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The non-humankind's divine towers tore the world's dissepiments open and forcibly created a sesame-sized hole in between the two worlds. Followed by a great cracking noise, glaze-like dissepiments of the two worlds began shattering around the black spot, and the black spot expanded bit by bit, to the size of a bean and then to the size of a walnut…

The fragments falling from the dissepiments grew bigger and bigger, falling quicker and quicker. Meanwhile, the black spot was transforming into a seven-colored portal. Fierce winds roared over, as a strong hurricane blew to the big world from the small world, the seven-colored wind would immediately dispelling into streams of Chaos power after it reached to 'above the sky'. It was then quickly being devoured by the void of the big world.

The small world was like a juicy fruit while the big world was like a greedy child; the child held the fruit tightly, constantly draining fresh juice from the fruit.

The small word's things and energies ceaselessly spurted out from the expanding portal. At first, seven-colored streams of light flew out, following which was abundant natural power. At last, giant rocks and mountains flew out from the portal. But no matter rocks or mountains, all of them would be destroyed thoroughly once they entered into the big world. The law of the big world would transform them into the purest and most original Chaos power, then quickly devour them.

Tens of Yu Clan people floated beside the portal. A Yu Clan elderly man with white hair warned in a harsh tone, "Everyone, get into the portal with your own power. Do not hide in any small dimensions spurting out by magic formations. Otherwise, the power of the world might crush the small dimension and you along with it!"

The Yu Clan elderly man teasingly looked at those human warriors who had lined up in front of the portal and yelled, "I know that lowly and stupid barbaric creatures like you wouldn't understand this. Therefore, we nicely remind you that…the noble Yu Clan will kill all of you with our true powers, instead of any dirty tricks!"

Ji Hao saw all elite human beings around him pause simultaneously. Then, including Zhu Rong Tianming, they all took out all kinds of magic treasures from their sleeves - vehicles, pavilions, palaces, mountains with caves. Then, from these vehicles, buildings and caves, troops of heavily armored elite warriors rushed out.

On an average, each one of those over ten-million elite human beings who would join the life-and-death game had taken twenty to thirty elite warriors with them.

Before, Ji Hao thought that these human beings he saw around him were all who would take part in the game. But as Zhu Rong Tianming and the others moved into action, so many more warriors walked out from those treasures they took out!

Not to mention the others, only from the fiery vehicle that flew out from Zhu Rong Tianming's sleeve, thirty thousand Zhu Rong Family warriors dashed out. All of these warriors were at peak-senior-level, and their mounts were fiery dragons and flood dragons at senior level as well!

Even Si Wen Ming, who stood beside Ji Hao, let out a three-foot tall tiny mountain from his sleeve. The tiny mountain suddenly expanded to become thousands of meters tall within the blink of an eye. In the middle of the mountain was a dark hole, from which, a dense stream of power spurted out. Next, thirty Divine Magi and three-hundred and sixty Magus Kings walked out!

All those Divine Magi were mounted on khaki-colored, winged flying bears. These flying bears were gigantic in shapes, all surrounded by strong earth power, each of them as powerful as its owner!

"What…a strong force!" Ji Hao looked at Si Wen Ming in shock.

Si Wen Ming rubbed his own nose, gave an honest smile and said, "All fathers worry about their children. Ji Hao, your Abba worries about you, so does my Abba. Those are my uncles who grew up with my Abba. Warriors from their families have been close guards of my family for generations."

Ji Hao glanced at those Divine Magi and Magus Kings, who turned out to be close guards of Si Wen Ming's family. Thirty Divine Magi and three-hundred and sixty Magus Kings, all those were only warriors sent over by Si Xi to protect Si Wen Ming. Compared with the old Fire Crow Clan, it was not hard to imagine exactly how powerful these top-grade Midland families and clans were.

The man who had a hazy figure and a tall hat stood before the portal, looking at the crowd of human warriors which had expanded by quite a few times. Although Ji Hao couldn't see his face clearly, he did sense this man's apprehension.

Ten million young elite human beings came from many clans, they were the future of the humankind. Those Senior Magi, Magus Kings and even Divine Magi who came with these young elite human beings, they were the backbone of the current humankind. If all these people fell in that small world, both the potential and current strength of the humankind would be harmed severely.

If the humankind wasn't threatened by the non-humankind with an all-out war, how could those human leaders be willing to let these young people and warriors take part in the life-and-death game?

"To be honest, we don't know what you will encounter with. The small world is way too strange to us. Even back in the era of the three human emperors, no one had ever entered into a small world like this. Therefore, no one had ever found out what would happen in a small world." The man with a tall hat said in a loud and clear voice, "I can't warn you for anything…I just hope that you can all be extra careful, and I hope you come back alive… as many of you as possible!"

Raising both of his arms, this man with a tall hat growled out, "Kill all non-humankind monsters and come back alive!"

Countless human warriors raised their arms as well, growling out with thunderous voices, "Kill all non-humankind monsters and come back alive!"

Those non-humankind beings gave scornful smiles while slightly shaking their hands, teasingly looking at these growling human warriors.

The twelve divine towers released a strong stream of light. Next, Dishi Cha and the twelve emperors in power show up on the tower tops simultaneously. Dishi Yanluo yelled out harshly, "What are you waiting for? Do you know how many magic crystals would be consumed for supporting a portal for a second? If you lost the game, your humankind would have to pay us for that!"

"You're going to die anyway, what are you hesitating for?" Fan Hai's hoarse voice came, "Take off now. You have a year to prepare for being killed…After a year, our warriors will wipe you all out quickly and neatly!"

Facing the swiftly rotating, dazzlingly shining portal, the first troop of human warriors rushed in.

As the man with a tall hat said, the humankind didn't know anything about the small world. The non-humankind threatened the humankind with an all-out war, which left the humankind with no choice. Even though they clearly knew that this small world was a huge trap, they could only risk their lives and play this game, trying to survive.

"The weaker ones are so pathetic!" Ji Hao gave a faint smile.

A giant light screen showed up before the portal. Many human beings' names emerged from the light screen. A Yu Clan elderly man stood in front of the light screen, reading these names out loudly. People that had their names on this light screen were all elite human beings who were required to play the game by the non-humankind.

After the Yu Clan elderly man read one name out, a troop of human beings would rush into the portal.

Si Wen Ming rushed in with his people, followed by Huaxu Lie and his people, and then Lie Mountain Kang…

At last, Ji Hao heard his own name, Earl Yao, Ji Hao. After this, Ji Hao, Man Man, Shaosi, Taisi, Yu Mu, Feng Xing and Zhu Rong Long and other people dashed into that portal with their hands held together.

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