavilion was specially designed and could accommodate over a thousand people. The inner spaces were exquisitely decorated as well. After all, this area was the Holy Land of Pan Xi world, and especially rich resources were allowed in this area. Therefore, even a teacup or hassock in this place could be great treasures.

What satisfied Ji Hao the most was the vast bamboo woods around the pavilion. Although those plants were named as bamboo, actually, they were special and magical types of plants in Pan Xi world that looked similar to bamboo in Pan Gu world, had joints and were hollow. But as the name stated, square bamboos were square-shaped, seeming especially tough and hard to bend. Besides, square bamboos were in a thrivingly green color and a faint silver luster. They were pliable yet especially tough, even tougher than metal. Square Bamboo was naturally capable of gathering natural powers, and could liquefy the natural powers gathered in the bamboo woods. These square bamboos were truly top-grade treasures.

The mysterious man came out and looked at those square bamboos as well. He surprisingly found out that, inside these square bamboos, a Chaos power belonging to Pan Xi world had been gathering without bursting. As long as someone could trigger the Chaos power with a certain method, a magical change would happen to these square bamboos, and these bamboos would become ‘spirit Chaos plants’.

In Pan Gu world, spirit Chaos plants were either collected by greatly powerful beings or destroyed already even before the existence of the humankind. Ji Hao was truly lucky to be able to find these square bamboos in Pan Xi world, as these bamboos had the potential to become spirit Chaos plants.

In Pan Gu world, countless functions had been developed from magical plants like square bamboo long ago. But tool-crafting techniques here in Pan Xi world seemed to be simple and undeveloped, that those holy spirits and ancestor souls were mostly using natural-crafted holy weapons, and hardly crafted any weapon themselves. Therefore, these square bamboo landed in the hands of Ji Hao.

Only half a day after Ji Hao and his friends moved into the pavilion, Ji Hao cast a magic and took ninety percent of those square bamboo surrounding the pavilion, only leaving some bamboos near the pavilion as a decoration. He packed all those bamboos, preparing to transplant them back in Yao Mountain City.

Seeing Ji Hao’s ‘stealing moves’, those maids who were sent over to serve Ji Hao and his people glanced at each other but dared not to say anything. These maids were all clever, they knew that Ji Hao and his friends were ‘outer space monsters’, and it was said that outer space monsters would eat people raw and make young girls’ skin into blankets. How dare they show any sulkiness in front of Ji Hao and his people?

Ji Hao and his friends lived two peaceful days after moving into the Wave Listening Pavilion.

Every day, fresh fruits and nice tea that was only produced in Pan Xi world would be served to them without limitation, as well as grill meat made from all rare kinds of animals. With a single, simple order given by Elder Destiny, Ji Hao and his friends were truly treated as the most honored guests.

However, Elder Destiny didn’t show up in the past two days, and many holy spirits had been showing up around the pavilion, looking at Ji Hao and his friends from a great distance away. Some of these holy spirits were simply curious, but some had obvious hatred towards Ji Hao and his friends.

Ji Hao observed these holy spirits for quite a long time, and he found out that if Elder Destiny didn’t give out his orders, some of these holy spirits might have already broken in to start a fight.

Ji Hao didn’t know what Elder Destiny was planning. He had told every one of his teammates to prepare for all kinds of situations. No matter what these holy spirits would do, as the mysterious man had already left something on the flower of great Dao, Ji Hao had absolutely no worry about the safety of his friends and himself now.

Even if all the holy spirits in the entire Holy Land joined hands and launched an attack on Ji Hao and his friends, Ji Hao could directly trigger the thing left on the flower of great Dao by the mysterious man, and cause a great mess worldwide. That could allow his friends and himself to get out of the Holy Land safely. As for its only consequence, the collapsing rate of Pan Xi world would grow a hundred times faster than now. But no matter how, this world was destined to fall apart! No one could stop this world from being swallowed and dying.

Another day was past. Elder Destiny led tens of elderly men, who seemed to possess especially high social status, to the Wave Listening Pavilion.

In the ground hall of the pavilion, Elder Destiny introduced Ji Hao to those elderly men. They were all elder ancestor souls of Pan Xi world, and were the most powerful, oldest ones among all ancestor souls.

Less than a hundred people were on the scene, but together with Elder Destiny, they were capable of deciding the fate of the whole Pan Xi world.

After introducing themselves to Ji Hao, and after the maids had served tea, Elder Destiny stated the purpose of this meeting without taking even a sip of the tea. During the short couple of months since Ji Hao and his people entered into Pan Xi world, this world had suffered an unprecedented disaster.

"Ji Hao, this is the loss statistic we got from all over the world." Elder Destiny handed Ji Hao a transparent piece of crystal and said, "Some remote areas are hard to reach. Therefore, we have only run a rough statistic based on all productive and densely-populated areas. The result shows that in these couple of months, we have lost nearly three-hundred-billion people."

Ji Hao’s hands trembled slightly. He looked at Elder Destiny in a great shock and said, "They, were they all killed? But, my people are not so frenzied."

Ji Hao’s scalp numbed suddenly. Three-hundred-billion people, and this was only an incomplete statistic. Did Pan Xi world truly lose so many people during the past few months? How many elite human beings entered into this world? Ten-million elite young people sent out by all clans and families, each of them with thirty to fifty warriors or guards, that meant only around three to five hundred million human beings had entered into Pan Xi world.

But nearly three-hundred-billion people were killed during these few months?

As far as Ji Hao, Shaosi, Man Man and the few Zhu Rong Family warriors were concerned, they didn’t actually start any frontal conflicts against local people, and neither did they slaughter local people. Feng Xing, Yu Mu and the few Candle Dragon Clan warriors had looted villages and cities on their journey, and wounded and killed some holy spirits, but they did not do anything to ordinary local civilians either.

Among elite human beings who had come to Pan Xi world, not too many were especially vicious and blood-thirsty. At most, people like Gong Gong Wu You might have relatively more monsters under their commands, and perhaps they would start massive killing and loot. As for the others, they were not brutal enough to do such things.

"They were not killed in fact." Elder Destiny’s face was quite dark, "They were looted and enslaved…As slaves, they had been building cities and battle forts in vital areas. Many of them are forced to become slave warriors, helping your people attack cities and loot resources."

Elder Destiny looked at Ji Hao, smiled bitterly and continued, "Not too many of our people were actually killed, but for those who were looted and enslaved, I think I can say that we have lost them, right? More terrifyingly, your people had been exploiting all kinds of resources of our world destructively, and the damages caused to our world are tremendous."

Ji Hao spread his hands. He truly wanted to straightforwardly tell Elder Destiny that, in fact, there was no way to save Pan Xi world from destruction. Therefore, it was actually a good thing for those resources to be exploited before the destruction of the world. But for sure, he couldn’t just say that/

Before Ji Hao figured out how to explain this, the entire Holy Land vibrated. Through a window of the pavilion, Ji Hao saw the sky was suddenly torn apart, showing a huge crack. From that crack, a hideous dragon head reached inside while letting out a raging flame from its mouth.

"I found it… Qiong Qi Clan people are right, their base is right in here!"

"Brothers, rush in! Take! Take! Take everything!"

The Dragon head roared excitedly.

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