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Ji Hao was on Pan Xi’s lower leg.

The natural powers in Pan Xi world precipitated on Pan Xi’s body, and after countless years, these natural powers contained into layers of rocks and wrapped Pan Xi up, turning her into a vast land.

However, between Pan Xi’s body and the bottom layer of rock was a great space, with the height of about ten-thousand kilometers.

Perhaps, some of Pan Xi’s spiritual power still remained in her body, that disabled those rocks condensed from natural power from staining her body. Pan Xi’s body remained perfectly ‘stainless’, as clean and pure as a newly opened world.

Ji Hao flew swiftly in the space between Pan Xi’s body and the rock layer.

The heaven and earth stamper floated above his head, releasing an invisible force field that covered Ji Hao up. Ji Hao zipped in the air like a ghost, towards Pan Xi’s head at his highest speed.

If he walked on the ground, Ji Hao might encounter with holy spirits anytime. He didn’t know exactly how many holy spirits existed in the world yet, and if he ever were circled up by those holy spirits or fell into a trap like the poor guy Qiong Sang Qi, that wouldn’t be funny at all.

However, upon Pan Xi’s body and under the thick layers of rock, not a single holy spirit dared to come to this area. Therefore, Ji Hao wouldn't fall in any danger by moving freely in this space. Unless Pan Xi suddenly woke up and slapped Ji Hao, nothing dangerous would ever happen to Ji Hao right now.

Flying at high speed for three days and four nights, Ji Hao abruptly stopped.

With the power of the heaven and earth stamper, which had been through a magical transformation, Ji Hao pushed himself up with the natural power of this world. He had flown for such a long time but still hadn’t left the area of Pan Xi’s lower legs, and was now still a great distance away from her knees.

However, near Pan Xi’s knee and on the upper part of Pan Xi’s one lower leg, Ji Hao saw an enormous tower.

Exquisite and luxurious, decorated with countless gaudy patterns of flowers, petals and other plants, the extremely luxurious style of this tower reminded Ji Hao of those Yu Clan people, who were obsessed with luxurious things.

The entirely golden tower was thousands of meters tall. Ji Hao looked up along its excessively decorated surface, and as he thought, he found a familiar totem upon the tower — an erect eye floating within coiling mist.

"Blood Moon’s magic tool?" Ji Hao was astonished and shouted out while reaching his hand out, attempting to touch the tower.

The mysterious man suddenly burst a resonant growl in his spiritual space that startled Ji Hao badly and made him draw back his hand immediately. Afterward, Ji Hao leaped and flew backward for over a hundred miles, then asked, "Old man, what’s wrong? That seemed to be Blood Moon’s magic tool!"

"Stay away from that if you don’t want to die. That is indeed a Blood Moon’s magic tool. Look at the shape of the tower, it is the tip of the tail of a four-edged, bone-puncturing awl." said the mysterious man blandly, "That is a weapon powerful enough to hurt Pan Xi. If you touched it just now, you would have already become ashes now."

Ji Hao’s scalp numbed because of the lingering fear, and his fine hair stood straight up.

He looked at the tower in shock. Upon carefully observing, he found that, as the mysterious man said, this tower-shaped thing was truly the tail of an enormous weapon. Only a tail was thousands of meters long, so one could easily imagine how immense this entire weapon was.

Who was Pan Xi? She was a powerful being who created a world. For the weapon that punctured her body and pierced deep into her bones, was Ji Hao able to touch that without any protection?

Furthermore, the fact was that all kinds of curses of the Blood Moon were weird and especially evil. Ji Hao dared not to even imagine the consequence if he actually touched that tower just now.

He moved far, far away from that tower, then kept flying towards Pan Xi’s head.

Moving for another two days and nights, Ji Hao stopped again. He had approached Pan Xi’s knee already, and he found that on each side of this knee of Pan Xi, a dilapidated dagger was stuck deeply in her body.

From a great distance away, Ji Hao sensed a sky-devouring fierce power vibration coming right at his face. Therefore, he only cast a glance at the two daggers from hundreds of miles away, then took a detour, not even daring to enter into the area hundred miles in radius around the two daggers.

The closer he got to Pan Xi’s head, the more wounds Ji Hao found on her body. All kinds of enormous and oddly-shaped weapons were stuck in her body, and every single one of these weapons had been releasing an especially strong power vibration, under the effect of which, Ji Hao even felt hard to breathe. Ji Hao was forced to take detours over and over again because of these enormous weapons.

When he reached Pan Xi’s stomach and chest, Ji Hao couldn’t help but have his scalp numbed.

The vast chest and stomach area of Pan Xi was nearly destroyed. Tens of thousands of miles long wounds could be seen everywhere; Ji Hao couldn’t tell how deep those enormous slashes were, because as he stood on the edge of a wound and looked down into it, he saw nothing but darkness.

These wounds on Pan Xi’s chest and abdomen area were like numerous black holes, continuously devouring everything in the surrounding.

Near the edges of those wounds, Ji Hao saw many gigantic broken metal pieces, which were decorated with complicated and exquisite patterns and had been releasing great power vibrations. These metal pieces should be parts of powerful weapons, but those weapons were destroyed already.

Under the mysterious man’s guidance, Ji Hao collected as many metal pieces as he could.

According to the mysterious man, these metal pieces were all made from materials that could only be found in Chaos and were much more precious than those divine materials that those divine gods collected from the void to build Ji Hao’s city. After Ji Hao had put these pieces into the small round cauldron in his lower abdomen, a great amount of Chaos power came out each day, ceaselessly strengthening Ji Hao’s body.

Other than the Chaos power, numerous human-head-sized, extremely heavy, multicolored metal balls had been flying out from the small cauldron one after another. The mysterious man said that these metal balls were top-grade materials, and Ji Hao could bring them back and let Priest Yu Yu do some work with them. Yu Yu could totally make a few genuinely powerful pieces of weapons for Ji Hao with these metal balls, and those weapons would be as powerful as pre-world treasures.

Rushing all the way while collecting broken metal pieces, Ji Hao spent another two months on his journey. Finally, he came near Pan Xi’s forehead. He was still tens of thousands of miles away from the spot between Pan Xi’s eyebrows. Therefore, Ji Hao stopped moving, hid himself in the mist that came out from the cloud bag, and surrounded himself with quite a few concealing magic formations.

Tens of thousands of miles away, and above the spot between Pan Xi’s eyebrows, about three kilometers high from the ground was an entirely golden palace floating in the air, supported by a sphere of purple mist.

The golden palace was in a simple ancient style and didn’t have any decorations on the outside. From a great distance, Ji Hao sensed a prehistorical yet strong sense of power from it. This great palace was just like a resting beast, which gave Ji Hao a strong sense of danger.

By receiving the signal given by the tracking talisman, Ji Hao sensed that Qiong Sang Qi was now in the great palace.

However, human-shaped silhouettes had been flashing and sparkling around the palace. Tens of thousands of holy spirits, with bodies in forms of light, flame, sands or winds, had been moving around the palace.

If Ji Hao guessed right, this place should be the core area of this space that was called ‘Holy Land’ by local people in this world, and this palace should be their supreme holy palace.

"Old man, we can’t approach." Ji Hao helplessly looked at that palace and said. No matter how brave he was, he would never dare to start a fight against tens of thousands of top-grade powerful beings of a world!

"Indeed a bit troublesome." murmured the mysterious man.

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