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Above the sky and amidst the glow of countless stars, hundreds of thousands of human warriors walked out from the giant teleporting magic formation within every second.

In the distance, on the tremendous cloud and in the well-prepared military camp of the non-humankind, an over six meters tall Jia Clan warrior with dark golden skin and a jewelry-like, magical luster on his skin, slowly flew out.

The tall and muscular Jia Clan warrior didn't wear any armor, neither did he carry any weapon. He floated in the air tens of miles away from the crowd of human beings with bare hands. On that huge face of his, four eyes blinked from time to time, while his cold eyeballs gradually scanned across all human beings on the scene.

"Great Supreme High Moon, I am Chi Feng… Who wants to come play with me?"

People among many groups of people were looking around.

Before the life-and-death game started, the participators on the side of the humankind hadn't all arrived yet, but the non-humankind had already sent out an elite warrior to bring up a challenge. Apparently, they wanted to kill the morale of the humankind. For the human commanders who were willing to send out a warrior to take the challenge, if the warrior won, his commander would surely win some credits. But if the warrior lost, without a doubt the commander would be questioned by governors of the entire humankind.

Although Emperor Shun didn't come in person, quite a few human ministers who were in essential positions were on the scene. Not to mention that tall and sturdy man who was wearing a tall hat and had a hazy figure. His identity was a mystery, and the most mysterious people were indeed more likely to be the hidden powerful men. Therefore, a bad influence would surely be made to the future of the warrior and his commander if the warrior took the challenge but lost the fight, as this might leave a bad impression on the mysterious man.

The man with a tall hat raised his hand high. As everybody looked at him, he thundered, "The Human Emperor has ordered that in this life-and-death game, killing a senior-level non-humankind warrior will earn you one small credit. Kill a Magus-King-level non-humankind warrior and you will earn a medium credit while killing a Divine-Magus-level non-humankind warrior will earn you a big credit. Kill this one, and you will earn a hundred big credits!"

All elite human warriors on the scene instantly tightened their faces.

Killing a senior-level non-humankind warrior could only earn a small credit, killing a Magus-King-level non-humankind warrior could earn a medium credit, and killing a Divine-Magus-level non-humankind warrior could earn a big credit, and only a big credit. However, killing this Jia Clan warrior who brought up the challenge could earn a hundred big credits?

Killing this single warrior was equal to killing a hundred Divine-Magus-level non-humankind monsters!

"Kill!" Yi Shen abruptly growled out. From behind him, a tall and slim middle-aged man dashed out as swiftly as a flying sword, along with a shrill swishing noise. From seven to eight miles away, he swung his right hand and released thousands of sharp streams of arrow power, tearing the air apart and screaming towards the Jia Clan warrior.

Behind the middle-aged man's body, a cyan-colored hurricane swooshed up to nearly a thousand meters high, within which, a hazy silhouette of a roc was faintly visible. Grabbed in the rock's claws was a roughly crafted, enormous arrow.

The Jia Clan warriors named Chi Feng chuckled, then moved his body and dodged thousands of fierce arrow power streams. He then suddenly showed up right in front of the middle-aged man like a ghost.

Ji Hao's fine hair instantly stood straight up. That wasn't a special ability. Instead, it was because Chi Feng's power had nearly reached a level of Dao that he could achieve a teleporting-like effect by purely depending on his great physical strength and mature fighting skills.

He bumped into the middle-aged man under Yu Shen's command. His left hand reached out like a steel blade and easily sliced the middle-aged man's chest open, grabbing the heart out. Meanwhile, Chi Feng's right hand smashed violently on the middle-aged man's head like a bronze hammer, generating a thunderous bang. Following this the middle-aged man's head blasted out as blood splashed out hundreds of meters far.

A shrill scream started, followed by which, blood-red light surged around the middle-aged man's body. The strong life-force of the middle-aged man, who was a powerful Divine Magus, was boosted up, and his heart that was taken out and damaged head both grew back out speedily.

