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Pan Xi had wounds on her face as well. Probably it was only a slight wound, but in Ji Hao’s eyes, it was a tens of thousands of miles long rift valley.

That palace was vigilantly guarded. Ji Hao pondered for two days but still couldn’t find an opportunity for him to sneak into the palace. About a thousand miles away from the palace, he found a ‘rift valley’ to hide and build a small shelter for himself. After that, he spent some more time and efforts and cast a round mirror magic, with which, he observed that palace.

Sitting in his small shelter that could protect him from the wind and gather natural powers, Ji Hao had a mirror, that was three-feet in diameter, floating in front of him, releasing a fifteen-meter in diameter, round-shaped light screen. Images on that light screen constantly changed under Ji Hao’s will.

Round mirror magic was a secret Magi Palace magic. In Pu Ban City, magic mirrors created by those master Magi of the Magi Palace could lighten up the area tens of billions of miles in radius, and were the best tool for human leaders to make an inspection tour of the whole world. But in this world, Ji Hao was suppressed by the world itself, and added with the fact that Ji Hao’s current power was limited, the magic mirror created by him could only allow him to grasp every single move within the area with a radius of three thousand miles at the maximum.

Compared with Yu Yu’s magic formation, this round mirror magic had many weaknesses. For example, although Ji Hao could grasp a slight single move within three thousand miles in radius through the magic mirror, just like the eyes of a human being, his eyesight could only focus on one area at a time.

However, Yu Yu’s magic formation allowed Ji Hao to clearly know about any moves made by anything within its effective range, even the moving track of a grain of dust. The difference between Yu Yu’s magic formation and the round mirror magic was huge, but under the current circumstances, the round mirror magic was a quite practical little magic for Ji Hao.

From that clear light screen, Ji Hao saw that many holy spirits could be faintly seen around the palace. Each day, a great number of holy spirits would go in or come out from the palace, and it seemed to be a busy place. From time to time, dazzling streams of light would fly out from the great palace, pierce into the clouds then disappear. Apparently, that was the holy spirits in the palace contacting with people in the outside world through some secret kind of magic.

Ji Hao sneakily observed the palace for a couple of days. He had already seen hundreds of human warriors being captured alive and sent to the palace. Those captured human warriors were all Magus Kings, and Qiong Sang Qi was the only one, who was captured alive by these local creatures as a Divine Magus and a prince. During the past few days, Ji Hao didn’t see another Divine Magus being captured at all.

Watching the palace for a few days, Ji Hao suddenly found out that a not-so-obvious spell symbol power vibration was released from a few captured human warriors’ bodies.

Since the natural law of this world was different from the natural law of the big world, and the cultivation system used by people in this world was also entirely different from humankind’s cultivation method, those local holy spirits didn’t discover the mysterious spell symbol power vibration released from the few human warriors’ bodies. Nevertheless, that faint spell symbol power vibration could never conceal from Ji Hao.

"Old man, we got our chance." Ji Hao narrowed his eyes, looking at the round light screen. On the screen were these few human warriors, who had been yelling and cursing towards a group of holy spirits. These human warriors had tough bodies and strong life-force, and no matter how hard those holy spirits hit them, they only yelled louder and louder.

These few human warriors had learned the local language as well, of cursing; they learned quite a lot bad languages. By now, they were all giving out extremely mean and abusive words that badly enraged those holy spirits, who then threw the few human warriors on the plaza in front of the palace, raised a long whip and lashed on their bodies.

Blood splashed everywhere while blood mist puffed up into the air. These few human warriors who had been cursing those holy spirits all the time had their muscles whipped into pieces and blood spurted out in streams. Nevertheless, among magics created by the humankind, all kinds of magics that required spirit blood as triggers were especially mysterious and powerful. Once a magic was related to spirit blood of its caster, it would only grow more and more powerful.

Magus Kings had extraordinarily strong life-force, and as long as the life-force of a Magus King remained unexhausted, no matter how much blood she or she lost, the blood would always be regenerated.

