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The new generation of tortoise chariot, with all rare materials collected by the Magi Palace, they only built six of those.

The magic lightning spurted from the mouth of the chariot was as powerful as a full-strength attack launched by a nine-star Divine Magus, terrifying and destructive. But even more terrifying were the ‘ten thousand curses’ contained in the thunderbolt.

Not more, not less, a whole ten thousand kinds of evilest magic curses created by the Magi Palace merged into one thunderbolt… Even if the target were not killed directly by the thunderbolt, those evil magic curses would linger around the target till the end of its life.

Ji Hao growled loudly and resonantly while the ten-thousand curses thunderbolt violently struck into the quickly and roughly formed battle formation of those holy spirits. A not so loud, muffled bang was then generated, and in the very next moment, over a thousand holy spirits were struck into smoke by the thunderbolt. Countless streams of black smoke that seemed like fierce poisonous snakes wriggled in every direction. At least ten-thousand holy spirits had those black smoke streams drilled into their bodies, and instantly after that, their moves became incomparably slow.

Those holy spirits, whose bodies were in the form of light, dimmed down, the bodies in the form of flame nearly extinguished, and the bodies in the form of water instantly turned purely dark.

At first sight, one could see over ten-thousand only spirits were affected by the magic curse released from the thunderbolt and now moved especially slow while weakly floating in midair, struggling and roaring with all of their powers. Three Qiong Qi beasts and a Tao Wu beast delightfully rushed into the group of slowly moving holy spirits, opened their mouths and attempted to swallow them all up. But soon, these few beasts fled right away in both shame and anger as if they had seen a real ghost.

These holy spirits were now stained by the powerful magic curse released from the thunderbolts and by now, their bodies had been giving out senses of terrifying evil powers. By now, even these Qiong Qi beasts and the Tao Wu beast, who were famous for their greediness, didn’t want to touch those holy spirits who were stained by so many evil magic curses.

"Earl Yao! Great job!" From a great distance away, a Divine Magi in a blood-red armor, standing on a beast bone chariot and holding a long spear while releasing a sky-reaching power vibration from his body growled out, "Kill, kill, kill every one of them! Take everything, now!"

Praising Ji Hao once again, this Divine Magi wielded the long spear in his hands and raised a dazzling stream of cold light, sweeping across the area hundred miles in radius, shattering countless cursed holy spirits into pieces.

After observing for a few days, Ji Hao found out that these so-called holy spirits of this world seemed to have a big half of their entire bodies transformed into forms of energies. Furthermore, the more powerful a holy spirit was, the bigger percentage of his body was in the form of one type of energy.

Transforming their bodies into the forms of energies allowed them to have all kinds of great powers. Nevertheless, another consequence of this was that once a different type of energy intruded into the body of a holy spirit, it would be like a drop of ink dripped into a tank of clear water. The ink would turn the clear water into a mess, disable the holy spirit from purifying his or her own power, and eventually cause a great harm to the holy spirit.

Therefore, once the ten-thousand curses thunderbolt was released, over ten-thousand holy spirits were harmed severely. The Tao Wu Clan Divine Magus took the opportunity and launched his move, swung his long spear and struck hundreds of holy spirits into pieces within a blink of an eye.

However, for these brave Tao Wu Clan and Qiong Qi Clan warriors who broke right in, their good luck stopped right there.

This was the base of those holy spirits, and had the strongest defense. Although those human warriors launched a surprise attack on them with the gold power air splitting magic formation, killing over two-thousand holy spirits, the other holy spirits who were guarding this place quickly realized what was happening.

The palace slightly shook, and next, above the palace, a sphere of dust, a golden mountain, a sphere of flame, a sphere of water, and a giant tree silently emerged in the sky. The most basic five natural powers showed up above the palace, after which, a stream of light and a sphere of darkness simultaneously emerged in the middle of the five basic natural powers.

Great numbers of spell symbol emerged from the air. The area a thousand mile in the radius around the palace was completely sealed, after which, these fierce human warriors, who had been madly slaughtering holy spirits were instantly frozen and disabled from moving.