Divine Magi' souls would be nourished by their strong life-force and become incredibly strong, such that even if their entire head was smashed, their souls would only be injured but wouldn't perish right away. As long as they still had abundant spirit blood, their physical bodies could do self-healing limitlessly.

"If you have already lost, do not struggle!" The Jia Clan warrior gave a malicious grin, then suddenly opened his mouth and bit on the middle-aged man's neck, then began sucking his blood. Another shrill scream was squeezed out of the middle-aged man's throat. All of the middle-aged man's spirit blood was drained by the Jia Clan warrior in merely one breath.

Spirit blood was the base of Divine Magi' strong life-force. As his spirit blood was drained, the middle-aged man's damaged body only twitched intensively for a while before it was slapped into pieces by the Jia Clan warrior.

A powerful Divine Magus could regrow his body from a single drop of blood, but that could only take place when his spirit blood hadn't been consumed completely up. This Divine Magus sent out by Yi Shen was killed thoroughly without any more chance to revive because his spirit blood was drained.

"I am Chi Feng, from High Moon. Who dares to challenge me?" Chi Feng, whose body was covered in blood, smilingly crooked his finger towards the crowd of human beings which had already fallen into a dead silence, then continued, "Many of you have come. Our baseline was ten-million, but you sent so many people instead…Very good, I can kill as much as I like!"

Taking a deep breath, Chi Feng grinned and said, "Before the real fight starts, can you let me have a good time? Who else? Who else dares to challenge me? We will fight hand to hand after we get into that small world anyway! Die sooner or die later, it's all the same!"

Zhu Rong Tianming's face had darkened to a certain degree. He unpleasantly glanced at Yi Shen. Yi Shen's face was now a deep blue as he tightly gnashed his teeth and unable to say anything for a long while. The middle-aged man he sent out just now was a powerful one under his command, but he was killed with a single move of that Jia Clan warrior. It made him feel badly humiliated!

Gong Gong Wuyou smiled and whispered to Gong Sun Yuan. Gong Sun Yuan smiled as well, then slightly shook his head.

Wuzhi Qi showed his teeth and turned around to glance at the group of Northern Wasteland warriors behind him. Instantly, an elderly man with a long black robe flew out, swung his pair of hand and released a hundred-mile-long, gigantic boa from his sleeve without saying anything. The boa widely opened its mouth and roared towards Chi Feng.

After a short span of a breath, a long howl was generated. The elderly man in a black robe was smashed into a puddle of blood, while that black boa was skinned by Chi Feng. All its tendons were pulled out, and soon, the boa was crushed as well. Not even a single scale of it was left in whole.

The crowd of human beings was completely enraged. Continuously, numerous groups sent out their elite warriors to challenge Chi Feng, but seven to eight human warriors were easily killed by Chi Feng, each with a single move, and that too in a row!

Based on the same power level, Jia Clan warriors were many times more powerful than human warriors, and Chi Feng apparently was a top-grade one among all Jia Clan warriors. Therefore, lone human warriors could hardly rival him.

"Damn it! If this goes on, the morale of our humankind will decline!" Si Wen Ming ragingly took a step forward while an extremely great sense of power was released from his body. He was going to challenge Chi Feng himself.

Ji Hao grabbed Si Wen Ming, then moved his body, transformed into a golden stream of light and dashed out.

Before Chi Feng made any move, Ji Hao had already taken out a six-inch long jade talisman that was wrapped in dense purple smoke. Casting a deep growl, Ji Hao injected a stream of power into the talisman and next, a thunderous boom was caused. Following that, a water-tank sized purple lightning bolt dazzled out from Ji Hao's hand.

Chi Feng, who had been so arrogant all the time, howled out hoarsely. He was struck into a puff of smoke by the lightning bolt released from Ji Hao's lightning talisman, without leaving any remains of his body.

The lightning dazzled towards all directions while countless human-head-sized spheres of lightning bolts roared everywhere, making the entire space shake intensively and vibrate hundreds of stars in the surroundings. A purely positive wave of lightning power spread out towards every direction, and people who sensed the dreadfully great power all changed their looks instantly.

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