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Many powerful supportive tools were contained in the small bag given by Priest Xuan Du, including heaven thunder bombs extracted from genuine thunderbolts and compressed by a great magic. There were magic talismans with all kinds of effects, such as cloaking, escaping, mountain-splitting and river-blocking, and amazing magic talismans that could even kill Gods with one single strike.

Chi Feng was incomparably powerful and had killed over ten human Divine Magi in a row. Warriors like him must be the top-grade ones among those non-humankind beings who were going to join the life-and-death game. Therefore, Ji Hao made up his mind, took out one of the most powerful of a hundred and eight jade talismans in the bag, released a thunderbolt and killed Chi Feng directly.

That magic talisman was crafted by Yu Yu's big brother himself. Different types of tools and weapons contained in the small bag numbered hundreds of thousands, but there only hundred and eight talismans at this level. The preciousness of the one hundred and eight talismans was obvious.

Unless he had to, Ji Hao would not use any of those magic talismans.

Although Chi Feng was killed by a single strike, Ji Hao's heart had even been shivering because of that consumed magic talisman. Any one of those one hundred and eight magic talismans could pass down to countless generations as the most precious treasure, and be cherished as the most powerful weapon of Yao Mountain territory!

Despite the severe heartache, Ji Hao still had to show a careless face.

Slowly, Ji Hao flew back to Si Wen Ming, solemnly cupped his hands and bowed to Si Wen Ming and said, "Minister, luckily I didn't fail to accomplish the mission."

Si Wen Ming unhurriedly nodded to Ji Hao, raised his pair of hands and smilingly said, "Thank you, Earl Yao, please take some rest."

After this short conversation, Ji Hao calmly stood behind Si Wen Ming around three feet away from him. The conversation between Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming, added with Ji Hao's behavior, had clearly told all elite human beings on the scene that Ji Hao was on Si Wen Ming's side, and for what he did, he did for Si Wen Ming.

The man with a tall hat who sat beside Emperor Shun back in the campsite abruptly clapped his hands and laughed out, "Good, good, good… We do have outstanding people among out kind. Non-humankind monsters might be able to run rampant for a while, but eventually, they will fall into our hands."

Some of the group of ministers standing around the man with a tall hat cast complicated glances at Ji Hao, then all laughed along with the man. However, too many different meanings were contained in their laugh. After all, only a part of them were close to Si Wen Ming. As for the rest of them, some were close to the Southern Wasteland, some were close to the Northern Wasteland, while some represented the Eastern or Western Wasteland. Therefore, seeing one of Si Wen Ming's people earn the credits couldn't make them truly be happy.

On the tremendous cloud in afar, non-humankind elites remained silent while glancing at each other. None of them could say anything for a short while.

Among the High Moon, Polo Family possessed the highest status and the noblest bloodline, but all the top-grade warriors of the High Moon came from Chi Family, which was a Jia Clan family.

Gifted by the High Moon, children of Chi Family could be at least three times stronger than children of other Jia Clan families as newborns. As they got older and older, they would be ceaselessly nourished by the High Moon's power and their bodies would grow stronger and stronger.

Based on the level of Chi Feng, the physical strength of Chi Family warriors could be over ten times greater than Jia Clan warriors from other families. Added with their terrifyingly great fighting skills, every single one of Chi Family Jia Clan warrior could be counted as a genuine killing machine.

Even among all non-humankind warriors, there was a saying — High Moon warriors were invincible.

Chi Feng was one of the few most powerful ones among all High Moon warriors who would join the game this time. Same as the other few powerful High Moon warriors, Chi Feng was also urgently transferred over as reinforcement in the recent couple of months.

Once Chi Feng and the other few High Moon warriors arrived, they beat a group of other Jia Clan warriors up at an abattoir as easy as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood> This made those Jia Clan warriors from other families feel that Chi Feng and the other Chi Family warriors were indeed invincible.

Nevertheless, such a powerful being was actually struck into a puff of smoke by Ji Hao with a single jade talisman. This was like an iceberg smashed straight down into the hearts of those non-humankind warriors, crushing their confidence completely.

On the center of that vast cloud in a luxurious, square shaped great hall, a group of non-humankind leaders had gathered together and been looking at the crowd of human beings through an enormous, round-shaped mirror. Seeing Chi Feng struck to death by Ji Hao with a thunderbolt, those non-humankind leaders who had been talking and laughing merrily and lightheartedly stopped instantly. The entire hall fell into a deathly silence, and the atmosphere became so tense that people would feel hard to breathe in there.

Thirteen large thrones, nearly a hundred meter tall, were standing in the great hall, with that enormous, round-shaped golden mirror in the middle. The mirror was nine hundred meters in diameter, and was inlaid in the ground.

All twelve emperors in powers of the Yu Dynasty were on the scene, including Dishi Yanluo, who had started a great war against the humankind in Chi Ban Mountain a couple of years ago, and Fan Hai, who also showed up in the war. They each sat on a blood-red and a pale-grey throne respectively.

Except for Dishi Yanluo and Fan Hai, nine among the other ten emperors were male, while a beautiful girl was sitting straight on the only purely black throne. The throne was extremely dark, seeming to be a black hole that had constantly been devouring the air surrounding it. The girl was tall, had white and tender skin and a breathtakingly beautiful face, along with black and shining long hair that reached to the ground.

On the right side of the girl, and also the front side of the great hall, was where the most worshiped throne was located. On that blood-red throne, a Yu Clan man with a blood-red heavy armor was sitting straight. At the moment, that girl had been explaining something to the man with a low voice and a faint smile.

"Lord Dishi Cha, this little human being, if the information I have is correct… this little human being is Ji Hao. When you headed to our holy land to take the 'sun and moon trial', your sons, lord Di Sha and Di Luo were killed by him."

Dishi Cha, who sat together with the twelve emperors in power and clearly had a special identity, opened the erect eye between his eyebrows and released a rotating blood-red sphere of light. Instantly, the twelve emperors in power moved their bodies simultaneously, their skin became hyperemic while they all couldn't help but start quivering.

"He is Ji Hao…The only two sons of mine were killed by such a weak ant? This, this is a shame for my Di family, this is a shame for me, Di Cha." Dishi Cha's face was sullen and behind him, a blood-red moon was faintly visible. The evil power released from the blood moon made each one of those non-humankind leaders in the great hall almost end up vomiting blood.

"Lord, after you promoted yourself to the sun and moon stage, you have… have already changed to 'Dishi' as your noble family name… you are Dishi Cha now." Dishi Yanluo murmured, seeming to be dissatisfied.

"Hm, Dishi Cha, yes… I am now a direct member of Dishi Family." Dishi Cha said in a cold voice, "But what is the point of this? My son, my only two sons have already died. When I left this world for the holy land to take the trial, my sons, who stayed here, are gone."

"They didn't even know that I am still alive. They both thought that I've died. I didn't have the chance to see them for one last time before they were gone… they were just gone."

Dishi Cha remained silent for a while, then slightly shook his head and said, "This Ji Hao, put his name on the list of 'must kill' and pay close attention to him. No matter how, find him and kill him in the cruelest way. I want to witness the whole process of his death."

Taking a deep breath, Dishi Cha laughed in a deep voice and said, "Tell those lowly barbaric creatures to come. It's time to tell them the rules of this life-and-death game."

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