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Ji Hao was rather curious about the portal when he stepped in. Maybe the portal was naturally so magical, or it was because of the advanced technique of Yu Clan, Ji Hao only felt streams of multicolored light flash across before his eyes, without other strange feelings. Next, he reached abruptly under a blue sky.

Man Man, Shaosi, Yu Mu, Taisi, Feng Xing and Zhu Rong Long and the other people who came in while joining hands with Ji Hao had now all gone missing. When he came through the portal, Ji Hao felt that the surrounding area suddenly became empty and then his friends disappeared. Ji Hao couldn't find any trace of his friends anymore.

Even from the scriptures given by Yu Yu and Po's cultivating experiences, Ji Hao didn't find anything about a small world like this.

Coming into a small world which was caught by the big world and was being devoured by the big world, the mysteriousness regarding this was different from the laws of the big world. Yu Yu had never mentioned anything regarding this, and neither did Po talk about this. Therefore, Ji Hao had no clue about what all was happening.

He quickly took out a jade talisman wrapped in purple smoke from his sleeve, seeing numerous blood-red light spots sparkling on the jade talisman. Ji Hao instantly sighed in relief. This jade talisman was one of those supportive magic tools given by Xuan Du. It allowed Ji Hao to contact his friends more conveniently and to know his friends' current status. According to the instructions on a jade tablet, as long as his friends stayed in the area with a radius of a hundred million miles around Ji Hao, Ji Hao could easily contact his friends through the jade talisman.

However, by now, the jade talisman only had blood-red light spots sparkling on it, showing that all Ji Hao's friends were safe. But apart from this, the talisman showed no movement even as Ji Hao injected a wave of power in it like the instructions said. Only the purple smoke had constantly been coming from and moving around the talisman.

Obviously, Man Man, Shaosi and Ji Hao's other friends were more than a hundred million miles away from him. Therefore, Ji Hao couldn't reach them through the jade talisman.

"A hundred million miles…so troublesome!" Ji Hao took a deep breath, settled his mind down and looked around.

He was falling from a high altitude.

The sky was blue, clearer and more vivid than the sky of the big world. That lively blue seemed to even drip down from the sky like dew drops. Ji Hao was now in the air, hundreds of thousands of meters high from the ground. He was falling at a very high speed, but it would take at least two to three days for him to reach the ground.

Looking around, Ji Hao saw thriving green woods down there. From the sky, Ji Hao saw the woods extending for hundreds of thousands of miles, with towering trees and dragon-like vines that made these woods look similar to Southern Wasteland jungles.

Ji Hao couldn't yet define the directions of this world, as three suns were shining in the sky together. According to the concept of time used in the big world, it should have been high noon right now. Ji Hao couldn't even do a division of this world according to the position of the sun.

In front of him, about twenty to thirty thousand miles away and outside those dark green woods was a vast grassland. Different sized spots thickly scattered on the grassland. A gale blew across, making long grasses wave like water while those spots slowly moved. Those should be animals moving on the grassland.

The air was suffused by dense natural powers. Ji Hao carefully distinguished the natural power and found that the natural powers of this small world had different natures as well. All kinds of natural powers mixed together, providing this world with a strong life-force. Compared to the natural powers of the big world, the natures of natural powers of this small world were a bit different. But they could still be roughly divided according to the five basic elements and yin and yang. Ji Hao absorbed the natural powers directly into his body and found no difference from the natural powers of the big world.

Taking a deep breath, Ji Hao carefully activated three-hundred Magus Acupoints of his which were not so important. Dense natural powers surged in as Ji Hao silently used the mysterious cultivation method with nine turns, letting those natural powers flow in this body for a while, until they were absorbed by his body.

After small half an hour, Ji Hao didn't find anything wrong with his body. Therefore, he breathed deeply and fully activated his power. Puff! A great essence sun fire burst from behind Ji Hao's body, transforming into a pair of golden, shining wings. Nothing seemed to be wrong before he activated his power, but once he activated his spirit star power, a dense dark cloud immediately emerged upon Ji Hao's head. Followed by a deep buzzing noise, the dark cloud speedily expanded, transforming into a hundred-mile in radius whirl-shaped cloud rotating above Ji Hao's head. Black-purple bolts of lightning constantly dazzled in the cloud, and before Ji Hao made any reaction, a thumb-sized lightning bolt struck fiercely down.

Ji Hao had just entered into this small world and activated his power. Instantly, a natural trial of this world had come to him. Ji Hao even sensed a repulsive force from the air surrounding him, added with pressures from unknown sources, surging over from all directions. The repulsive force and pressures didn't have any effect on his physical strength, but the flowing rate of his spirit star power declined suddenly by over ninety-five percent. Even his primordial spirit sensed a slight trace of stagnation.

Bang! The lightning bolt suddenly blasted upon Ji Hao's head.

Same as lightning in the big world, this bolt of lightning contained a great, destructive power. Ji Hao roughly calculated that the power of the lightning bolts equaled a full-strength attack launched by a new Magus King.

Snorting coldly, Ji Hao's Gold Crow cloak released a raging golden fire, wrapping him entirely up, transforming into a flame-shaped shield around Ji Hao's body. The lightning bolt blasted out against the shield, slightly vibrated it but failed to do any harm to Ji Hao's body.

Afterward, thirty-five bolts of lightning struck down in a row. Ji Hao stood in the air, letting the lightning bolts roar down. The last three bolts of lightning were as thick as his fist and as powerful as a full-strength attack launched by a peak-level Magus King. However, Ji Hao easily held them off.

Ji Hao's current body condition was as good as that of a three-star Divine Magi. Therefore, peak-Magus-King-level attacks could now do no harm to him.

The dark cloud slowly dispelled while the repulsive force and the pressure coming from unknown sources remained. Ji Hao was clearly aware that this repulsive power and pressure would linger around him for a very long period of time as he was an outsider, and this small world viewed him as an intruder. But as the small world was gradually devoured by the big world and the original power of this small world dissipated constantly, that repulsive power and pressure would weaken bit by bit.

Spreading the pair of wings of essence sun fire, Ji Hao floated in the air and released waves of spirit power, after which, Ji Hao knitted his eyebrows. Because of the repulsive force that came from this world, his spirit power could only reach an area tens of miles in radius around him. This range was far smaller than before when he was in the big world.

"Hm, I have to find Man Man and the others first. After all, I still have a year!" murmured Ji Hao to himself. He didn't know exactly how small this small world was, but since it was a world, it surely wouldn't be too small. Although hundreds of millions of human beings had entered in, but scattered in this small world, it was truly not easy for them to find each other.

Ji Hao chose the grassland, then began moving towards it, but then he knitted his eyebrows once again. His flying speed had become a lot slower than before, able to make thirty to fifty miles within a second at max. How could this speed be compared with his speed back in the big world, where he could move tens of thousands of miles within a second?

While he was flying at his highest speed, suddenly, a shrill howl came from the woods down below. Following this, an over a thousand meter long centipede dashed over through the clouds as fast as a gust of wind, then opened its jaws and roared towards Ji Hao.

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