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In the air, a hair-thin crack appeared, then faded right away.

Ji Hao transformed into a gust of wind and rushed into the crack immediately. Before his eyes, streams of splendid glow dazzled across and after a short moment, he arrived in a magical space.

A sun and a moon were shining in the sky, facing each other. Strong and purely positive sun power and gentle, chilly moonlight coexisted in the sky, with thousands of huge stars that seemed only slightly smaller than the sun and the moon hanging and glowing in the sky, releasing powers with different natures.

This space had clear boundaries. A shell, condensed from purple mist surrounded the entire space. Ji Ha came in through this purple layer of mist. Within the purple mist, golden spell symbols that were constantly changing shapes had been sparkling like thunderbolts, giving a heart touching sense of beauty.

In the center of this space, which was extremely far from Ji Hao, a piece of land was quietly floating in the air, under the light of the moon and sun.

The natural powers in the air were indescribably dense. Ji Hao and already gotten used to the amazingly dense natural powers in Pu Ban City, but still, the rich natural powers in this space made him cough intensively after he came in.

Waving his hand, Ji Hao saw clear streams of air-ripples were stirred up. Natural powers were so dense they even became like water. Any move made by Ji Hao could fluctuate the surrounding natural powers.

What was more shocking was that many different sized mountains, rocks, lands, fire spheres, water streams, giant trees and other things were also floating in the air. All kinds of magic herbs were growing on those mountains, rocks, and lands. Even those fire spheres, water streams, and giant trees had different types of magic herbs growing in them.

These magic herbs were completely different from magic herbs in the big world where Ji Hao belonged, but every single leave or petal of these herbs could deliver a stunningly great efficacy and was definitely a top-grade treasure.

"All great treasures, what a shame…In this world, you can’t eat anything strange, can you? Not even magic herbs, otherwise, I might be poisoned to death." Ji Hao helplessly looked at countless magic herbs slowly drifting across before his eyes.

To local people in this world, even a single flower or grass in here could be a top-grade natural power. But to Ji Hao, who was an intruder, an ‘outer space monster’, he dared not to just eat any one of these herbs. The local people’s magical medicine might be strong poison to Ji Hao, that even his soul could be destroyed completely by a single touch of these herbs.

"The true treasure is over there!" The mysterious man’s voice came from Ji Hao’s spiritual space. Different from his usual tone, which was bland and slow, he sounded impatient, even a bit eager, as if he couldn’t wait.

Ji Hao looked at where the mysterious man pointed. The distance was rather long. However, the central area of this space seemed to be unimaginably vast. Although Ji Hao was now billions of miles away from the central area, that floating land still occupied ten percent of Ji Hao’s eyesight.

Giving a closer look, Ji Hao suddenly popped his eyes out in shock. Did he misread this? He shouldn’t! He definitely didn’t misread this!

In the central area of this space was a land floating in the air, remaining perfect still. Looking from where Ji Hao was, the floating land was an enormous, beautiful girl!

This couldn’t go wrong; that was a girl, with a beautiful face, long and slim neck, towering breasts, long and slim arms, smooth stomach, straight, strong legs.

Even Ji Hao’s face slightly blushed, because he also saw the most private body part of the enormous girl. Everything was so clear.

On this incomparably enormous girl’s body, all kinds of natural powers had constantly been precipitating. Therefore, she gradually had mountains, rivers, forests, grasslands on her body. On those mountains and in those forests, those holy spirits, who were worshiped by local people in this world, built magnificent palaces and mansions, and numerous mountain-huge statues for people to worship.

Ji Hao’s eyes sparkled with a golden light. He could clearly see countless gigantic statues standing on this enormous floating land.

All those statues were in the figure of a beautiful girl. From a great distance, one could find that those statues seemed eighty to ninety percent similar to this enormous floating land.

"This…" Ji Hao only felt dizzy.

This enormous floating land made Ji Hao feel that it might be an illusion. However, the shape of a beautiful girl of this floating land was not an illusion. Instead, it was transformed from some kind of magical and great living creature, and it should be the body of a great living being.

"Pan Xi…Her name is Pan Xi." In Ji Hao’s spiritual space, the mysterious man murmured to himself in a low voice, "Very beautiful name, isn’t it?"

"Hm? What?" Ji Hao asked in confusion, "What name? Pan Xi? Which Pan? Which Xi?"

"In the boundless Chaos, the ones who were powerful enough to create worlds were respectfully called ‘Pan’, and ‘Xi’, was her name. A Pan, who was named as Xi, therefore, she is Pan Xi." murmured the mysterious man, "Did she…fall?"

‘In the boundless Chaos, the ones who were powerful enough to open up worlds were respectfully called Pan’? This girl was named ‘Xi’? Therefore, she was Pan Xi?

Ji Hao was still confused. He asked the mysterious man anther question, "How do you know her name?"

The mysterious man responded blandly, "You carefully read those spell symbols in the purple mist. Everything about her is in these spell symbols. When and where was she born, what she had been through, how she cultivated herself, when she opened this world up…Including all natural laws of this world, everything is recorded by spell symbols in the purple mist.

Ji Hao turned around, widely opened his eyes and tried to read those constantly changing golden spell symbols which were rolling in the purple mist. The strokes of those golden spell symbols seemed to be strong and in an ancient style, releasing an indescribably prehistorical sense of power. However, Ji Hao didn’t know a single one of those golden spell symbols.

"I can’t read them!" Ji Hao responded frankly while giving a bitter smile, "Can’t read even one of them. They're completely different from all spell symbols I know. There wasn’t anything mentioned regarding these in my Shifu, Yu Yu’s scriptures."

"These are Chaos symbols, also named as Chaos traces." said the mysterious man in a deep voice, "You have not yet reached the level of these things. Therefore, it’s better for you to not know them."

Pausing briefly, the mysterious man continued a bit hesitatingly, "But, no harm would be done if you learn them ahead of the time. Nevertheless, as your primordial spirit is not yet strong enough, do not recklessly try to dig too deep…With your current cultivation, a single Chaos trace can drain your soul and perish you."

Countless twisted gray spell symbols flew out from the round platform that the mysterious man was sitting upon, then slowly merged with Ji Hao’s primordial spirit like fishes swimming in the water.

The mysterious man then continued in a gentle voice, "When you reach a certain level with your cultivation, you will naturally recognize these symbols. Do not worry about them now. Go to Pan Xi’s body, find the spot between her eyebrows and see if she has fallen. If she has fallen already, we don’t need to be too polite."

The mysterious man sounded quite fierce.

Ji Hao asked in a low voice, "If she has fallen, are we going to…rob?"

Remaining silent for a while, the mysterious man rescinded with a deep voice, "That’s right, if she has fallen already, you make a move…Rob for me!"

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