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Ji Hao’s words were just like a chilly gust of wind that blew across the hearts of Elder Destiny and the group of ancestor souls. They stared at Ji Hao stunned, unable to say any word within a long while.

"Pan…Pan Xi!" Elder Destiny said in an especially bitter and stiff voice, "According to the legend, our world was indeed created by Saint Pan Xi. As for the other things, we…"

Kong Wu You suddenly burst with a hoarse scream, "Elder Destiny! How can we believe these outer space evil monsters?! We only have to do what our ancestors told us generation after generation, that as long as we kill all outer space evil monsters, we can protect our world from dangers!"

Ji Hao looked at Kong Wu You, whose face had nearly turned transparent because of the rage, and said blandly, "You cannot kill us, not to mention those Yu Clan people who will enter into this world in a couple of months… You can’t possibly rival them."

Ji Hao thought of Chi Feng, the powerful Jia Clan being who was struck directly to death by him with a magic talisman. Without that powerful magic talisman given by Xuan Du, Ji Hao was afraid that only powerful beings like River Earl could kill him.

More terrifyingly, unlike those human warriors who had been suppressed by Pan Xi world since they entered in and disadvantageously couldn’t fully release their powers, the non-humankind elites under the lead of Yu Clan people had rich experiences in invading another world. They had even put a seal on the flower of great Dao of Pan Xi world. Therefore, even if they also would be suppressed by this world, they could at least release a big half of their powers.

Based on the terrifying power Chi Feng had shown, not a single one of all ancestor souls that Ji Hao had ever met in this world, such as Kong Wu You, could rival Chi Feng. Once elite non-humankind beings like Chi Feng intruded into this world, another massacre would definitely start, unless more powerful beings had been hiding among these ancestor souls.

"You have no idea what kind of enemies you are going to face."

Ji Hao took out a personal stamper that belonged to a Yu Clan elite he killed. He didn’t remember when he killed that poor Yu Clan elite warrior, but this stamper was carved out of a fist-sized ruby, exquisitely crafted and beautiful. Therefore, Ji Hao kept it as a souvenir.

On the stamper, a tower was embossed, reaching direct into clouds. It had an erect eye above it, cold, glowing with an evil light.

Ji Hao pointed at the erect eye embossed above the tower, gave a sneer to Elder Destiny and the group of ancestor souls and said, "Since you found me, you surely know that it was me who sneaked into your Holy Land…You should know this symbol."

The faces of Elder Destiny and the group of ancestor souls all turned dark, held their breaths and couldn’t let out a word for quite a while, as if they were tremulous little girls who suddenly saw a scary monster at midnight. After a quarter of an hour, the tender face of Elder Destiny finally showed some change.

"How can we not know it? This…The heart of this world in our ancient holy land has this symbol on it."

On the flower of the great Dao of this world, the black seal left by Yu Clan people was clearly visible. Just like this stamper held in Ji Hao’s hand, the seal on the flower of the great Dao also had an erect eye in it. The seal on the flower and the patterns embossed on the stamper were in different sizes and colors, but the two erect eyes were exactly the same, even in details.

"Long ago, your world had encountered with our enemy, and your Saint Pan Xi died in their hands." said Ji Hao blandly, "We were also forced into this world to take part in their life-and-death game."

Looking at Elder Destiny, who now had an extremely bitter look and had his pair eyebrows knitted, Ji Hao continued coldly, "We didn’t mean to invade your world and loot your resources…But I have to admit, I’m not a saint. If I see great treasures in front of me and I am powerful enough to take it, I wouldn’t have any hesitation."

"Whether for myself, my friends, or make it greater, for my people and our kind, my people and I will never give up on those top-grade treasures that can strengthen our powers and solidify our foundations."

"We will make our moves and by all means, we will try to take anything that crossed our eyes and is beneficial for us."

"All because if we don’t make our moves, our enemies will make theirs. Take Fire the Infinitude’s holy weapon as an example… If I have it, I can use it to kill many of my enemies, but if my enemy has it, it will become another great tool for them to slaughter my people."

"Therefore…Elder Destiny, do you and your people still want to fight against me?"

Water-clear, golden and brightly shining Yu Yu’s Dao of Qi hovered in Ji Hao’s spiritual space. A great power of Dao suffused Ji Hao’s entire body. The Heaven and Earth stamper floated above Ji Hao’s head, while the immemorial sun streamer and the soul-shaking clock showed up simultaneously. Meanwhile, he gripped the nine sun spear with both of his hands, with the nine spheres of light shining dazzlingly in the sword. The golden fire released a scary heat, spreading out towards all directions. It covered up the entire area with a radius of a hundred miles within a blink of an eye.

High up in the air, the three suns of Pan Xi world had been releasing inexhaustible golden light. Visibly, beams of purely golden light ceaselessly injected into Ji Hao’s body, adding a great extra power to him.

The nine suns spear buzzed intensively and loudly, while the pair of crescent-shaped blades on both sides of the spearhead even glowed with a dazzling golden light, giving out a strong and fierce intent of fighting from the spear.

"Why are the suns of our world lending power to you?" Kong Wu You and the other ancestor souls were all stunned. This was completely different from the legend passed down from their ancestors through generations. Outer space monsters might enter into this world, but they shouldn’t be able to borrow powers from their world!

Elder Destiny stared at Ji Hao with a serious look, while his ten fingers shook quickly, making complicated motions.

Ji Hao looked back at Elder Destiny seriously as well and said word by word, "If you want to fight…I would do my best to kill you all. Because if I kill you, I will gain great benefits…Both my cultivation and my power would be improved, and this would be beneficial for my kind. So I would do that without any hesitation."

Elder Destiny looked at Ji Hao bitterly and said, "But, what wrong did we do?"

Ji Hao also showed a bitter look as he responded, "You did nothing wrong, but we want to survive too, that’s all. I have tried my best to avoid using violence against your people. I chose a relatively gentle way, but…"

Ji Hao couldn’t finish his speech after the word ‘but’, only looking at Elder Destiny with regret on his face,

Elder Destiny understood how much helplessness and killing intent were contained in the word ‘but’ that Ji Hao said.

"You…will you go to our Holy Land as a guest?" Elder Destiny let a long breath out and said, "Maybe, we shouldn’t be enemies. We can figure out a way that can benefit both your kind and us."

"I am Destiny, the prophet of Pan Xi world. My predictions lead to the destiny of the whole world."

"I will not play any tricks…I only want to find a way of survival for my people."

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