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Sitting straight on the Tortoise chariot, Ji Has was staring at that enormous flower and was in a daze. The mysterious man floated above Ji Hap’s head with his hands locked together, continuously letting out streams of fiery light and striking into that flower of great Dao. Occasionally, he would say a few words to explain to Ji Has about this enormous flower and the Yu Clan’s seal on it.

This power of great Dao was a trace of Pan Xi’s great Dao, it was an embodiment of all great Dao of nature that Pan Xi understood and had under her control.

Reasonably, Pan Xi had fallen, and her soul was disintegrated as well, so her trace of great Dao should have perished too. However, some immeasurably powerful beings from Yu Clan had actually forcibly injected this black erect eye into her soul as a seal before her soul fell apart.

This seal contained an extremely terrifying power that was completely beyond imagination. Based on the mysterious man’s experience and knowledge, even he couldn’t tell for sure how powerful this black seal, which was filled with evil powers and despair, could be, or how many effects could it deliver. Nevertheless, just because of the existence of this seal, Pan Xi’s trace of great Dao remained after her soul disintegrated.

In addition to that, the mysterious man spent a while to run a test. According to the result, the black Yu Clan seal was still ceaselessly corroding Pan Xi’s trace of great Dao.

No one could tell how long ago did Pan Xi fall, but till now, ninety percent of the trace of great Dao she left had been changed by this black Yu Clan seal, and the black seal had forcibly turned the trace of great Dao into an unpredictably powerful treasure.

To a certain degree, this beautiful flower that had over a thousand petals had already become a tangible magic treasure from an intangible trace of great Dao. As this flower was an embodiment of the natural law of this world, Ji Hao could see it as the control hub of this world.

The one who controlled this flower of great Dao would be able to control the natural law of this world. Nevertheless, because the seal belonged to Yu Clan, only Yu Clan people who were capable of using some special kinds of magic could manipulate it. For the other people, even a slight move on this flower might bring them a great counterforce from the entire world.

The counterforce would be extremely terrifying. Not to mention Ji Hao, even Yu Yu might be crushed completely based on his current power.

"It’s impossible for me to turn it completely back now." said the mysterious man blandly, "But if I spend some effort and be careful, I can still draw a certain part of the natural Great Dao out from this flower."

On that gray, misty face of the mysterious man which never changed, a pair of eyes was sparkling quickly with a blue light.

He took out a few light purple pills and swallowed them up, after which, his body became further clearer. He then locked his fingers together and sent out streams of fiery light. Afterward, his body blurred again. Obviously, what he did had been consuming his power.

"Most fabulous part is whatever those Yu Clan people want to do, the base of that seal is the integrity of this flower of great Dao. Only the integrated flower of great Dao can maintain the balance, and the seal can continue existing."

"Once I take a part of the great Dao away, the flower Great Dao will no longer be integrated, and because the Yu Clan seal has been forcibly turning the flower…no matter who tried to turn this flower of great Dao through the seal after I take a part of great Dao away, the entire flower of great Dao will break down."

"And the breakdown of the flower of great Dao will cause a severe change in this world." The mysterious man murmured to himself a bit excitedly, "Ji Hao, at that time, you can take the opportunity and take the creative power and the power of the natural law of this world. To both you and me, that will be highly beneficial."

"With one precondition, will the flower of great Dao truly break down?" Ji Has was worried, looked at the mysterious man and asked, "What if we made a mistake?"

"I am ninety percent certain." The mysterious man narrowed his eyes and said seriously, "After all, I witnessed how Pan Gu’s trace of Dao broke down. I have the experience, so I know."

With a slight trace of pride, the mysterious man cast a glance at Ji Hao and continued, "Except me, probably only Yu Yu’s Shifu and very few other ones dare to guarantee like this. But even if Yu Yu’s Shifu came in person and dealt with Pan Xi’s flower of great Dao himself, he could only be seventy percent certain, while I am ninety percent sure."

Yu Yu’s Shifu…that was the Shifu of Ji Hao’s Shifu.

Ji Hao stared at the mysterious man with a weird look and asked, "Old man, are you truly so powerful?"

The mysterious man snorted slightly, then proudly raised his head high and said, "Although, I am a bit down right now, at least I had my good time."

Ji Hao curiously looked at the mysterious man and said "It’s strange, you barely talked back in the big world. Why are you talking over hundred times more in here than before? I think you’re over excited."

The mysterious man remained silent, not responding to Ji Hao for quite a long while. After a couple of hours, the mysterious man had already changed his hand motions for hundreds of times. He finally began murmuring again in a strange tone, "Back then, I wasn’t in a good mood and dared not to show any trace of my existence…In here, on one cares about my existence at all…Added with the fact that my mood is suddenly boosted because I now see someone had even worse luck than I did. Therefore, I talked slightly more, this is reasonable."

His mind was boosted because he saw someone had worse luck than he did? Ji Hao looked at the mysterious man in shock. He didn’t know that this old man could be so dark-minded.

Snorting coldly, Ji Hao pointed at the flower of great Dao and asked, "Your mind didn’t boost when you found out that Pan Xi has fallen, did it?"

The mysterious man didn’t respond. Instead, he was only concentrating on changing his hand motions. Gradually, his breath became heavy, and his hand motions changed faster and faster. Slowly, the incomparably enormous flower of great Dao, with each petal of it being thousands of miles long, released beams of bright golden light.

"I am taking the great Dao of sun of this world." said the mysterious man in a deep voice, "It is slightly different from the great Dao of Sun of Pan Gu world, but they are ninety-nine percent similar. Ji Hao, get ready and open your primordial spirit. I am sending Pan Xi world’s great Dao of sun into your primordial spirit."

Ji Has was scared badly that streams of cold sweat gushed out of his skin again. The mysterious man was setting a trap for those Yu Clan people, but Ji Has didn’t think that he himself would be a part of that trap!

It was an unbroken part of the great Dao of an integrated world, and it was the great Dao of sun, one of the top-level, most important parts of great Dao of nature. Sending a part of great Dao like this into Ji Hap’s primordial spirit?

With Ji Hap’s current cultivation, not to mention containing great Dao of sun of this world, only a slight touch of it would shatter Ji Hao primordial spirit into thousands of bits, wouldn’t it?

"Old man, don’t be ridiculous! I am now…" Ji Has was scared so badly that even his voice quivered slightly.

"Don’t be afraid, you have me…I worked so hard to take this great Dao of sun out, only for helping you. You cannot turn all my efforts into waste!" The mysterious man gave a resonant growl while swinging his arms up and immediately, a petal of that enormous flower of great Dao dimmed down. Meanwhile, a splendid, immense sun that was a million miles in radius drifted out silently, transformed into a tremendous golden stream and swiftly surged into the spot between Ji Hao’s eyebrows.

Ji Has lost his eyesight and felt his whole body was boiling hot. Afterward, he fainted.

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