Not only those Magus-King-level warriors, but also those Divine Magi who stood on chariots were sealed by the power of the magic formation.

"Damn it!" Ji Hao shouted in anger. Ji Hao didn’t have any friendly relation with Qiong Qi Clan or Tao Wu Clan, but those two clans were never Ji Hao’s enemies. Additionally, Ji Hao knew that warriors from both Qiong Qi Clan and Zhu Wu clan were madly warlike, and in wars between the humankind and non-humankind, these Western Wasteland warriors had always been daring vanguards in frontal lines.

Their act of breaking straight into the Holy Land was indeed reckless, but to a certain degree, this proved their braveness and desire to fight.

"Break!" Looking at those warriors who were sealed and disabled from moving, Ji Hao gnashed his teeth and pulled out one of the most powerful magic talismans given by Xuan Du, then threw the talisman towards that great magic formation.

Nearly a hundred holy spirits emerged in the great magic formation. These holy spirits had been releasing especially strong power vibrations that could disable people from breathing, and shining with dazzling light, that made Ji Hao feel hard to look directly at. A holy spirt whose body was shining with strong golden light, making him looked like a small sun, floated in the air and gave a cold laugh. He then seemed to say something, but next, the jade talisman thrown out by Ji Hao struck down along with forty-nine violent purple thunderbolts.

This talisman was also made by Yu Yu’s big brother himself and was indeed terrifying.

Although it was also suppressed by this world, still, this talisman released around seventy percent of its power.

Each of these forty-nine purple thunderbolts was miles thick, and along with a sky-shaking noise, the thunderbolts struck down like tsunami. The nearly a hundred, especially powerful holy spirits all screamed out, fleeing in different directions like startled rabbits.

But how could they possibly run?

When the talisman was thrown out, Ji Hao bit his tongue tip broken and spat a mouthful of spirt blood on the Heaven and Earth stamper, forcibly triggering the power of the Heaven and Earth stamper. The surrounding air was frozen as Ji Hao forcibly froze the air within the area one thousand miles in radius for about one-tenth second.

Within this extremely short span of time, this whole space was completely sealed.

The thunderbolts struck down, and the nearly hundred powerful holy spirits screamed and wailed; their bodies were shattered into thousands of bits. A dazzling, great sphere of light disintegrated and a small half of those, nearly a hundred holy spirits were directly turned into nothingness by the violent wave of thunderbolts. Only fifty to sixty of them managed to rush out with lingering electric bolts coiling around their bodies, zipping into the palace and never showing up again.

The Heaven and Earth stamper vibrated intensively. A few severely injured holy spirits fiercely glared at Ji Hao while they were fleeing into the palace.

Ji Hao moved immediately into the tortoise chariot, after which, he heard a thunderous boom as the chariot shook violently. Huge fire sparkles rose from the thick tortoise shell. Despite the stunningly great defensive power of the tortoise chariot, a creaking noise was actually generated from it. The desperate attack launched in both rage and shame by the few holy spirits had nearly broken the defense of the tortoise chariot.

Followed by another thunder bang, the figures of the five basic natural powers, the sphere of bright light and the sphere of darkness fell apart. After that, those sealed human warriors gained their freedom back simultaneously.

Ji Hao tasted blood from his throat, then a stream of blood ejected out from his mouth to a long distance away. He forcibly triggered the Heaven and Earth stamper, but those holy spirits broke the sealing when they fled. This made Ji Hao suffer a great counterforce that came from the stamper.

He leaned his upper body out of the chariot and growled harshly towards those Qiong Qi Clan and Tao Wu Clan warriors, "This is the base of our enemy, retreat!"

Warriors from the two clans realized how serious the situation was and seemed to be preparing for retreat already. They transformed into streams of gold power one after another, rose into the sky and flew away at lightning speed.

As for Ji Hao, when the battlefield was a total mess, he drove the tortoise chariot, brought up a strong stream of light and broke into the spot between Pan Xi’s eyebrows within the blink of an eye.

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