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Centipede? Not a big deal. In Southern Wasteland clans, many Maguspriests ate centipedes as snacks. But a three-hundred-meter long centipede was quite rare.

Centipedes were just like snakes, classified as a one of the dragon class. In other words, when a centipede reached a certain level of cultivation, it would be able to transform into a flood dragon. If it was lucky and talented enough, it might even become a true dragon.

Normally, in the world that Ji Hao lived in, a three-hundred-meter long centipede would already show some sign of becoming a flood dragon. But this centipede roaring towards him was over a thousand meter long, yet it still remained in the shape of a centipede.

This was the first time for Ji Hao to see a centipede that was so gigantic but still not transformed into a flood dragon. It was not hard to imagine that this small world was not quite the same as the world Ji Hao lived in.

The purely black centipede had tens of dagger-sharp, enormous feet on both sides of its body. Its body was wrapped in poisonous smoke and moved swiftly. It reached near Ji Hao in merely two to three seconds.

The nearly hundred meters wide mouth part of the centipede looked like a huge machete, fiercely approaching Ji Hao.

Crack! Before Ji Hao could dodge, the centipede's mouthpart locked on Ji Hao's waist. Followed by a loud cracking noise, Ji Hao's body remained perfectly unharmed while the centipede's mouthpart cracked, and large streams of black and green liquid gushed out of its wounds.

"Such a fast animal!" Ji Hao growled out.

He was suppressed by the natural law of this world and could only move thirty to fifty miles within a second, while this centipede could do more than a thousand miles within a second. This meant that this centipede could move over ten times faster than Ji Hao. Therefore, facing this centipede, Ji Hao couldn't even dodge its attack.

Nevertheless, for such a gigantic centipede, its body was incredibly fragile, equal to the body condition of an ordinary Novice Magus.

That seemingly especially strong mouthpart locked on Ji Hao's body cracked like an egg smashed against a stone. As its mouthpart was broken, the centipede's enormous body instantly twisted in the air because of the pain. This giant thing roared out, letting out a dark-green stream of poisonous smoke.

Waves of poisonous smoke puffed towards Ji Hao. He snorted and let out raging essence sun fire from his body. The poisonous smoke was burned up quickly, turning into seven-colored mist and dissipating in the air.

The giant centipede howled again. Seeing that its own mouthpart was broken and that powerful poisonous smoke had lost its usual effect, its instinct told it that, it couldn't provoke Ji Hao at all. Therefore, after a series of growls, the centipede turned around and fled, transforming into a black stream of light and flying towards the woods.

"Since you've already come, do not think about leaving!" Ji Hao snorted again as the Heaven and Earth stamper flew out from his forehead. Instantly, the air around him paused, then the entire space with a radius of tens of miles was covered up by a great force field.

The giant centipede was frozen in the air, disabled from moving. Sticky liquid ceaselessly ejected out from its mouthparts as its body constant let out shrill roars. The power of the Heaven and Earth stamper was also highly suppressed in this world, and its current power was only equivalent to ten percent of its power back in the big world. Nevertheless, Ji Hao was way stronger than this giant centipede while the Heaven and Earth stamper was even more powerful. Therefore, it still managed to suppress this centipede thoroughly.

"Break!" Ji Hao growled while the Heaven and Earth stamper vibrated slightly and released an invisible power, striking down like a giant mountain. The thick carapace of the centipede broke inch by inch, exposing its white flesh underneath.

What surprised Ji Hao was that in this giant centipede's head were twelve fist-sized, black centipede pearls.

Dashing up to the centipede, Ji Hao carefully reached his hand out and touched one centipede pearl. On touching them, he couldn't help but exclaim out.

This centipede was rather weak, but the pearl in his head contained pure and great power. Based on quality, these twelve centipede pearls were as great as the hundred-thousand-year dragon-centipede pearl Ji Hao saw in a market in Pu Ban City.

So-called dragon-centipedes were flood dragons transformed from centipedes, which had cultivated themselves for over ten-thousand years. They absorbed natural powers and star powers for countless years, added with severe cultivation and then finally became flood dragons. Centipedes usually were considered as a kind of bug, with lowly natures. Therefore, once a centipede transformed into a dragon, it would be even much more powerful than a true flood dragon.

After a centipede cultivated itself into a dragon-centipede, it would grow dragon-centipede pearls in its body. Those pearls would be condensed from a big half of its spirit blood and power and could deliver many magical effects. However, dragon centipedes which had cultivated themselves for more than a hundred years were as strong as Divine Magi, and their carapace had an incredibly strong defensive power. Added with their all kinds of special killing abilities, dragon centipedes were much more difficult to deal with than Divine Magi.

Therefore, in Pu Ban city, hundred-thousand-year-old dragon-centipede pearls were definitely rare. On an average, only ten pearls like those would flow into the market every hundred years. Every single dragon-centipede pearl was worth an extremely high price. A dragon-centipede pearl could trade for, at least, a small half of Ji Hao's Fine Jade Snow Palace.

But this giant centipede in front of Ji Hao was so weak and had only one special ability, that was releasing poisonous smoke. Nevertheless, such a weak centipede had twelve pearls in its body, which were as great as hundred-thousand-year dragon-centipede pearls in quality!

Slight streams of black smoke rose from Ji Hao's fingertips. These centipede pearls were highly poisonous, tens of thousands of times stronger than the poisonous smoke realized by the centipede. This powerful poison hid deeply in the centipede's body, but only a slight little of bit of it had burned Ji Hao's skin black, while black smoke rose from Ji Hao's fingers.

It was unimaginable how destructive it would be if all poison contained in those centipede pearls leaked out.

These amazingly powerful centipede pearls were actually grown in the body of such a weak centipede.

Ji Hao was confused. This was totally different from what he learned and what he knew. How could such a weak centipede have these incredibly powerful centipede pearls? This was unreasonable!

Wielding his hand and putting the twelve powerful, highly poisonous centipede pearls into the space bangle worn on his wrist, Ji Hao opened his mouth and took a deep breath. He then swallowed the enormous centipede up, throwing it into the small round cauldron in his lower abdomen.

This centipede was huge in shape, but the life-force contained in its body was extremely thin. Nothing happened at all after it was thrown into the round cauldron.

"So weak, but how could it have these centipede pearls?"

Shaking his head, Ji Hao continued diving down from the air. He had grown a strong interest towards the woods down below.

Ji Hao, swiftly moved downwards; each second, he could dive down tens of miles, and in a short while, he landed on a giant tree.

When he was in the air, he couldn't tell the scale of these woods. But when he came into the woods himself, Ji Hao found out that trees in these woods were much more enormous than trees in Southern Wasteland jungles. For example, this three under Ji Hao's feet was thousands of meters tall, and with a single glance, Ji Hao saw many giant trees like this.

"These trees are so enormous!" Ji Hao couldn't help but exclaim out again.

As he was exclaiming, the giant tree under his feet suddenly began shaking intensively, then a branch abruptly swished up and lashed towards him.

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