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With some cautiousness, carefulness and some fear, Ji Hao silently stepped on a green grassland.

After talking with the mysterious man, Ji Hao learned something about the so-called ‘Pan’. Opening up a world and ruling the natural laws… In a world opened up by a ‘Pan’, this Pan could do whatever he or she wanted. Any word he or she said could become a natural law.

One could never estimate the power of a ‘Pan’. Even if she seemed to have fallen already, one could never know what she left as the last and strongest defense. For the last defense left by a ‘Pan’, even if that were only a small, weak defense to this ‘Pan’, it would still be powerful enough to kill countless living beings like Ji Hao within a single moment.

"Pan X, Pan Xi… who created this world." Ji Hao squatted on the ground, pulled a few grass up and carefully looked at them while he curiously asked, "So, old man, the world that we belong to is countless times more powerful than this world. What is the name of the powerful being who created a world? He or she should be stronger than Pan Xi, right?"

From the misty spirit space of Ji Hao, the mysterious man’s voice came, "Gu, his name was Gu. He was Pan Gu, who opened that big world. In Chaos symbols, ‘Gu’ means ‘extremely strong’. Therefore, the word he created was surely much, much more powerful than this world opened up by Pan Xi."

Ji Hao paused briefly. ‘Pan Gu’? Wasn’t that right? He knew that this would be the name which he was going to hear.

Before Ji Hao said anything, the mysterious man laughed coldly and continued, "Nevertheless, what is the big deal about being strong? ‘Extremely strong’, that was nothing but strength. Silly beings who didn’t have a good brain, they die when they had to die. Pan Xi still managed to leave a body, while he…even his body had disintegrated…Dragon-kind, phoenix-kind and humankind…hm!"

Ji Hao opened his mouth widely in shock.

According to the mysterious man, Pan Gu’s body was disintegrated after he fell, then derived into the three races? Were dragon-kind, phoenix-kind and humankind generated from Pan Gu’s disintegrated body? Earlier, the mysterious man helped him merge the spirt blood that came from the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind into his body. By now, Ji Hao possessed a powerful bloodline. Didn’t that mean…

"Then…" Ji Hao wanted to ask a further question.

"Don’t ask, and don’t say it. Keep it in your mind…Do not show any trace. Otherwise, some people might capture you and turn you into magic pills." said the mysterious man after a cold snort, "Priest Yu Yu isn’t bad…Among him and his two brothers, he might be the only kind one. Hehe, you are his disciple, he surely wouldn’t harm you… but he has two brothers."

Cold sweat oozed out of Ji Hao’s back. He dared not to say anymore word. Throwing the few crushed grass away, he began carefully differentiating the sounds coming from surrounding areas.

"Go down," said the mysterious man in a deep voice, "Down into the ground to see her real body. Then go take a look at the spot between her eyebrows, see if she had left anything. Maybe, those non-humankind beings designed this life-and-death game for what was left by Pan Xi."

Ji Hao paused again in shock, "Are you saying that the non-humankind designed this life-and-death game for Pan Xi?"

The mysterious man’s voice sounded full of questions as well, "The strange thing is, the Chaos is boundless and endless… How did they predict the arrival of Pan Xi world? Was Pan Xi killed by them?"

Ji Hao stopped talking. Instead, he cast a magic that allowed him to move underground. He transformed into a faint stream of yellow smoke, drilling into the ground. The Heaven and Earth stamper floated upon Ji Hao’s head, helping him cast the earth power underground away, allowing him to move faster and more easily.

In Midland, with Ji Hao’s current power, if he cast an underground moving magic, he could drill into the ground for thousands of miles deep within a second. But as he was rejected by this world, especially in this fascinating space, the pressure and rejection force given to Ji Hao grew stronger and stronger. Even though he had fully activated his power and was with the help of the Heaven and Earth stamper, he could still drill down only three-hundred meters within the span of every breath.

Drilling down with some solid difficulties for two days and nights, the pressure that Ji Hao and been withstanding grew even stronger.

Ji Hao felt that he wasn’t moving in the soil. Instead, he was like an earthworm with poor luck for having drilled into a rock. By now, drilling down for every meter deeper would cost him a great effort. After another day and night, the rock layers surrounding Ji Hao became crystal clear, like gemstones, and his moving speed became as slow as a snail.

"Old man, I can’t go deeper. Rock layers here are way too tough, and every single inch of these rocks naturally contains the power of Dao, I can’t go anywhere deeper."

Ji Hao helplessly yelled to the mysterious man in his spiritual space.

The mysterious man gradually showed up. Without saying anything, he took a deep breath, the locked his hands together into a strange motion and silently waved his hands.

The rock layers surrounding Ji Hao suddenly rippled gently like water while streams of strong and pure earth power transformed into visible yellow flowing light, injecting into the Heaven and Earth stamper floating upon Ji Hao’s head.

A thick layer of yellow spell symbols lightened up. Ji Hao somehow felt that the Heaven and Earth stamper was now looting the power of natural laws of this world, and had been through a thorough, magical transformation. The Heaven and Earth stamper was now becoming more magical and powerful, and its power became immeasurable.

The magical transformation lasted for merely a quarter of an hour. After that, the mysterious man let out a heavy breath, then disappeared without saying anything.

Ji Hao tried to trigger the Heaven and Earth stamper, after which, his moving speed instantly raised. Without making any noise, he was like a nimble fish that leaped into the water, easily swimming down without any difficulty.

"Since you have such a magical power, why didn’t you do it earlier?" Ji Hao yelled in surprise.

After the Heaven and Earth stamper transformed, Ji Hao faintly sensed that the pressure and great rejection force this world gave him had mostly gone. By now, he could at least activate a small half of his power. Within the span of a few breaths, he moved through rock layers and landed on a bouncy surface.

Wherever his sight could reach, the surface under his feet was white, soft yet pliable. Ji Hao squatted, pressed his hands heavily on this surface, and only felt warm, soft and smooth, even smoother than Man Man and Shaosi’ hands.

From the surrounding areas, he heard slight sounds of flowing water and sensed a strong life-force. Ji Hao looked around, then suddenly realized that he was now standing on Pan Xi’s body. This white surface under his feet was Pan Xi’s skin, the flowing water sounds were caused by Pan Xi’s flowing bloodstreams, while the strong life-force he sensed, of course, meant that Pan Xi’s enormous body still had its vitality.

"She didn’t die!" Ji Hao shouted out in shock.

"No, the physical body is different from the soul." The mysterious man’s deep voice came, "Her body still has vigor and vitality, but she seems to be in a deep sleep, without moving. This proves that something terrible happened to her soul. Probably, her soul has already perished, we don’t know yet."

"So…" Ji Hao looked at the snow-white skin under his feet and asked, "What can I do?"

"Go to the spot between her eyebrows." said the mysterious man, "If she has truly fallen, you and I are going to be so lucky."

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