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In the air thousands of meters high from the ground, a white cloud slowly drifted across the sky. On the cloud, one could find tables and chairs made from strangely-colored crystals, beautiful local girls making tea and serving fruits. Of course, one might also see a few ancestor souls showing the whites of their eyes in reluctance.

Ji Hao and Elder Destiny sat facing each other, with a table placed between them. The cups held in their hands contained the top-grade tea that Ji Hao brought from Pu Ban City. Meanwhile, Elder Destiny had specially sent people to bring some local fruits for Ji Hao to taste.

Both of them avoided any topic that might cause displeasure. Instead, they engaged in a deep communication based on the current situation of Pan Xi world and possibilities for the future.

Elder Destiny cordially told Ji Hao about some secrets of Pan Xi world. Despite the fact that those secrets he told Ji Hao were not all the secrets of this world, many of them had stunned Ji Hao. For example, among the holy rules passed down from generations of ancestor souls of Pan Xi world, the most important one was that once outer space evil monsters were found in this world, the local people of this world have to gather all their powers and exterminate them.

"To be honest, by inviting you to Holy Land as a guest, I have already violated our holy rule, according to which my spirit seal should be destroyed, and I should disappear from this world forever." Holding the tea cup, Elder Destiny said to Ji Hao smilingly, "But I have indeed seen that only on you is a chance of survival for us…I believe in my own eyes, therefore, things like holy rules…At present, I decide things in Pan Xi world."

Kong Wu You and the other few ancestor souls stood aside, looking at Elder Destiny with traces of anxiousness and helplessness on their faces.

As Elder Destiny said, at present, Elder Destiny was the most powerful being in the world. Additionally, he possessed the highest status and the most trusted followers. Therefore, he was high above the masses and had the greatest power.

As for Ji Hao, with exaggeration, he told Elder Destiny and those ancestor souls about exactly how terrifying were those Yu Clan, Jia Clan and Xiu Clan beings.

With Ji Hao’s great speechcraft, he made every single one of those non-humankind beings, who were under the lead of Yu Clan a man-eating monster. Ji Described Yu Clan people as total perverts with serious psychological distortions, who liked to eat children’ hearts and make skins of young girls into blankets.

Jia Clan people, Ji Hao described them as blood-thirsty monsters who loved nothing but slaughter. Once they were angry, they would easily slaughter millions of lives without any hesitation just to vent their anger.

As for Xiu Clan people, based on their features, Ji Hao described them as a group of ugly monsters who never came out of their small dark rooms and had always been making all kinds of oddly shaped, cruel instruments of torture. And the most horrible thing about Xiu Clan people was that they often made weird types of viruses and unbridledly spread them on the land to kill living creatures.

Ji Hao described those non-humankind beings with the ugliest words he knew. His words turned the faces of Elder Destiny and the group of ancestors pale, while all of them popped out their eyes and stared at Ji Hao in shock. Some things said by Ji Hao were way too unimaginable and weird after al.

But soon, Ji Hao distracted them with even more lurid words and forced them to believe everything he said.

"You might not know that for sure, but your saint, Pan Xi was killed by those monsters…In fact, the saint of our world, Pan Gu, he also died in those monsters’ hands."

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes and let out this shocking sentence without any blush.

"Our saint Pan Gu, he created our world, but the army of those monsters besieged him when he was exhausted, and unfortunately, he fell. You were lucky that for unknown reasons, they didn’t invade your world back then, while our world and our people had been suffering a great pain brought by those monsters."

Ji Hao looked at Elder Destiny and those ancestor souls, who were all dumbfounded by now, slowly sighed and continued, "Elder Destiny, you are wise to choose to communicate with us, be friendly and cooperate with us. This is the smartest, wisest decision ever. Otherwise, if an all out war started between our kind and your people, eventually, only those brutal monsters would be benefited!"

From Ji Hao’s spiritual space, the mysterious man’s voice came slowly, "Even though Pan Gu has fallen, but I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t want to hear someone say that he was killed in a besiegement launched by those non-humankind beings…Your words are too…"

Too what? The mysterious man didn’t continue saying.

But Ji Hao quickly responded to him, "As long as I can make these local people get scared enough of those non-humankind beings, they can become our helping hands in the fight between us and the non-humankind…Believe or not, if necessary, I can make up a long story about how severely did Pan Gu fight against the non-humankind for three-hundred years, only to be poisoned by a Xiu Clan’s drug user shamelessly, and at last becoming weak and powerless, eventually falling in the hands of those non-humankind monsters."

The mysterious man let out a short and loud ‘eh’, then didn’t say another word.

Ji Hao continued holding his cup of tea, tasting all kinds of local fruits of Pan Xi world and carrying the very deep communication on with Elder Destiny. Both of them showed a polite manner and had been incomparably friendly to each other. But while talking, they were both trying very hard to get as much information from the other one as possible and to try to figure out the authenticity of the words told by the other one.

Traveling like this for a whole day and night, Ji Hao abruptly stood up from his seat, looking down surprisingly.

That was a plain area down below where golden flowers were blooming, even forming a boundless golden ocean. In floristic brushwoods, which had reached the height of an adult human being, Taisi was holding a white bone magic wand and incanting a spell with a hoarse voice. Behind Taisi, a hazy, gray silhouette was faintly visible. From time to time, that silhouette would wave its hands and release large waves of gray and dim light beams, zipping out swiftly like swords.

Thousands of local warriors were fighting in battle formations under the guidance of a few holy spirits, and had been attacking Taisi fiercely and the pair of fiery snakes beside him.

Those local warriors were holding all kinds of weapons, and they obviously belonged to the fire kind. Those different sized metal pipes held in their hands buzzed loudly and deeply while letting out countless metal bombs and arrows or thorns, glowing brightly while flying toward Taisi like a heavy rain.

Taisi had rather poor defensive power, and neither could he move fast. He was now entirely depending on these two fiery snakes, which had expanded their bodies to nearly a hundred meters long, and had been shielding Taisi against attacks launched by those local warriors, with their enormous bodies.

As the hazy gray silhouette behind Taisi waved its hands and released waves of gray beams of light, a raging fire would swoosh up from those local warriors wherever they reached. Once the gray beams of light slightly contacted the fire rising from those local warriors’ bodies, a muffled yet thunderous boom would be generated. Then, those local warriors would be slowed down immediately as if they had suddenly grown tens of years older.

Ji Hao pointed at Taisi. He was going to tell Elder Destiny that Taisi was his friend and ask Elder Destiny to order those local warriors step back.

But abruptly, from another floristic brushwood tens of miles away, tens of arrows flew over along with a shrill swishing noise. They tore the air apart and abruptly, fiercely pierced into the hearts of a few holy spirits from their backs, leaving tens of dark arcs in the air.

Those arrows were incredibly powerful, and those few holy spirits were sent flying forward while vomiting blood even before they realized what was happening. Their chests were punctured by the arrows while flame-red blood poured out like waterfalls.

"Bastard!" Kong Wu You growled out in anger as his body flashed across the air, seeming to rush directly down.

Under this emergent situation, Ji Hao neatly threw a heavy punch on Kong Wu You’s head. Followed by a muffled moan, Kong Wu You showed the whites of his eyes as he was knocked out by Ji Hao with that punch.

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