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The fierce aura of killing disappeared immediately. The three ancestor souls who had been attacking Ji Hao together stepped back to a distance away, circling around him with Kong Wu You and other ancestor souls.

Ji Hao raised his head and saw an elderly man, who has a badly wrinkled face and white, long hair and beard that even reached his ankles, trod on the air and slowly walk over step by step. Even the pair of hands of that elderly man was all wrinkled.

Ji Hao didn’t sense any power vibration from this elderly man, and this elderly man just walked down from the upper air like ordinary people walking down stairs.

However, Ji Hao felt that this elderly man was a bit strange. Although he seemed to be so old, that pair of eyes of his was so clear and bright like those of a baby, and was rather charming.

Such a beautiful pair of eyes shouldn’t be a part of the face of such an old and ordinary man.

Silently triggering Yu Yu’s Qi of Dao, Ji Hao locked his fingers together. There was a special eye-cultivating method mentioned in the scriptures given by Yu Yu, Ji Hao didn’t have the time to officially start his eye-cultivation, which could deliver countless magical effects, but he had memorized the eye-cultivating hand motions which could strengthen the eye powers that he already had.

Beams golden light burst out of his eyes. Under the effect of Yu Yu’s Qi of Dao, Ji Hao’s eyes released an especially bright light, piercing toward the elderly man like sharp swords.

Kong Wu You and the other ancestor souls growled out immediately.

"How dare you!"

A few ancestor souls with bad tempers instantly made their moves, attempting to rush up. But the elderly man who was slowly walking down from the sky slightly waved his hand. Following his move, these few ancestor souls obediently stepped back to their original spot, staring at Ji Hao angrily.

The elderly man walked to in front of Ji Hao, gently smiled to Ji Hao and asked, "What have you found out?"

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes with countless beams of golden light shining from that pair of eyes. He saw a faintly visible layer of mist intensively vibrating on the surface of the elderly man’s body. Because of the golden light released from Ji Hao’s eyes, this layer of mist blasted out ceaselessly, then denser mist spread out from inside the elderly man’s body.

"Show your real appearance. Hiding doesn’t make you a powerful one." Ji Hao sneered while the Heaven and Earth stamper buzzed loudly. The five-hundred-meters in radius ocean of flame shrunk and transformed into a golden layer of flame that firmly wrapped Ji Hao up.

"Hm, I didn’t think that outer space monster like you also have such a great ability." The elderly man smiled, then shook his body. Instantly, a little boy, who looked only seven to eight years old and had a lovely pinky color, showed up in front of Ji Hao. With a weird and faint smile, this little boy looked at Ji Hao, then helplessly spread his hands and waved.

"I am Destiny. People in this world call me Elder Destiny." The boy looked at this own tender chubby hands, sighed and said, "Look at me, I don’t look like an elder. So normally, I show up in front of people with that old face of the prophet."


Ji Hao nodded. The elderly look with white hair and beard that he showed up as just now indeed looked like a prophet. At least, if ordinary people in this world believed in ‘prophet’, that elderly look would seem to be much more reliable than this little tender boy.

"Elder Destiny, what do you want to say to me?" Ji Hao spread his hands, with the nine sun spear, immemorial sun streamer, soul-shaking clock and all the other powerful treasures well prepared to be activated. As long as Elder Destiny and those ancestor souls showed any bad intent, Ji Hao would launch a deadly attack to Elder Destiny without any hesitation.

He had even locked a magic talisman and hundreds of thunder bombs with this primordial spirit power. Once he fell into a bad situation, he would launch the most violent counterforce.

Elder Destiny pondered for a while, then sighed slightly. He pointed at the sky with one hand while pointing at the earth with the other hand, looked at Ji Hao and said harshly, "This world is our home. We were born and raised in here…This is our home, not yours."

Ji Hao laughed embarrassedly, then he rubbed his own jaw and said in a low voice, "I agree. Therefore, I have never killed any of your people on my own initiative. I might have played some small tricks, but I do think myself as a man of peace."

Elder Destiny stared at Ji Hao in the eyes and continued, "Fire the Infinitude died because of you…Although you didn’t do it yourself, you are related to his death. His spirit holy weapon, you took it as well."

Ji Hao remained silent for quite a long while, then nodded heavily and said, "I don’t know about his death, but I admit I took his weapon…I’m not a saint, so I made a move when a great treasure showed up in front of me."

Kong Wu You and a few other ancestor souls growled out ragingly, "Shameless evil monsters!"

"Damn you! Outer space evil monsters! Why does Elder Destiny want to talk to him? It’s a waste of time!"

"Elder Destiny, let us kill this monster together. Why are you wasting time on him?"

"Fire the Infinitude indeed wasn’t a talented one, but after all, he was one of us. Elder Destiny, we should avenge him!"

Over ten ancestor souls yelled and shouted, but Elder Destiny gave a loud growl to stop them.

"Shut up!"

This great growl even shook the ground. Kong Wu You and the other ancestor souls all obediently shut their mouths, not daring to make any sound. Ji Hao couldn’t help but glance at Elder Destiny in shock. He didn’t think that this Elder Destiny, who looked like a pinky tender little boy, actually possessed such a high status and was so influential among these ancestor souls.

"What did you come for?" Elder Destiny looked at Ji Hao and asked seriously, "From you, I saw slaughter and destruction…These few of days, I looked into the destinies of all outer space evil monsters. All I saw was destruction…Only on you did I see a slight chance of survival. Not only for our people, but it was also a slight chance of survival for our entire world."

Elder Destiny took two steps forwards to Ji Hao and continued coldly, "What did you come for? What did you do to our world? What will happen? You took the holy weapon that belonged to Fire the Infinitude. You can give the answers to these questions in return!"

Trade for Fire the Infinitude’s holy weapon with the answers to these questions?

Ji Hao rubbed his nose, looked at Elder Destiny and responded honestly, "Do you have more questions? You can trade for more answers with more Holy weapons, but those holy weapons should at least be as valuable as the one that belonged to Fire the Infinitude. Whatever you want to know, I’ll tell you!"

Elder Destiny remained silent while those ancestor souls all stared at Ji Hao with weird looks.

Ji Hao also remained silent for a while, then he laughed out embarrassedly once again and said, "Alright, alright. We came to this small world of yours, not because we wanted to. We were forced into this world of yours, for…based on your timing system, it should be in seven months…After seven months, a life-and-death game will take place in your world. We came for that."

"We didn’t do anything to your world. Instead, your world is…too weak, and it was captured by the big world where we belong to already. Our big world is swallowing your world. I don’t know how long this process will last, but your world doesn’t have the power to resist. Eventually, this entire world of yours will turn back into Chaos and be swallowed by our world."

"And unfortunately, I have to tell you that we are not the violently acting ones."

"Those beings which will enter into your world after seven months…most likely, they are going to destroy everything you have. They have plans since long ago. Pan Xi, the creator of this world, died in their hands."

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