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Tortoise Chariots moved incredibly fast, something clearly seen as Ji Hao dove down from above the palace and rushed into the spot between Pan Xi’s eyebrows.

A faint sphere of light had been spinning in between Pan Xi’s eyebrows. At first sight, the sphere of light looked like a blooming flower that had over a thousand petals. The Tortoise chariot swooshed over along with a stream of water power and bumped into the sphere of light to be swallowed up by that light.

The entire world seemed to rotate slightly afterward, and next, the tortoise chariot reached a space that was suffused by purple mist. Carefully walking out, Ji Hao stood on the tortoise chariot and looked carefully around.

Suddenly, his body shook while a gray stream of light zipped out from between his eyebrows. The mysterious man who had been hiding inside his spiritual space all these years now showed up before his physical eyes. The hazy silhouette of that mysterious man floated in front of Ji Hao, only as tall as an ordinary man.

"Eh?" Ji Hao looked at the mysterious man and was shocked slightly.

"Hn, she has fallen!" The mysterious man reached his hand out a grasped in the air. A dense stream of purple mist was gripped in his hand. As he rubbed the purple mist with both of his hands, it instantly burst with a faint glow, then was quickly rubbed into a thumb-sized purple bead by him. A few tiny yet complicated spell symbols were faintly visible in the purple bead.

"Truly fallen." The mysterious man’s voice sounded complicated, and one couldn’t tell if he was happy or not.

Looking at the dense purple mist in the surroundings, he continued blandly, "This purple mist is generated by Pan Xi’s soul after it was disintegrated. It is beneficial to both you and me."

Ji Hao reached his hand out and tried to grab a stream of purple mist, but the purple mist was like water stream, flowing around him. But no matter how hard he tried, even by using a special magic taught by Yu Yu, he couldn’t actually grasp it.

With those secret magics taught by Yu Yu, if Ji Hao fully activated his power, he could even seal a stream of sunlight in his hand and disable it from scattering. However, this purple mist apparently contained some mysterious kind of power that made it impossible for Ji Hao to touch it at the current stage.

After all, the purple mist was generated by the soul of a powerful being who had created a world. Based on Ji Hao’s current cultivation, it was indeed difficult for him to understand it.

"Out!" The mysterious man waved his hand towards Ji Hao’s body. Followed by his move, a five-colored flame slowly flew out from Ji Hao’s lower abdomen. Within the flame, a hazy silhouette of the round-shaped cauldron leaped for once as if it was quite excited. The mysterious man then flicked heavily on the cauldron and said in a deep voice, "Time to work."

The lid of the cauldron flew up, and next, a great suction force was released by the cauldron. The purple mist immediately began moving towards the negative direction of the cauldron like a flock of startled fish. However, the suction released by the cauldron was especially great, and the streams of purple mist were incessantly drawing into the cauldron-like water streams. Surrounding the round cauldron, the five-colored flame was boosted up. Meanwhile, Ji Hao seemed to sense a strange aroma coming from the cauldron.

After around two hours, the mysterious man raised his finger and a round-shaped, light-purple pill flew out from the cauldron.

Without explaining too much, the mysterious man pressed this light purple pill on the spot between Ji Hao’s eyebrows, then slightly rubbed it. Following his move, the pill transformed into streams of purple mist and merged with Ji Hao’s body. Ji Hao’s primordial spirit took a deep breath and streams of purple mist were absorbed by it. Ji Hao only felt that the world in front of his eyes was suddenly enlightened, and his primordial spirit began growing at a stunningly high rate that even made Ji Hao himself feel frightened.

Purple mist streams rose while the cyan-colored light was shining. Meanwhile, Ji Hao’s primordial spirit gradually became clearer from the state of a translucent silhouette. After all of the purple mist released from this pill was absorbed by Ji Hao’s primordial spirit, his primordial spirit had already become like his physical body. At first sight, the primordial spirit looked just like a living human being floating in Ji Hao’s spiritual space, and surrounding it were thirty-six hovering streams of water-clear Yu Yu’s Dao of Qi.

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes as a clear bright light shone out of his eyes, with a faintly sensible power of Dao was releasing from his entire body. He felt so different now, extremely energetic with his mind incomparably clear. What was more surprising was that heavy pressure that both his mind and body had been suffering ever since he came to his world that made him feel like he was carrying a mountain had now completely gone.

His spiritual power became flexible and controllable again, and as it spread out like waves of water, a whole area with a radius of a million miles was covered up by it.

"Even under your Shifu’s guidance, it still would require tens of thousands of years of severe cultivation for you to attain your current cultivation." said the mysterious man blandly while looking at Ji Hao, "You have thirty-six Yu Yu’s Dao of Qi now. With thirteen more, you will be able to grow a seed of Dao."

From Po’s cultivation experience, Ji Hao learned that once he grew a seed of Dao, the level of his cultivation of Dao would be equal to the level of Divine Magus. Then, Ji Has would be able to cause directly harm to Divine Magi by casting all kinds of magics with his power of Dao, such as those thunder and lightning.

Ji Hao looked at the mysterious man delightfully and excitedly. The mysterious man continued blandly, "The best thing is you now already have Pan Xi’s power merged with your body. Therefore, this world wouldn’t suppress and reject you anymore."

Flicking his finger on the round cauldron again, another few light-purple pills flew out from the cauldron. This time, the mysterious man merged those pills with his own body, then his body began glowing with a faint light. Ji Hao gave a closer look and found that the mysterious man’s body seemed to become slightly clearer, but also seemed nothing different from before.

"I have a strange feeling. These ‘Chaos soul pills’, you digest one at first to remove the suppression given to you by this world, that’ll be enough for now." The mysterious man knitted his eyebrows and murmured in a low voice, "As for the rest, you can absorb them after you have returned to your world, then attain quick improvements on your cultivation. That’ll never be too late."

Water stream like purple mist had been ceaselessly drawing into the round cauldron, and gradually, the purple mist surrounding Ji Hao became thinner and thinner. Ji Hao drove the tortoise chariot forward while both he and the mysterious man had been vigilantly looking around.

All the way, a giant amount of purple mist had been absorbed by the round cauldron. Meanwhile, the mysterious man would raise his hand and release a beam of fiery light, seeming to be doing a detecting something. However, he attained no result by now.

After seven to eight hours, a bright light spot emerged from the purple mist in the front. Ji Hao cautiously slowed down and drove the tortoise chariot to slowly approach the light spot.

From a great distance, Ji Hao saw a breathtakingly beautiful flower floating in the air that had over a thousand petals and was shining with a splendid light. In the pistil of the flower was a purely dark erect eye imprinted. The erect eye was like a black hole, seeming to devour everything in the world. From time to time, this enormous flower would vibrate intensively for a few times, but that purely dark erect eye had been remaining perfectly still all the time.

Ji Hao looked at this black erect eye from a great distance away and only felt waves of bone-piercing coldness.

He couldn’t tell why, but by simply watching this erect eye he seemed to witness all evilness and terror in the world. An indescribable despair rose directly from his heart, urging him to do something, either destroy himself or destroy countless lives.

"Pan Xi’s seal of the great Dao…and Yu Clan’s…what seal is this?" murmured the mysterious man in a low voice, "Pan Xi has fallen, but the great seal of Dao which represents the natural law of this world is suppressed in here. If Yu Clan people come to this world, would the natural law of this world be under their control?"

Gazing at this beautiful flower, the mysterious man remained silent for a while, then he chuckled.

"Ji Hao, I never entrapped anyone before, but I’ve learned so many dirty tricks from you. This time, I want to try to entrap a few people for fun. What do you think?"

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