The few human warriors rolled and struggled on the plaza, while blood gushed out of their bodies like fountains. Gradually, an enormous, blood-red magic pattern was drawn on the palace.

"Eh? The one who planned this is quite powerful!" Ji Hao recognized this magic pattern. That was a ‘gold power air splitting magic formation’ used the most by the Western Wasteland’s Qiong Qi Clan. This magic formation was created by master Magi of the Qiong Qi Clan especially for emergency rescue on battlefields.

Once the magic formation was triggered, an immeasurably great gold power would split the air open and reach to where the formation was triggered while Qiong Qi Clan warriors would be teleport directly to the battlefield. Moreover, the gold power released from the magic formation could transform into countless golden blades and attack the enemies, even causing a mass destruction to the surrounding area of the magic formation.

The three-hundred-meter in diameter magic pattern was nearly formed, but some of those present holy spirits discovered some clues. Instantly, two dazzling spheres of light let out raging growls as ten tens of holy spirits made their moves simultaneously, launching all kinds of attacks to the few human warriors.

Nevertheless, in the exact moment when these holy spirits made their moves, a thunderous boom happened. Huge streams of gold power burst from the few human warriors’ bodies, transforming into countless brightly shining golden blades, fiercely piercing in every direction.

Streams of gold power sliced the air open while a great number of warriors dashed out from the gold power. Followed by loud and resonant shouts, thousands of heavily armored human warriors surged out of the magic formation.

Bang! Bang! Sky-shaking bangs could be heard endlessly. These human warriors were holding all kinds of crossbows, releasing powerful enchanted arrows, that were specially produced by the Magi Palace, in all directions. Arrows screamed like a storm, not giving those holy spirits any time to react before those holy spirits were shot into griddles.

A thunderous beast roar came, followed by which, three hundred meters long gigantic Qiong Qi beast leaped out from behind those thousands of human warriors, opened their mouths and spurted out strong and fierce power streams towards those holy spirits, who had already fallen into a panic.

Tens of holy spirits lost balance. They didn’t even dream that fierce, prehistorical beasts like these would suddenly show up. Their bodies were wrapped up by the power streams released from Qiong Qi Beasts’ mouths, then pulled into the beasts’ mouths while screaming.

A loud series of chewing sounds could be heard. Those tens of holy spirits, who were as powerful as one-star Divine Magi, were swallowed up by the three Qiong Qi beasts. After that, the three beasts roared out delightfully and excitedly while letting out hundreds of meter long blood-red lights, fiercely dazzling towards all directions.

"Kill…Eat them all!" Another thousands of heavily armored human warriors, whose bodies were wrapped in turbid mist, dashed out from the magic formation. Closely following behind these human warriors were over a hundred, hideous-looking chariots made from beast bones. And behind these chariots was a thousands of meter long, especially fierce, mountain-huge Tao Wu beast.

The two Western Wasteland clans, Qiong Qi Clan and Tao Wu Clan had joined hands and launched an attack. Nearly a hundred Divine Magi and thousands of Magus Kings launched a surprise attack to the holy palace of these local holy spirits, and even Ji Hao couldn’t help but applaud for these brave human warriors.

These people had actually broken into the base of these local holy spirits just like this!

They did have guts!

Ji Hao gave a long and resonant shout while the tortoise chariot flew out from his sleeve and expanded to hundreds of meters in length within the blink of an eye. Ji Hao stood on the head of the tortoise chariot and drove the chariot, moving swiftly towards the palace.

When he was hundreds of miles away from the palace, Ji Hao stomped his foot against the tortoise head. As a result, the tortoise head opened its mouth.

Following a shrill, ghost-scream like noise, a heavy and dark bolt of ‘ten thousand curses magic lightning’ thundered out. It released a sky-devouring power vibration and struck on the heads of the group of holy spirits, who had gathered up just now, along with miles long black light stream.

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